Job Experiences

Find backpacker’s job experiences on their Working Holiday Visa. About fruit picking, woofing, HelpX, catering, farming, jobs in hospitality and many more…

dairy farm australia

How to find a Dairy Farm Job in Australia

Working on a dairy farm can be a unique experience. This also allows for a second year visa in Australia as dairy farm jobs...

Working in a bar in Australia

If you are planning to live in a city in Australia, you will soon figure out how expensive life in the city actually is....

How to find a job in Hospitality in Australia

As soon as she set foot Down Under, Victoria’s number one priority was to find a job that would allow her to afford and...
Prawn-vessel job experience

Working on a prawn vessel in Australia – Job experience

Do you remember why you wanted to come to Australia in the first place? How exciting it all sounded? Boarding a plane and then...
work on hayman island australia

Dream job in Australia on Hayman Island

Finding a job in Australia is not so easy, but sometimes luck smiles on us and we come across THE good plan! Alexandra, 25...
working with dolphins

Dream job in Australia: Working with dolphins in Monkey Mia

Who hasn't dreamed of spending their days by the water splashing around with wild dolphins? In France, Marine works to protect water quality. She...

Au Pair experience in Sydney

Living with an Australian family will undoubtedly be an incredible and enriching experience! Also perfect for improving your English, you will live with locals...

Volunteering in South Australia

Anyone who has spare time can volunteer and it is a great way to meet locals and discover Australia. You can choose to go through...
salaries in australia

Backpacker jobs & salaries – Examples of pay rates in Australia

A lot of people wonder what kind of jobs they can do whilst on a Working Holiday Visa (417) or Work and Holiday Visa...
horse stables Australia

Horse Jobs in Australia – Working at racing stables

Marie, who went to Sydney on a working holiday visa, had the chance to work at racing stables in Australia. Due to her passion...