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How to apply for a second year visa in Australia

How to apply for a second year visa in Australia

Have you already completed a Working Holiday Visa in Australia and want to extend your stay Down Under? Know that it is possible to renew your WHV twice under certain conditions. Here is all the information you need to renew your working holiday visa and enjoy more time in this beautiful country or give you the possibility of returning later.

Conditions for renewing your Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Several conditions apply to renew your Working Holiday Visa for a second year.

  • You need to be under 31 years old (or under 35 for Irish, Canadian, French, Italian and Danish citizens)
  • You need to have a valid passport
  • You cannot be accompanied by dependent children
  • You must be able to show that you have health insurance for the length of your stay in Australia.
  • For a second Working Holiday Visa: You must have completed three months or 88 days of specified work in regional Australia while on your first Working Holiday visa
  • For a third Working Holiday Visa: You must have completed six months or 179 days of specified work in regional Australia while on your first Working Holiday visa

💡 Good to know

Volunteer work such as Wwoofing or HelpX can no longer be counted for the 88 days. It must be paid work. For more information, go to: Volunteer Work Excluded from 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa in Australia.

However, following the bushfires and floods that ravaged part of the country in 2020 and 2022, it is possible to volunteer in disaster-affected areas and these days count for your renewal. Check out this article for more information: WHV specified work in disaster-affected areas

Eligible areas

For 417 visa holders, all areas in Tasmania, South Australia and Northern Territory are eligible for renewal. For the other states and territories only certain postcodes are eligible.

Eligible regions to renew your WHV

Find the list of postcodes eligible to renew your second and third WHV in Australia.

Eligible jobs

There are many different industries you can work in to qualify for a second working holiday visa. Industries differ depending on your visa type (417 or 462).

Many jobs are listed as eligible for renewal of your WHV/PVT. The most well-known is fruit picking/farm work, but there is also fishing, work in the mines, construction and jobs in tourism and hospitality, etc.

The government provides a detailed list of sectors eligible for WHV/PVT renewal in Australia on its official website. Note that many jobs have been added following the Covid pandemic (especially in the health sector, tourism in other regions, etc.).

Good to know: It is the actual place of work and not the headquarters of the company you work for that must be located in an eligible postcode. Work completed in a non-eligible area, which has an office in a regional area, does not meet the requirement.

Eligible jobs to renew your Working Holiday Visa

The Australian government provides a list of all jobs that are eligible to renew your working holiday visa. Find all eligible jobs here:

How to calculate your days to renew your WHV?

Calculating the hours and days

The Australian government has set rules regarding the calculation of 88 days for a second visa or 179 days for a third visa.
For a day to be counted, you must have worked full time (7 or 8 hours according to industry standards).
In order for a 7 day week to be counted, you must have worked full time (between 35 and 40 hours). Even if you only worked 5 days in the week, you can count 7 days if you work full time.

Be aware that immigration is not very specific about the existence of a strict formula to calculate the days. However, according to the examples given on the immigration website, the lower limit for a full-time job is around 30 hours. So if you work more than 30 hours per week, there will be some flexibility.

On the other hand, be aware that if you work 12 hours a day, this will be counted as one working day and not two.

The Free Trade Agreement

The Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (A-UKFTA) was signed virtually on 17 December 2021 and will bring into force a number of changes for UK passport holders who wish to come to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

The new arrangements will allow UK citizens to:

  • Apply for a Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa up to the age of 35 years
  • Be granted up to three Working Holiday visas (not including any “COVID-19 affected visa”) without having to do any eligible work.

The deal is expected to come into force within the next few months.

What about wages?

Some applications for a second or third visa have been denied because the government considered that the people had been underpaid. So remember to check that you are paid the legal minimum wage before starting a new job.

Minimum wages for fruit picking or any other job in Australia are set by collective agreements (awards). They can vary depending on your age and the type of contract under which you are employed (full time, part-time or casual). Casual workers must be paid more than permanent employees (+15 to 25% depending on the collective agreement).

To figure out the legal minimum wage to which you are entitled, it is important to know the professional sector to which your job belongs. Minimum wage varies from job to job because it is set by awards. For example, if you work in horticulture, you will be entitled to the Horticulture Award. On the other hand, if you work on a construction site, it will be the “Building and Construction General On-site Award”.

Since 28 April 2022, workers paid a piece rate are guaranteed a minimum hourly wage. A pieceworker working full time or part time at the average productivity of a competent pieceworker must earn at least $23.38 per hour. For a casual pieceworker, it is $29.22 per hour.

The national minimum wage is currently set at $21.38 an hour (before tax). That’s $812.60 for a 38-hour week.

Do I need to work with the same employer for 3 months?

Days or months of work are calculated cumulatively. Whether it is for your 88 days (2nd year) or for your 179 days (3rd year). It is possible to work your days in one go with the same employer, or with different employers in several installments. It is not necessary to work these 3 or 6 months in a row. You can absolutely work 1 month in February, 1 month in August, a few days in September etc.

For example, you can work 88 days with the same farmer or work a month in construction, a month in the mines, a month in the harvest, etc. The same goes for your third year.

job fruit picking

How to apply for a second year visa?

Apply online

Applying for a working holiday visa, whether it’s your first, second or third year, is quite easy. You can apply for a second Working Holiday visa online on the government immigration website

⚠️ You can apply in or outside Australia.
If you apply from Australia, you must be in Australia when the visa is granted.
If applying from outside Australia, you must be outside Australia when the visa is granted.

The documents you need

It is important to keep proof that you have completed your eligible work when applying for a second or third Working Holiday Visa.

We advise you to:

  • Keep all your payslips (paper or email). Make sure you have your employer’s ABN.
  • Keep your employment contract if you have one, the document setting the terms of payment if you are paid by performance (piecework agreement)
  • At the end of the fiscal year, ask your employer to provide you with the PAYG, that is to say a summary of the payslips received. This document can only be sent to you by your employer after the end of the fiscal year (after June 30 of each year). Remember to keep a contact (email, telephone) to contact the employer after this date.
  • Obtain a bank statement from your Australian account showing your check deposits or salary transfers for periods worked. If you are paid in cash, keep your payslips.

Advice: Keep as much evidence as possible of your presence in the region and the work carried out. For example, keep photos, bus tickets, receipts for purchases made in the region, etc.

Finally, be aware that the government may call your employers to verify the information provided during your application.

⚠️ Warning: You may be asked to send a color copy of your passport (page with your details).

How much does the second year visa cost?

To apply for a Second WHV / PVT, it will cost you $510 (May 2023 rate). The same goes for a third year application.

Evidence of specified work to provide

It is important to keep evidence of your specified work.
We advise you to keep:

  • Keep the payslips received (paper or email). Make sure you have the ABN and details of your employer.
  • Keep your employment contract if you have one, the document setting the payment terms if you are paid on performance (piecework agreement).
  • Ask your employer, at the end of the fiscal year, to provide you with the PAYG, i.e. a summary of the payslips received. This document can only be sent to you by your employer after the end of the fiscal year (after June 30 of each year). So remember to keep a contact (email, phone) to contact the employer after this date.
  • Bank statements from your Australian account where you can see your check deposits or wage transfers for the periods worked. If you are paid in cash, keep your pay stubs.

Tip: Keep as much evidence of your presence in the region and of the work done as possible. For example, keep photos, bus tickets, receipts for purchases made in the region, etc.

Finally, be aware that the government can call your employers to verify the information provided during your request.

Please note: You may be asked to submit a photocopy of your passport (page with your details).

When to apply for a second or third year Working Holiday visa?

You may apply either while you still hold a first or second Working Holiday visa or at a later date.
If you want to extend your visa straight after the first visa, you should apply before your first working holiday visa expires.
You should apply before your 31st birthday (35 for some nationalities). You will have one year after approval to enter Australia.

Bridging Visa

If you apply for your second year and your first visa is about to expire, you will be granted a bridging visa. You will be able to remain in Australia and to work while waiting for your second year visa.

Processing time for the Working Holiday Visa ⏳

The processing time varies. Some applications are granted within a few hours or a day or a two. Others are investigated and can take up to a month or more. The delay will depend on the workload of the processing offices, the need to provide more documents etc.

Remember to attach all the required documents to your application so that your file can be processed as soon as possible.

Apply for a third-year visa

WHV visa holders performing 6 months of qualifying work in regional areas while on their second working holiday visa are eligible for a third Working Holiday Visa.

The conditions for doing a third year

To qualify for a third year, you must be between the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive) and have a valid passport. As with the first visa, you must not have dependent children. You must be able to provide proof of travel/health insurance for the duration of your stay. It is also necessary to complete 6 months of qualifying work.

The 6 months of work must have been completed after July 1, 2019.

Eligible regions and jobs

To renew your visa for a third year, you will need to complete 6 months of eligible work. The jobs eligible for renewal are the same as those for a second year. Eligible regions are also the same for a second or third year.

WHV visa holders doing 6 months of eligible work in regional areas while on their second working holiday visa (417 or 462) are eligible for a third WHV. You must complete the 6 months of work after July 1, 2019. To qualify for the third year, an age condition is imposed depending on your nationality (30 or 35), a valid passport is also necessary. You must not have a dependent child and must be able to prove that you have health insurance for the duration of your stay.

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  1. Hello!

    I’m a little stuck about my hours. I’m working on a dairy farm and my first four weeks didn’t meet the 35 hours however I was working the full time rota. They then changed the rota so we had more hours, will the first four weeks count?


    • Hi Lisa,
      You have to check the industry standards (Pastoral Award)to see the ordinary hours worked. Under the Pastoral Award 2010, ordinary hours are 152 hours worked over a four-week period, regardless of whether they fall on a weekend. Ordinary hours for casuals are the same as for full-time employees. Cheers

  2. Hey! I have a question about applying for 2nd whv , I have two different employers for my 88 days so when filling out my form where do I put in the 2nd employers details ? do I need to download the same page on the site again and attach it or how do I go about it ? Thank you!

  3. Hey,

    I’m writing to you to if see you my know what my situation may be with the visa I hold. I currently have a second year working holiday visa for Australia which I was granted on the 4th February 2020. I had applied for the visa when I was at home (Ireland) and was planning to fly to Australia on the 8th June 2020 but due to the COVID-19 restrictions here at home and in Australia my flight was cancelled.

    As I’m sure you know I still have to the 4th February 2021 to enter Australia due to when I applied for the visa but with the restrictions that are in place here at home (Ireland) and in Australia, I feel I may not be able to get a flight before the 4th February 2021, due to all these COVID-19 restrictions. If this is the case and I’m unable to get out to Australia before the 4th February next year, I am wondering would I be able to reapply for a second year working holiday visa again at a later time next year even though I have been granted one already but haven’t entered Australia yet. If there is any information or help you can give me, I would greatly appreciate it.


  4. I’ve got a question regarding the bridging visa when applying for the second working holiday visa, online it seems like it expires after 28 days. If the processing times are longer than that, is there a way to extend the bridging visa or do I have to leave if that happens? With the restrictions on I’m not very tempted to move around too much.
    Also, can I apply for my second working holiday one day before my first one expires, I got one document I’d like to add that I will get that day. Or is it better to submit it now and then add the last document later if that’s possible at all? Like say it expires on the 31st of December, can I submit my application on the 30th whilst in Australia and get straight on the bridging visa?

  5. Hi, how do I get my passport certified as I do not know anyone in the required occupations? Other backpacker must be same situation.

  6. Hi,

    I have worked with two employers for my 88 days. On page 8 of the application it asks for the details of the specified work. On that page you can only enter the details of one employer. Do you know if on the next page you then can enter the details of the second employer?



  7. Hi,
    My partner and I completed our 88 days of farm work and have since submitted our second year visas with all payslips included. Today, we have received an update requesting more information in the form of bank statements to see payments being received. We received cash payments so only have our payslips as evidence, any advice as to what we can do? Such a horrible situation since we have actually completed all of our days

  8. My British partner had a working holiday visa about 8 years ago and only stayed a few months. He didn’t do the farm work required for 2nd working holiday visa. He wants to move to Australia, is there a way to get second working holiday visa and do the farm work when he arrives? Are there other options as we aren’t eligible to partner visa requirements abs need to live together for 12 months. Thank you

    • Hi Erin,
      Unfortunately if he didnt do the 88 days he won’t be able to apply for a second year. Your options seem to be to wait for the 12 months relationship to apply for a partner or go for a student or tourist visa in the meantime. However, know that currently borders are closed and won’t reopen before 2022 (likely). Good luck

  9. Hi!

    My second WH Visa was granted before my first visa finished.

    Do you know if it’s okay to start counting the 6 months of specified work for the third visa from the granted day?

    Or does it starts counting after the first visa finished?



  10. Hi , I was in Australia on my first year working holiday visa , and applied for my my second year working holiday visa and it was granted while we where in Australia , but we then left Australia before or first year visa ended , does that mean I have 12 months from the end of my first year to re entrer and have a full second year from then or does it continue directly from when my first one ended for one year ? Thanks

  11. Hi, I hope you can help.

    I did my working holiday in Australia from July 2017 to June or July 2019. I did about 8 months farm work in my 1st year and 6 months in my 2nd year (loved it!). The new law about getting your 3rd year came into effect about 2 weeks before my 2nd year visa ended so I did not get to utilise it.

    I’m wondering if there is any way I can go back to Australia with a working holiday visa?

  12. hi, I am currently working in a mine camp, in Nebo, cp 4742, I work as a housekeeper, I would like if this job and area, serve to extend my WHV 417 for a second year??? Also, how do you count the 88 days, since I work 14/7 or 7/7, thanks

    • Hi Fernando,
      The postcode is eligible.
      However, I do not think the job is eligible. See Immi Website : Examples of ineligible specified work in mining: cooking/catering on a mine site / cleaning the interior of mine complexes or buildings

  13. Hello,

    I was wondering if I did 3 months at the beginning of my 1st year to give me eligibility to apply for my second year… If I wanted a to go back to the UK and then return to Australia at a later date, do I have to apply outside Australia to be able to wait as long as it’s before I’m 31?

    And if I applied for my second year visa within Australia, does it technically carry on without pause once the first 12 months has been completed ?

    Is it also possible that in few years time that the age will be finalised to 35 years old to enter ?

    Also if whatever visas we have now ,as potentially farming may be scrapped and we can travel to aus on a 3 year visa instead … can this be added or switched from the visas we have ? (As technically if it’s a new rule that we didn’t know about it or had the opportunity to do will they make allowances?)

    Thank you

    • Hi Alice,
      – If you apply from outside Australia, you will need to wait the response before entering Australia. Once your visa is approved you ll have 1 year to enter Australia.
      – Yes if you apply from Australia.
      – following the FTD between Australia and the UK, the age limit should be increased to 35 in the coming months (we are hoping July 22)
      – We do not know at the moment.

  14. Hello,

    I’m currently 30 and will be entering on my first WHV in the new year. I know that I’ll need to do my 88days and apply for my second year before my 31st birthday or would my vids need to be granted before my birthday? The two years would then count from when I first entered right?

    I’m from the UK so know that it should be changing to 35 but this might not come into effect in time or be applied to those who already have visas so just want to make sure that I’m covered!


    • Hi Clare,
      No need for your visas to be approved before your 31st bday. Once the FTA enters into force you ll be granted the 3 years no matter if you have done the 88 days of not – you ll still need to apply for it though (and pay the fees). Cheers

  15. Hi,

    I would like some informations, My westpac bank account was closed by the bank 2 years after my expiration Visa (maybe in 2016). I went to the bank to close but there seems to be a problem. My parents never told me that they received document from the bank ….
    My bank account was at 0 dollars so they closes it on negativ.
    Do you think, it’s can be a problem for my second visa ?

    Cannot fine any answers online …

    Thank a lot for your help.

  16. Hello 🙂
    I’m thinking about getting my first WHV and eventually a 2nd but am unsure how long I can wait between the two? I plan on traveling for a long time, could I complete my 1st year and then travel elsewhere for as long as I want before applying for my 2nd WHV (considering the age limit ofc)? Can’t find the answer anywhere online, hopefully you can help!
    Emily x

  17. Hello,
    I visited in 2019 and worked for a silage contractor on a whv 417.I have recently applied for my second one but payslips only show 87 instead of 88 days. Do you think this will be let through?

  18. Hi there, I completed my 88 days on 3 different farms, it was in 2018 i finished it and i’m now applying for my second year in 2022. i’n putting in the details for a farm i worked on and the Abn number is invalid according to the gov website but this was the abn that paid me, what do i do? any advice would be helpful.

  19. Hi,

    Can an employee work on their own ABN and still qualify for their 2nd year visa in a rural hospitality position? eg Contract Cleaners?


  20. hi the uk australia trade agreement is about to come into force raising the age to 35

    my age is 35 and i know i must apply before 36th birthday once trade agreement is enforced

    its expected march or april to be installed

    i got a working holiday visa back in 2008 for 1 year

    my question is once it comes into force will i be able to apply for the second year visa inside australia on a bridging visa or will I have to apply for it outside australia?

    I would like to go to my friends on 3 months bridging visa and then once it is implemented apply for 2 year work holiday visa but i’m not sure if it is possible to do it inside australia

  21. Hi there,

    So I was on a working holiday visa 10 years ago when I was 20, I completed my 88 days farm work while I was over there & I have kept all documentation, ABN numbers and payslips from that time.

    I’m now 30, from Ireland and planning on heading over in August to Perth by applying for the second year working holiday visa.

    Is this an accepted route to get back over? I have also kept all the emails sent from Visa first with the first year working holiday visa document details on it.

    Any information on this would be great.

    Many thanks,


  22. Hi, I hope you can help please!

    I am a UK passport holder in Aus currently on my first WHV. I have been offered a two year sponsorship.
    After these two years, will I be eligible to apply for a 2nd WHV to travel / have more flexible work?

    By this point I am hoping the FTA will also be in force!

    Many thanks,

  23. Hi 🙂

    I completed my second year Visa volunteer work (helpx) in 2015 right before the new law started that it’s no longer possible that way.
    Is it still possible for me to apply?

  24. Hi
    I’m on my first year of WH (462) and I’ve already done my 88 days. I will be turning 31 in August, should I apply before that?
    If I do, when does the 2nd year visa start running? As soon as it is granted? Or right after the first year is over?

    Thank you!

  25. hello,
    I am needing some help regarding going to Australia, I came to oz 7 years ago on a working holiday visa and was only there for a few months and them came back to England . I am looking to come back to Australia on another working holiday but I did not complete 3 moths regional work and now I cant apply for another visa without having done this work what are my options? I didn’t do the regional work as I was there for long enough and I wasn’t planning at the time on staying there for longer then the time I was there originally.

  26. Hi! I am about to turn 36 (in December). I plan to apply for my first WHV in November 2023.

    Do I have 12 months from approval to enter Australia and activate my first WHV?

    From what I understand, I need to be under 36 and be present in Australia to apply for my second WHV, is this correct?

    If I enter Australia in November 2023 (a month before my 36th birthday) on my first WHV and apply for my second WHV before my 36th birthday, will I be able to stay in Australia for a full 24 months from the date the first visa was activated or will the time reset to 12 months after the second WHV is granted? I am trying to maximise my time in Australia given the age restrictions.


    • Hi Chel, once your visa has been granted you have 12 months to enter Australia and activate it. You are able to apply for a WHV until you turn 36 but atm you still need to do your 88 days to get a second year. It is only from 1 July 2024, that UK passport holders will not have to meet this requirement when applying for a second or third Working Holiday visa.

  27. Hello
    My daughter has done 1 year of WHV and is currently doing a job in her 2nd year that does not qualify for year 3WHV, just to build up her finances. Can she carry on doing this job and apply for year 3WHV after the new rules start in July 2024. Or does she have to do 6 months of specified work in her 2nd year, even though she will come home home to the UK for a few months and apply for year 3 after the new regulations come into force?

    Many thanks

  28. Hi there. I’m just been reading on Australia 3rd year visa and now being 35. I’m 31 and have been to Australia back in 2016 for 1 year but didn’t complete my regional work thus I haven’t been back. Do this mean its possible for me to now go back without the farm work? Thankyou Jack

  29. Hello, When applying for a third year visa, does the entire 6 months work have to completed while on the second year visa? or does the 3 months from the first year visa count towards the 6 months for the third year?

  30. Hi,

    I’m currently on my 1st year work and holiday visa which expires on Oct 4th. I haven’t done any farm work yet but I’ve decided I want to do my 2nd year visa but with the timeframe it seems that I won’t be able to complete the 88 days before my visa expires. Am I able to get a bridging visa to extend my stay while I finish my farm work?

  31. How soon can I apply for my second working holiday visa while using my first working holiday visa? And how soon can I apply for my third visa while using my second visa? Right now, there’s the 3-month/6-month specified work requirement. But when that requirement ends for UK passport holders next year, does that mean that I will be able to apply for my second visa as soon as I activate my first, or my third visa as soon as I activate my second?


  32. Hi there,

    I’m curious, as I have just returned from Australia to the UK after my first WHV, however the visa is still valid until mid September. I completed my 88 days and was looking to apply for my second year, entering Australia around December. If I were to apply for my second year now and it was granted would it begin when the first visa ends or from when I re-enter Australia? Should I wait to apply until my first visa is finished?

    Thank you!

  33. Hi, I finish my 88 days the day before my visa runs out. Will I need to leave the country the next day to reapply or will i be granted a bridging visa?


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