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Go Walkabout Promo Code – Travel Insurance

Go Walkabout Promo Code – Travel Insurance

When travelling the world you want to make sure your possessions and medical costs are covered in case of an unexpected event. Nobody plans on getting in trouble, but if it happens you rather not go broke when dealing with the unforeseen consequences. As a citizen of the United Kingdom you can benefit from Medicare whilst on a Work and Holiday Visa. However, it has limitations. You could find yourself in a difficult situation, having to shorten your stay because of an accident at work, or because all your belongings have been stolen. There are many different travel insurance companies active worldwide. Go Walkabout Travel Insurance has developed policies especially dedicated to travellers from the United KingdomFind here all the information you need and get your 10% Go walkabout promo code for any policy.

10% promo code with Go Walkabout

Taking out Go Walkabout travel insurance is extremely easy, just click on the link below and get a quote adapted to your personal situation. Thanks to our collaboration with Go Walkabout, we are able to offer you a 10% promo code on any policy.

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Why purchase travel insurance?

Obviously nobody plans on getting into trouble during their travels. But things happen and when when they do it is better to be prepared! Moreover, you never know what can happen when you are on the other side of the world… the recent pandemic has shown us this for sure !

Travelling and working in a country different from yours can be risky. It is, of course, always annoying to picture the worst case scenario. Nonetheless, accidents can happen and the cost for medical treatment can quickly escalate to a significant amount. Furthermore, you may require repatriation back to your home country to continue treatment for the injury or illness you have encountered. Your luggage might get lost or stolen with all your travel documents. Each scenario has a cost, unaffordable for many of us to cover especially when the claim is relating to medical cost. That is why purchasing travel insurances before you start your trip is so important.

Having travel insurance will allow you to go about your travels in a more relaxed fashion, knowing that you won’t go broke, or even worse into debt, when something unexpected happens. Also, to get a visa for certain countries requires you to have travel insurance. As they say: better safe then sorry!

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What products do Go Walkabout offer?

Note that these policies are only available to UK citizens up to age 99You must have a permanent residential address in the United Kingdom and unrestricted right of entry to the UK. Go Walkabout only offer cover for trips starting in the UK which have yet to commence. If you have already left the UK check out other travel insurance companies.

Longstay & Backpacker

These policies are tailored to people taking a gap year, going on a working holiday or backpacking around the world. They are very budget conscious and provide extensive coverage. The longstay policy has a maximum duration of 18 months and the Backpacker policy a maximum of two years. You will need a backpacker or Working Holiday insurance if you intent to work during your trip. Among others, the insurance will cover your personal belongings, emergency medical expenses (including repatriation), and personal liability. For an overview of what is covered by which policy, make sure to take a look at their website.

If your travel plans are not set in stone these policies are great as they are flexible. Afraid you might get homesick? No problem! You are allowed unlimited return visits back to the UK within the duration of the policy.

One Way Travel Insurance

This insurance is perfect if you are emigrating from the UK to Australia, or other countries. It will cover you for a chosen period of time after arrival. It will provide additional coverage to the healthcare benefits provided by Australia’s Medicare System such as topping of emergency coverage.

Working Holiday Policy

This policy is tailored to UK residents that intent to work on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. Go Walkabout offers four different ‘Working’ packages that depend on the kind of work you are planning to do.

Sports and Adventurous Activities

Want to go skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef? Go Walkabout has a special policy for those interested in certain sports and adventurous activities. Many sports and activities covered as standard with others covered for an additional premium.

Gadget Cover

Are you a real shutterbug travelling with an expensive DLSR? Or is it hard to imagine life without Netflix? Go Walkabout has a special coverage policy for Gadgets, which covers an array of electric gear such as cameras and laptops.

Go Walkabout Travel Insurance

Established in 1999, Go Walkabout provide insurance packages that are tailored to long term travellersworking holiday makers and global nomads at budget prices. Designed for residents of the UK up to age 99, Go Walkabout protects you not only in your leisure time but in your chosen area of work too.

You have the option to choose between different Work Packs and Activity Packs. Your choice will depend on what you are planning to do whilst travelling abroad. You can also upgrade your policy at any time if your situation changes.

Go Walkabout covers trip cancellation in (subject to the terms of the policy), baggage loss, personal belongings, travel documents, etc. They offer a wide range of policies allowing you to travel safely and can cover your gap year and working holiday plans.

How to subscribe?

Subscribing is easy! Before leaving home visit their website and get your insurance settled within a few minutes. Click here for a 10% discount.

We receive a fee when you get a quote from Go Walkabout using this link. We do not represent Go Walkabout. This is not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

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