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Certificate and training in Australia

When you decide to work in Australia, some jobs may require a specific certificate / training such as in hospitality, construction, child caring, etc. Designed to deliver workplace-specific skills and knowledge, those trainings attest your abilities and can be a real bonus to get a job. Some are also compulsory to start the job (RSA, White Card)! Indeed, they show how motivated and ready you are to start working.

What is a certificate?

A certificate is a diploma you receive after going through a training. It is a requirement in some work fields such as hospitality or construction. There are many different certificates existing in Australia depending of the area you work in.
They are usually compulsory. Sometimes you will be able to work for a few months before having to complete a certificate. However most of the time you will need to complete the course prior starting your new job.
Some certificate trainings can be done online whereas others will require you to attend a classroom.

Here are specific trainings that are required for some industries :

RSA certificate

The RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) is essential in Hospitality. It shows that you are aware of the regulations concerning alcohol consumption in Australia. You are trained to learn to be responsible when serving alcohol to patrons in order to prevent alcohol damages. 

It is absolutely compulsory to work at any places where alcohol is sold. In most of the states/territories you can get you RSA online after an online test. However, in Victoria you need to go through a practical training in a classroom. Regulations are specific to each states, which means that you will need to obtain the RSA in the state you intend to work.

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Pay less for your RSA course (Responsible Service of Alcohol). With this certificate, you are allowed to work in all places where alcohol is served or sold.

RSG / RCG certificate

The RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) for NSW or RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) for the other states is compulsory to work in any pub in Australia or any gambling establishment. The aim of the course is to be teach you to detect gambling problems. You also get trained on the use of pokies.

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White Card

The White Card is compulsory to work in the construction industry. The aim of the training is to learn about safety at work. The course trains the future employee to identify hazards and to prevent and manage accidents at work.

The white card is Australia wide. Once you got it, it can be used in any state of the country. 

You can get the White Card online or in a classroom. Once the test validated, you will be required to send some ID documents and your Statement of Attainment to the training company you got it from. Then, your White Card will be mailed to you in the following days.

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Take advantage of special offers to obtain the white card and work in the construction industry.

Forklift licence

The forklift licence is a course to evaluate your ability to operate a forklift. There are two licences, LO and LF. The LO licence only allows you to operate an order picker/stock picker forklift. The LF licence allows you to operate any forklift with the exception of an order picker/stock picker forklift.

The duration of the course varies depending on your experience in the operation of a forklift.

The price of the course will depend of the provider but is usually more than $450. It also has to be renewed every 5 years.

Barista course

Australians absolutely love coffee and making it right is an art. Most coffee shops will ask you for previous experience before hiring you as a barista and some of them will require the Barista Ticket. The Barista Ticket is a few hours training course teaching you the use of a coffee machine from scratch. You will be learning how to make all the coffees available in a coffee shop, how to froth milk and how to clean a coffee machine, etc.

The Barista course is Australia wide.

The price of the training varies a lot depending on the training provider but is often less than $100.

Working with children checks

In Australia you need to get a working with children check done when you are willing to work in child related areas. Checks are different in each states:

The price as well as the processing time of the Working with children checks vary depending on the state you get it from.

Updated 18/04/2022

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