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Eligible postcodes for a second year visa in Australia

Eligible postcodes for a second year visa in Australia

After your first Working Holiday Visa in Australia, you have the possibility to renew for a second year visa. However, in order to qualify for a second year visa, you need to complete a specified work requirement in regional Australia. You must work  for three months, or 88 days, in a specified work role in a regional area of Australia during your first Working Holiday Visa. You will find in this article the list of all the regional areas of Australia eligible to get a second Working Holiday Visa and enjoy a second year Down Under. 

Regional work – Eligible postcodes

Unfortunately all the areas of Australia are not eligible to pretend to a second year visa.
Here are the postcodes eligible in every state where you can complete your specified work.

Before starting any work you should ensure that the location of the work is in a regional area eligible.

Note : Remember that not all  jobs are eligible to qualify you to renew your Working Holiday Visa. Go to: Eligible jobs second year visa Australia

New South Wales

2311 to 2312; 2328 to 2411; 2420 to 2490; 2536 to 2551; 2575 to 2594; 2618 to 2739; 2787 to 2899.


4124 to 4125; 4133; 4211; 4270 to 4272; 4275; 4280; 4285; 4287; 4307 to 4499; 4510; 4512; 4515 to 4519; 4522 to 4899.


3139; 3211 to 3334; 3340 to 3424; 3430 to 3649; 3658 to 3749; 3753; 3756; 3758; 3762; 3764; 3778 à 3781; 3783; 3797; 3799; 3810 to 3909; 3921 to 3925; 3945 to 3974; 3979; 3981 to 3996.

Western Australia

6041 to 6044; 6083 to 6084; 6121 to 6126; 6200 to 6799.


All of Tasmania is classified as part of regional Australia.

South Australia

All of South Australia is classified as part of regional Australia.

Northern Territory

All of Northern Territory is classified as part of regional Australia.


Information  from the Australian government website:
For the original list of all the post codes, just click here.

Eligible postcodes for a second year visa in Australia
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