A summary of a typical day in a Cherry Fruit Picking harvest in Adelaide Hills. Cherries are especially easy to harvest, the jobs also have the reputation of being well paid. So when you come across really nice farmers, this definitely adds to a more pleasant experience! Two backpackers recount their experiences on our blog.

After having breakfast and still half asleep, we all met to equip and proceeded to our picking spots …
7:30 am

1_Fruit Picking Adelaide

We arrived on our rows – the boss joined us to give the first instructions.

2_Fruit Picking Adelaide

The first hours of fruit picking … we filled our buckets with cherries before we put them into a bigger crate. We had to fill at least 1 crate per hour…

3_Fruit Picking Adelaide

11:30 am: time for lunch after 4 hours of fruit picking. After recovering for a bit we had to return to our cherry trees.

4_Fruit Picking Adelaide

Now we had to pick different cherries (also the picking itself was slightly different)

5_Fruit Picking Adelaide

With some amazing discoveries in the trees (better than snakes or spiders)

6_Fruit Picking Adelaide

Back to the shed to start packing the cherries!
2:30 pm

7_Fruit Picking Adelaide

On the road, we came across the local Koala. Always a little stoned…

8_Fruit Picking Adelaide

Then we had to prepare the cherries for the packing session…very repetitive, it’s not the best part…especially not when the weather is nice.
2:45 pm

9_Fruit Picking Adelaide

In rush/zombie mode. The principle is simple: all eyes on the conveyor belt watching the cherries … the bad ones in the trash bin!

10_Fruit Picking Adelaide

After a long day we enjoyed a game of boules and a cold beer.
5:30 pm

11_Fruit Picking Adelaide

And after a long day of work: RELAXING!

12_Fruit Picking Adelaide

Results of the day: Tired, but the hard work is worth it…
Earnings: $ 130 net / person

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Updated September 2019. Initially published in 2015.

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