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Best Family Motorhome models

Best Family Motorhome models

Traveling by motorhome with children requires a little bit of planning beforehand. After you have chosen the destination and you have decided you want to do a self-driven tour, you will have to choose a camper model that suits you. In this article, we give an overview of the best family motorhome models for you to find one that cater to your needs. Follow the guide to choose your road trip vehicle.

Selection criteria

In order to choose the right motorhome model, these are the main criteria to take into account:

Number of persons

Obviously if you are a couple with 2 children, rent a vehicle that seats 4 people comfortably. You might even think about getting a 6-seat vehicle, even if you are only four. For instance, children seats in a camper are installed on a bench that turns into a bed. This means you have to remove the car seats every evening and put them back on every morning. Therefore, it might be more convenient to have a vehicle with 3 double beds. This way you can use one of them as children seats and the other two as beds.

Also think about the season of your trip. If you are traveling in winter you usually spend more time indoors, which makes a larger vehicle more convenient.

Equipment / Flexibility

The most important question is whether you opt for a vehicle equipped with a shower and toilet (in this case you want a “motorhome”). Motorhomes offer more flexibility. They not only come with facilities such as shower, toilet, and kitchen, they are also better equipped in other ways. With motorhome batteries, you don’t need to connect to power at the caravan park as often. They are often equipped with a second battery or solar panels. So you can enjoy a nice shower or leave the light on for a while without having to worry about the battery level of the vehicle.

Vehicles without shower or toilet are called “campervan”, which are way cheaper. However, in a campervan you have less flexibility and comfort. If you want to shower frequently and use a proper toilet, you have to stop regularly in campsites. While you often find public toilets and showers on roads in Australia and New Zealand, it is obviously restrictive (especially at night).
Depending on the season, the age of your children, and your ability to travel without too much comfort, you can easily travel with children in a classic campervan.

Suitability for (young) children

This is pretty important because some vehicles aren’t suitable for young children.

The vehicle needs to have a fastener (anchor point) for the installation of car seats, which not all models do. For example, in some models you can install a booster seat (4 years and older), but not a baby seat (0 to 4 years). Remember to check the regulations for car seats for certain age groups, which differ from country to country.

Keep in mind that car seats are never installed at the front of the vehicle.


If you have set a budget for your motorhome rental, this criterion plays an important role. Vehicle prices vary widely between small basic models and large fully equipped motorhomes. Other criteria that influence prices are: age of vehicle, equipment, availability (better book well in advance) and the time of year (avoid peak seasons: summer, school holidays etc). The duration of your trip determines the rental price as well (the longer you rent the lower the price).

Price Comparison online

Compare prices for your vehicle of choice on the comparison website Motorhome Republic. You get good deals and you can book online. It doesn’t get any easier!

What motorhome for a family (2 adults + 1 child)?

Vehicles without shower / toilet: Campervans

Campervan Apollo: 4 seats

Campervans are great for people that don’t need a lot of comfort, especially when traveling just for a little while. You get the basics, a kitchen, table, and 2 double beds. You will have to use public toilets and showers during your trip.

campervan with children apollo 4 seats

Vehicles with shower / toilet: Camper, Motorhome

Apollo Euro Camper 4B

camper with children 4 seats 2


2 + 1 Britz Venturer 2 plus

camper with children britz 2+1

With these vehicles, you enjoy the flexibility of a motorhome and a minimum of comfort. These models come with a small bathroom with shower and toilet, a bench that converts into a bed, and a kitchen area. Depending on the model you can opt for 3 or 4 beds.

What motorhome for a family (2 adults + 2 children)?

Vehicles without shower / toilet

Apollo Endeavor

campervan with children apollo 4 seats

Mighty Double Down

campervan with children mighty 2+2

These two models let you install a baby seat or a seat booster (over 4 yrs old usually) at the rear of the vehicle. Note that there is no safety net. So if you are traveling with a toddler or baby, an adult will have to co-sleep with them.

Vehicles with shower / toilet

camper with children 4 seats 2

Apollo Euro Camper 4B
With this vehicle, you will enjoy the confort of a shower / toilet. You also have a bench that converts into bed and a kitchen area.

What motorhome for a family (4 to 6 people)?

Vehicles without shower / toilet

Here are a few examples you can opt for:

Camperman Paradise 5

campervan with children without toilet 4-6 camperman
campervan with children without toilet 4-6 camperman2

This campervan lets you install two baby seats at the bottom of the vehicle. This is not ideal for very young children, especially if you need to be able to reach them quickly.

Traveler Autobarn High Five 2

Campervan with children Travellers-autobarn 5 seats

Jucy Condo

Campervan with children Jucy-condo
Campervan with children Jucy_Condo_-_4_Berth_floor_plan

Vehicles with shower / toilet

Apollo Euro Deluxe 6B

This model gives you all the comfort and space you need. It is pretty big though, you have to be comfortable driving it.

motorhome with children Apollo-euro-deluxe

As you see, there are different models available for your trip! You can choose the model that suits you best depending on your situation and your budget!

Enjoy your trip!

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