Discover Australia’s wildlife! Find everything you ever wanted to know about Australia’s animals. Kangaroos, wombats, koalas, wallabies, crocodiles, Tasmanian devil, kookaburras, sharks, wales and many more… Understand Australia s animal kingdom and discover some adorable Aussie animals.

Thorny Devil

Strange animals in Australia

Australian fauna consists of a huge diversity of species. The vast majority (90%) are endemic to the country, which means they won't be found in...

Crocodiles in Australia: Exploring Australia’s Species- A Comprehensive Guide

Australia is a land of diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife, among which crocodiles hold a special place. Known for their ancient lineage and formidable...

The most dangerous spiders in Australia

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venemous snakes in Australia - know what to look

Complete Guide to Snakes in Australia : Species, safety and statistics

It is well known, the snake is one of the most dangerous animals of the Australian fauna. Indeed, Australia is home to the most...

Kangaroo – The symbol of Australia

The kangaroo is one of the best known and most popular animals in Australia. The large marsupial is found exclusively in Australia and as...

Kangaroo Dundee – The Man Saving Orphaned Joeys in the Outback

Have you heard of Chris Barnes Brolga and his kangaroo sanctuary? In the heart of the Australian bush a man lives alone, surrounded by...
tin can bay dolphins

Dolphin Feeding in Australia: Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay is a small town on the east coast of Australia. It is one of only two places in Queensland where you...

The Platypus in Australia

Australia is a country with extremely rich and unique biodiversity. The fauna in Australia contains a multitude of strange animal species, at the top...