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How to calculate the 88 days for your Second Year Visa in Australia

How to calculate the 88 days for your Second Year Visa in Australia

Securing a second-year visa in Australia (subclass 417 or 462) requires backpackers to complete 88 days of specified work in regional areas. This work typically involves sectors like agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, construction and hospitality. Understanding how to accurately calculate these 88 days is crucial for meeting visa requirements and planning your stay. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do it.

Working Holiday Visa Australia renewal: requirements

The same as when applying for your 1st Working Holiday Visa, you have to meet the following requirements when applying for the Second Year Visa. When applying, you must:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old (you can apply until your 31st birthday or 35th if you are Irish, French, Italian, Danish, Canadian or English).
  • You must have a valid passport
  • You must have worked for 3 months or 88 days in a specific job in a rural area.

More information here: Apply for second year visa

Important information for UK Passport Holders

Australia and the UK have agreed to put in place new arrangements under the Working Holiday Maker program. The new arrangements have now commenced:

  • UK passport holders can apply for a Working Holiday visa between the ages of 18 and 35 years inclusive since 1 July 2023.
  • From 1 July 2024, they will be granted up to three Working Holiday visas without having to meet any specified work requirements.

What Counts as ‘Specified Work’ for the 88 Days?

Specified work includes jobs in agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and construction. Industries differ depending on your visa type (417 and 462).

For subclass 417 visa holders

Industries approved for specified work:

  • plant and animal cultivation
  • fishing and pearling
  • tree farming and felling
  • mining in regional Australia
  • construction in regional area
  • bushfire recovery work in declared bushfire affected areas carried out after 31 July 2019
  • recovery work in natural disaster affected areas carried out after 31 December 2021
  • Critical COVID-19 work in the healthcare and medical sectors, anywhere in Australia (after 31 January 2020)
  • Tourism and hospitality in northern, remote or very remote Australia.

For subclass 462 visa holders

Approved industries and areas for specified work:

  • plant and animal cultivation in northern Australia and other specified areas of regional Australia
  • fishing and pearling in northern Australia only
  • tree farming and felling in northern Australia only
  • construction in northern Australia and other specified areas of regional Australia
  • bushfire recovery work in declared bushfire affected areas only, after 31 July 2019
  • recovery work in natural disaster affected areas carried out after 31 December 2021
  • Critical COVID-19 work in the healthcare and medical sectors, after 31 January 2020
  • Tourism and hospitality in northern, remote or very remote Australia.

Important note: The Department is temporarily applying flexibility to the specified work requirement. This gives greater weight to the specified work industry. This means that work which supports the ongoing operations of a specified industry in an eligible postcode may be accepted.

Eligible jobs to renew WHV in Australia

Find out all eligible jobs for a second working holiday visa.

Calculate the 3 months or 88 days correctly

Minimum Period

The Australian government has implemented some rules regarding the 88 days calculation. Three months is taken to mean a period equivalent to the 3 shortest ‘calendar’ months of the year. This is a minimum period of 88 calendar days, including weekends or rest days during your period of employment. You can either work :

  • in one block with the same employer OR
  • several blocks for one or more employers. The different period of work can be performed in different kinds of specified work and different industries. For example, you can work as a harvest helper in the Northern Territory for one month and as a miner in Tasmania for two months. You are free to spread the work over the stay period of your WHV visa.

You can complete the 3 months or 6 months requirement in a variety of ways:

  • working multiple short periods of work in full time, part time or on a piecework rate, which add up to the equivalent of 5 days a week over 3 months
  • working 5 days a week for a continuous period of 3 months (including piecework rate agreement)
  • working less than 5 days a week over a period longer than 3 months.

Understanding what counts as a ‘Day’ & Number of hours worked

A ‘day’ of specified work doesn’t necessarily mean a full day of work. According to the Australian government, a day is defined as a calendar day during which you have done the specified work for a “majority of the day.” This typically translates to at least half a day’s work.

One single day of work is considered to be the normal number of hours per day that is considered standard practice in the industry in which you are employed. In Australia, these are usually 35 to 40 hours a week and 7 to 8 hours a day.

Note: For volunteer bushfire or flood recovery work, any day on which you worked can be counted as one day.

Full-Time Work

If you’re employed full-time, calculating your days is straightforward:

  • Daily Work: If you work five days a week, each day counts as one day towards the 88 days. Thus, roughly 18 weeks of work is needed.
  • Part-Time Work: For part-time workers, you must ensure you work a standard number of hours equivalent to a full day’s work. Document the total number of hours worked and divide by the standard full-time hours to calculate your total days.

Public holidays and sick days can be counted as a day of specified work if you are paid for that day. If you are not not paid then those days cannot be included in your total period of specified work.

You cannot count work carried out on any one calendar day as more than one day of specified work. For example, if the industry’s standard day is 5 hours, working 10 hours on one day cannot be counted as 2 days of specified work.

Piece Rates and Casual Work

If you’re paid according to the amount of work completed (piece rates), or if you’re in casual employment, calculating your days can be more complex:

  • Record Keeping: Keep detailed records of the hours you work each day. You need to prove you worked the equivalent of full-time hours for a day to count it towards your 88 days.

What about the salary?

Some applications for a second visa were refused because the government considered that the worker had been underpaid. So remember to check that you are paid the legal minimum wage.

Minimum wages for all jobs in Australia are set by collective agreements (awards). They can vary depending on your age and the type of contract under which you are employed (full time, part-time or casual). Casual workers must be affected more than permanent employees (15 to 25% depending on the collective agreement).

To know the legal minimum wage to which you are entitled, it is important to know the professional sector on which you depend. Indeed, the minimum wage varies from job to job because it is set by collective agreements. For example, if you work in horticulture, you will depend on the Horticulture Award. On the contrary, if you work on a construction site, it will be the “Building and Construction General On-site Award”.

The national minimum wage is set at $23.23 per hour (before tax). This represents $882.80 per week (since July 2023).

For pieceworkers and under the Horticulture Award (for Planting, picking, sorting and packing fruit and vegetables), a full-time/part-time employee must earn at least $22.61 per hour (adult full-time level/grade 1 employee). For a casual worker, the minimum is $28.26 per hour (adult casual level/grade 1 employee).

Sick leave, accidents, weather

In the case of illness or an accident, the missed days for are still counted. Provided that it was agreed on in advance that sick leave will be paid. In these cases, the employer has to provide evidence.

If employees are unable to work and are not paid due to illness, an accident or weather-related circumstances (such as a storm during harvest), the days are not counted.


Maintaining accurate records is vital:

  • Pay Slips: Always keep your pay slips; they must have your employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) and your work details.
  • Work Diary: Maintain a diary of your daily tasks, hours worked, and breaks.
  • Employer Sign-off: Have your employer sign off on your completed days periodically.

Calculate 88 days for your second year visa in Australia – Examples

Examples extracted from the immigration website

In the first example, Maria works 6 hours per days, 5 days a week on a dairy farm (agriculture). She works for 6 months and is granted a 3rd year visa. This seems that 30 hours is likely the minimum hours the immigration will accept to renew a WHV.

In the example of Sophia, she works casual between 5 to 9 hours a day in a café. She works 5 or 6 days per week for 3 months. These hours are considered normal for the industry.

It seems that as long as the hours are considered normal in the industry you are working in, then it will be accepted by the government.

If you are working on Piece Rate (make sure it is written in your contract), there is no minimum hours needed to work to count a day.

Examples where the requirements for a 2nd working holiday visa are met:

Work during the week
Employment: 3 months on a farm
Working time: 5 days a week
Standard in the industry: 5 days a week
Calculated working time: In this case, the days are counted for the weekend, so 7 days a week
Shift work
Employment: 3 months
Working time: Every fortnight
Standard in the industry: irregular working hours, e.g. 1 week of work, 1 week off
Calculated working time: 3 months
In case of Illness
Employment: 3 months full-time
Paid sick leave
Calculated working time: 3 months
Different employers
Employment: 60 days as harvest helper, 28 days as construction worker
Calculated working time: 88 days

Examples where the requirements for a 2nd working holiday visa are NOT met:

Work during the week
Employment: 3 months on a farm
Working time: 4 days a week
Standard in the industry: 5 days a week
Calculated working time: In this case, the days of the weekends are not counted, instead of 7 days a week, you only get 4 days per week.
Employment when you are on another visa
You can only apply for the Second Year Visa if you have a Working Holiday Visa. For example, if you work for 3 months on a farm on a student visa, you will not be able to stay in Australia for another year.
Seasonal circumstances
If you’ve worked on a farm on a number of occasions, accumulated 80 days and you can’t work for another 8 days due to inclement weather before your Working Holiday Visa expires, you can’t apply for a 2nd Working Holiday visa.

Applying for the Visa

Once you have completed your days:

  • Proof of Work: Gather all documentation, including pay slips, work diaries, and any signed forms from your employer.
  • Application: Apply online through the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs website, providing all necessary documents.

Apply for a Third year working holiday visa

It is possible to do a third year of WHV in Australia. For this, it is necessary to perform 6 months of specified work in regional areas while being on your second WHV (417 or 462). The types of jobs and eligible regional areas are the same as for the second visa.

The work must have been done after July 2019.

In Conclusion

Check that the job and the geographical areas are eligible. Be sure to check your status when you sign your Tax File Number Declaration when starting a new job (full-time/part-time/ casual) as this will affect your day count. If you are employed on a “casual” basis, we advise you to count only the days actually worked in order to be completely sure that you have completed your specified work.
If you do your 88 days in several instalments, be sure to keep a count of your days so you don’t have any bad surprises.

Each case is unique, so the decision will always depend on the goodwill of an immigration officer.

Remember to keep all documents proving your work (payslips, photos, bank statements, etc.).


What Counts as ‘Specified Work’ for the 88 Days?

Specified work includes jobs in agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and construction. The Australian Government provides a detailed list of eligible roles and areas where this work can be undertaken.

How Exactly Are the 88 Days Calculated?

The 88 days can include weekends if you have worked the standard five days in the week. Part-time work can count, but the days are calculated based on a standard full-time workday. Irregular or casual work may require a more detailed calculation.

Can I Work for Multiple Employers to Complete the 88 Days?

Yes, you can work for multiple employers to accumulate your 88 days. The key is to ensure that all work is eligible and properly documented.

What Proof Do I Need to Show I’ve Completed the 88 Days?

You will need payslips, bank statements showing pay, and employment references or contracts. Keeping a detailed work diary is also recommended.

How Does the Process Differ for Subclass 417 and 462 Visa Holders?

The main difference lies in the types of work and locations that are eligible. Subclass 417 and 462 have different specified work requirements, which are detailed on our website and the official website.

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  1. Hi there hope you can help pls…
    We’re working on a farm picking fruit 5-6 days a week on a piece rate agreement but so far have not able to make minimum wage rates.
    Our payslips show $365 made and no tax decided for 5 days in one week worked but not how many hours we worked (40ish). Is this work going to count? Thanks for any advice!

  2. Hello

    I am 31 and actually not eligible for the second year visa as I am from Germany. But should I bother to try to fullfil anyway the farmdays in case Australia will change the age restrictions in the next year’s?

  3. Hi
    I’m working as a casual fortnightly from a Wednesday to Tuesday eg. 16/9/20-29/09/20. I am working at a Corn farm in Gingin casually but do 40hrs a week and around 80hrs fortnightly. Does my fortnight count as 14 days or only as 10 days towards my 88 days?
    Also my payslip only states my worked fortnightly hours, so what if I worked 80hrs but in reality only 9 days instead of 10. No one will notice and it will be counted as 10 or 14 days is that correct?

  4. Hi there,

    I have worked on a wheat farm usually 5 days a week, but over harvest 7 days a week. There are 4 days in the same week where we couldn’t work because of the rain, do I need to work an extra 2 days to make up 5 total or can some of the hours from the 7 day weeks cover this?

    Also, I have accrued many hours in holidays. Can I take these paid holiday days and they count as a day of specified work?

    • Hi Alice,
      You have to refer to the normal hours in the industry. For example, if you worked 5 days / 38h, week-ends will count towards your second year. You have to add up the days worked. I don’t think you ll be able to add your ‘holiday days’ to reach the requested days. Cheers

  5. Thank you. How will the government know the number of hours as industry standard? Do you know what it is for agriculture?

    I mentioned that about paid holidays as it says on the government’s website:

    “Australian public holidays and sick days (or equivalent worker’s compensation leave days) can be counted as a day of specified work if you are paid for that day.”

    Do you still disagree that the paid annual leave wouldn’t count as a day of specified work?


  6. hi there,

    my partner and I were working 5 days a week at a piece rate but the most we would ever make in a week was 300-500 based on how ripe the crops were that day to pick.
    does that still count even though we weren’t making the minimum based on how low we were picking a day even though it was 8 hour days 5 days a week ?

    thanks in advance

  7. Hi I am supposed to be starting 6 months farm work next week. The job type is casual and I’ll be working 35-40 hours per week. Are my weekends included?

  8. Hi,
    If I am working 80hrs per week can this count as 14 days. Or is there any leniency towards the fact I am working so many hours?

  9. Hey I’m currently working in a packing sheet for my 6 months. I nearly have 26 payslips but for a few weeks I worked under 35 hours. Will those weeks still count as full time since my payslips are weekly?

  10. Hi,
    I am having trouble calculating my 88 days for a second year visa. I do not have my timesheets and I am unsure how many hours are needed to count for a full day. I have worked a total of 438hrs with 18 pay slips. I thought if I divided my hours by 7 (7hr work day) that I would get the correct amount of days worked but its very confusing and I don’t want to apply for the second year without the correct amount. I used the wififarms calculator and it says I have worked 93 days, however I am unsure how accurate this is. Please help! Or is there any government number I can call for more info? Thanks!

  11. Hi , I work in Regional area ( Cairns ) in the restaurant which which open only in the evening. I work about 3-4 hours / 6 day per week. Can these count for 2nd year visa ? Thank you.

  12. Hi I’m on visa 417 from Uk to Australia
    I’m working with the parson who doing a Tiling and I’m working with hem and he paying me a monthly $3500 to my account is it ok to work with hem for 3 months and also he will giving me a payslip for each month and is Accountin managing my tex and I’m working on my TFN number

  13. I have a question regarding to my visa extension.
    I‘ve worked 3 weeks with one employer but need to change it now.
    So in my new job I will work 5 days (40hs), can I count the two day off‘s as well?

    Any help would be much appreciate

  14. Hey, I’m working on a 3/1 shift in the mines to get my 6 months regional work for my Nil Vac visa. It entails on the payslip a 2 day week, two 7 day weeks and a 4 day week. Does my 3 weeks each month count as a month regional done? Cheers!

  15. Hi!
    I’m applying for my second WHV and they ask me how many hours I worked.
    I was working on a piece ratein agriculture for 8 to 10 hours per day depending on the farm.
    What should I answer to that question?
    Hoping you can help me, I wish you a good day.

  16. Ciao!
    Sto Richie de do il secondo wh ,ho payslip che contano 42 h e payslip che ne contengono 25
    Nella domanda mi chiede di inserire i giorni lavorati ,come mi comport-? Quando sono segna ti piu di 35 conto l’intera settimana nelle altre che segnano 24 h come conto i gg ?

  17. Hi, if I work with 1 employer for 1 month and move to another farm for 2 months can I still count weekends for both if I’m working full time hours 5 days a week?

  18. Hi ~
    I was just wondering. I’m working at hotel in Cairns. I do hospitality job now.
    I work 6 hours a day, and 5 days a week. But still less than 35-40 hours a week.
    Could my work be counted as 7 days a week? or I have to find second job for 88days ?

    Thanks !

  19. Hello, I just started to work as a utility worker(like kitchen hand and housekeeper) in the mining site in WA, having a 2/1 roster. The thing is I am casual worker, so even if I work 3 months, i’m not sure about that it will be counted.
    So when I’m casual worker in the mining site, will my 1 week off be counted for second visa?(My agency said I can get my payslip weekly.)
    Thank you.

  20. Hi, thank you for all the information, its helpful. But I still have some questions to ask.

    I am now working for 3 restaurants in eligible area.
    Employer A – 4 hours per day and 3 days per week; casual
    Employer B – 5-12 hours per day and 3-4 days per week; casual
    Employer C – 4-6 hours per day and 2 days per week ; casual

    For employer A, payslip stated 12 hours per week, can I count 0.5 day for each working day towards that 88 days? So should be 1.5 days per week
    If I worked for employer A (4 hours) and B (5 hours) same day can I count as 1 day?
    Is it ok if I provide payslip for 3 employers for the same period? Will it be all counted?
    Or I could just add up the total hours from all the jobs and divided by 8 (40 hours/5) to get the working days?

    Thank you! Really appreciated

  21. Hi,

    We’re working at a strawberry farm employed on a casual basis. We work 5/6 days a week but the hours vary depending on the crops. 2 days a week the company have half days. We’re really confused as to how to count our days, whether it’s by day or by reaching a certain amount of hours per week.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  22. hey, ive worked 56 days accounting for 473.75 hours over 93 days building fences in a rural area. I have the 417 working holiday visa and am trying to get my second one approved. Do i have enough to qualify?? Thanks for your help.

  23. Hi, I was in Australia in 2018 for 5 months and did 60 days ‘farm work’ but had to return home to the UK due to family issues. I am now looking to go to Australia again with my partner (who hasn’t had a Visa before) ideally on working holiday visas. Is there no change that a second working holiday visa would be issued in this circumstance? Thanks!

  24. Hello, my name is Jordi.

    I have a question. Imagine i have done my 88 work days. How i make them count for the second visa? Do i have to save the contracts or go to any web site and notify the work i have done? Or the australian government already keeps track of what i have done?

  25. Hi, my name is Andrea.

    I have a question, I tried to find the right answer on web without success and maybe you can help me
    I worked in a remote area in hospitality, but my employer couldn’t give me 38 hours per week, so I found a second job even in hospitality and I did over 60 hours per week.
    When I will apply for the 2nd whv can I use the payslips of both the workplaces? Do they count the som of that hours per week? Thanks in advance

  26. Hello, I work in a ginger farm in Eumundi in the sunshine coast, I would like to know 1 day is equivalent to how many hours?
    I would like to know how much time I have left to complete my 88 days of visa to organize the rest of my trip. Thanks in advance

  27. Hi, I’m working in a banana farm. I work 6-8 hours a day but only 4 days a week. My weekly payslips only mention the amount of hours, not amount of days worked. I’ve worked 8 weeks in total but only 34 actual working days.

    May I know how I can calculate my 88 days? I’m on a 462 visa if that helps.


  28. Hello !

    Great website, thanks for all the infos !!
    I’ve just got a question that you may be able to answer

    We are working in a berry farm, we are piecerates but our employer is calculating our payslips with the minimum wage (horticulture award casual : 26.73$) + bonus (2$ per punnets) when we reach the objective (10 punnets/hour). So for example if we work 7 hours and we’ve done 90 punnets then we get paid 26.73×7(hours)+20(punnets)×2$(bonus) = 227,11 $ (so like 32,44$/hour).
    But if we are doing only 60 punnets one day, then we just get paid the minimum wages. How to count that for the 88 days ?

    Is this kind of payment really considerate as piecerate? Should we count each day worked as one day that count towards the 88days (even if we only work 5 hours) ? And if we only work 5 days, can we count the week ends and count 7 days on a piecerates contract? Or only the day worked counts for the 88 days ?

    And/or do we need to get at least 38h per week to count 7 days ?

    Thanks a lot, I hope my question is clear

  29. Hi again,

    Thank you to replying to my comment! There are about 2 weeks where I worked Monday to Friday instead of Monday to Thursday. For those 2 weeks, can I count them as 7 days?

    Thanks again 🙂

  30. Hello,
    Hoping you can help!!

    If I start my job on the 16th January and worked 40 hours over five days a week would my 3 months/88 days be complete on the 14th April or 18th May?

    Thank you for your help! ☺️

  31. Hello, I have a question about the industry standards and hours of work per day.

    I’m currently working at a cafe in Darwin and our shifts seem to average 6 hours a day, not 7 or 8 in accordance to your article. Would my work then not be counted toward the 88 days in this case?

    Thank you in advance for your input.

  32. Hello,

    I am turning 31 in late august, but i got working holiday visa and it exprie on 12th august, but i have to go to Australia in end of May, but i just want to say if it safe for my to apply second year after i done 88 days, and it may be aged 31.

  33. Hi my name is Chiara

    I work in a remote area in far north Queensland in hospitality.
    My employer couldn’t give me 38h per week so I found a second job as well in hospitality and I do my 45h weekly.
    My first employer give me the payslip fortnightly and my second employer give me the payslip weekly.
    When I will apply for the 2nd WHV I know can I use both payslip but will be a problem to be paid in two different ways?
    Would be better to ask a one of my employer to change the tipe of payment??
    Thank in advance


  34. Hi!

    so I have a job offer in a regional area for specified work. I would be on a 14 days on and 14 days off roster. The payrate is fornightly, meaning, I will get paid for the first fortnight, but not for the second one. Will it count as 28 days, assuming I am working enough hours? Or do I have to make them pay me monthly?

      • Hello again, so just want to make sure. I will be doing 152 hours in the two weeks on and zero in the two weeks off. So for every 4 weeks I will be working 152 hours, which comes down to 38 hours per week on average. Thats what they need to count it as four weeks right? There is no specific industry standard for the time on and off, some do 14/7, some 15/13, some 21/21.

        Before the job offer was for 150 hours, which would only be 37,5 hours per week. I changed that to 152 hours, was that the right call?


  35. Hi!

    I work on a full time, 5 day a week contract at 36 hours a week.

    However, because we are expected to work 8 hours a day they allow us to take 1 day off every 4 weeks.

    Will the week where I take the leisure day off still count as 7 days or only as 4?


    • Hi there, The week where you take a leisure day off will still count as 7 days. The fact that you are taking a leisure day off does not change the number of days in a week. A week is still made up of 7 days regardless of whether or not you take a day off.

  36. Hi, I work in hospitality in Cairns. I get 36 hours a week (5 days of work).
    I do 4x 9-5 and 1x 9-1 shifts weekly
    Do I count this as 5 days or 7?

  37. Bonjour,

    J’aimerai valider mes 88 jours dans la construction ( WHV 417 ).

    Sur le site du gouvernement il est écrit que la construction est éligible mais cela dépend du travail et du code postal.

    J’aimerai juste être sûr que cela marche avec toutes les sociétés ?
    Imaginons que je travail dans la peinture pour immeuble et à Noosa ( normalement les 2 critères sont éligible ), je peux postuler dans toutes les sociétés ? Ou certaines sociétés ne sont pas éligible ?

    Merci pour votre aide et bonne journée.

  38. Hi
    I have two questions first about counting days on the working and holiday visa. Second about pandemic visa 408.
    1. I worked on the farm 3 months. For 9 weeks I worked between 45-55 hours a week. the rest of the payslips were between 22.5 -30 hours. I calculated hours and the average will be 40 hours. I have causal contract and immigration require full time contract work hours . The fair work website say that you can average hours. So for example 1 week you can make 46 hours another 30 Immigration so the average is 38 per week what include full time contract hours . Immigration say also that you can count the day if you worked minimum 5.5 hours a day. I interpreted it that if you worked 5.5 hours a day then you multiply it for 5 it is equal 27.5 hours a week to have count 7 days if in another weeks of work you had more like 38h and then the average of the weeks is minimum 38 hours.
    So in that case I can’t count 22.5 hours a week even I worked for this employer 3 month and the average hours is 40 hours? I hope you can help me answer for this questions cause was sure you know more real cases when visa was rejected and when not.
    2. I see that covid pandemic visa is still available for people who arrived to Australia after 21 of February and have working rights. The immigration say that you need to have proof of employment in economy sector.
    “This temporary visa lets you stay in Australia to work if you are employed or have an offer of employment in any sector of the economy”
    As I know economy sector include construction work right?
    They do not say nothing about critical sector in this visa

    • Hi there,
      If you have an average of 38hours then count 7 days. But i would advise you to check directly with the immi by calling them. Re the 408 visa you need to have work rights- if you do not have a visa then you don’t have those rights. This visa only applies to specific situations.

  39. Hi, if I am working two jobs simultaneously that are both eligible for my 88 days, and for example in one week I work 3 days at one job and 2 at another, would that count as 7 days or only as 5? Thanks!

  40. Hi there, I am wondering if you are able to count annual leave hours towards your days as they were included in one of my payslips? Thanks very much.

  41. Hi, if I done my 88 days farm work whoofing back in 2014 but I no longer have the documents due to it being so long ago can I apply now for a second year visa ?

  42. Hi!
    Me and my boyfriend are working in an egg farm and we do about 35 hours (5 days) per week. They told us that although we don’t do 35 hours it can be counted like 7 days because there are no more work after 2 pm, it can be real? Thank you!

  43. Hello there!
    On the official website it says that secondary food processing is not eligible for a second year visa.
    Does that mean butchery in Tassie is? Because it is first hand processing and Tassie is declared as a remote area.

    Thank you for your help

  44. Hi,

    My partner and I have been offered jobs on a mining site in Perth, however it is FIFO (3 weeks on, 1 week off) which makes me anxious regarding our 88 day visa requirements.

    I have heard that 3 weeks on, 1 week off in mining industry may count as 4 weeks (28 days) – is this correct?

    Also, my role is a mix of admin and driving machinery. I believe admin doesn’t count – is this correct?

    Thanks in advance

  45. Hello,

    I will be doing my 88 days in hospitality working in a kid’s club. Because it is low season I will be working about 6.5 hours per day, 5 days a week, which will add up to a total of 32 hours per week.

    Will this be able to count as a full week, i.e. 7 days for my visa ?


  46. Hello !
    I applied for a working holiday visa (417) in august 2022. I started it when I arrived in Australia on the 15th of October 2022. Since that day I’ve been volunteering in a farm 21 hours per week (3 days of 7 hours). This farm is registered as a working holiday visa provider and is located in a flood recovery area. Considering that I’ve been volunteering on this farm for 6 months, 21 hours a week. Would it work if I apply to extend my working holiday visa to the second year or not?

    • Hi Nicolas, is the farm is eligible and you ve been working 6 months it should definitely makes the 88 days. When you apply for your 2nd year, make sure to attach a letter from the farm stating you have been working in flood recovery. Cheers

  47. Hello!

    If your payslip is for two weeks but you only got 7.5 hrs work due to weather conditions, which is counted for the second 417 visa?

    Do you have to have an average of 38 hrs per week over the 88 days?

  48. Hello again!

    Another question. If you apply for the second holiday visa and it is refused on the basis of not enough days / hrs, can you continue to work on the farm and reapply again or do you just get one opportunity?

    Thank you.

  49. Hello, I’ve been working in FIFO as a general hand in remote WA on a 8:6 swing 12 hour days. I am working through an agency (Hays) and assigned to work for the village management (Sodexo) as a causal with no formal contract with the village management company. My. pay slips and contract from the agency state hospitality.
    My questions are:
    Is my role eligible for the specified work requirement as hospitality in remote areas?
    Does my R&R days count towards my total 88 days?

  50. Hello!

    If I complete my 88 days within the first year and continue the job for another 3 months, can those extra months be counted towards my 3rd year visa? Or do you need to complete the whole 6 months within the 2nd year visa to be eligible for a 3rd? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere!

    Thank you!

  51. Hi, I got a job with a Civil Construction Company as site Administrator. The job is located in Newcastle West, NSW, 2287. This postcode is covered under flood recovery. How do I double check this work covers my regional work.

  52. Relating to comment above. The job is working on a waste Management Facility site. This includes drainage works, Bulk Earthworks, Detailed Eartworks and completing a new Leachate Pond in Newcastle West, NSW, 2287.

    Does this work meet the criteria for completing my 88days Regional?

    • Hi Niamh, could as the definition of clean-up, construction or any other work in association with restitution or restoration of services, land, waterways, property or infrastructure or providing support services or assistance to people living, working or volunteering in the affected areas. You should definitely write to the immi to double check. Cheers

  53. Hi is the chicken factory elegible to renovate the visa? and if if work 4 days in a week for a total of 37 hours is it counted like a full week?
    I don’t find the chicken farm/factory standard

    • Hi There, it will be considered as Maintaining animals for the purpose of selling them or their bodily produce, including natural increase, so will be eligible. Check the postcode though. If you work 37H/week you can count 7 days. Cheers

  54. Hello:)
    I work in hospitality in an accomodation for miners in northern queensland ( postcode is eligible for the 88 days for hospitality). I work 14 days, 7 days off, 10 hours per day.
    So first I wanted to know, if the job is eligible and how I can calculate the days.
    Thank you so much in forward for your answer 🙂

  55. Hey I’m working on a farm but it’s cash in hand. Is there a way to prove my 88 days work without payslips or is that not possible thank you

  56. Hi there!

    I’ve just started a casual job working at a Pizza/Kebab Restaurant in Cairns for 5-6 days a week. My hours vary, but I work anywhere from 25 – 30+ hours a week and I’m a little confused how to count this towards my 88 days.
    If I work 35 hours or over, can I count that week as 7 days? And if I work 25-29 hours, would that qualify as 4 or 5 days? Thanks for the help!

  57. Hey,

    I’ve been reading all the comments and I’m a little confused about all this talk about hours regarding casual/part-time hospitality work for my 88 days. Am I generally understanding this right?

    18-24 hours in a week = 3 days
    25-29 hours in a week = 4 days
    30-34 hours in a week = 5 days
    35+ hours in a week = 7 days (or is that only if you’re actually contracted full time? If you’re casual what does that mean?)

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Ollie, you need to work the standard hours in the industry to be able to count a full week (so the number of hours will slightly vary from a job to another). But yes usually for hospitality you need to work at least 35hours to be able to count 7 days. Cheers

  58. Hello, thank you very much for this helpful information.

    I am working for a company that fixes flood/fire damaged properties in the Bundaberg/surrounding areas.
    I have checked and this counts as regional work.

    However, some weeks are busier than others depending on how big the jobs are.
    1st week = 8 hours
    2nd week = 29.5 hours
    3rd week = 16.5 hours
    4th week = 22 hours
    5th week = 8 hours
    6th week = 43 hours
    7th week = 22.5 hours
    8th week = 11.5 hours
    9th week = 25.5 hours

    If the industry standard day is 7 hours and week 9 is 25.5 hours, does this just count as 3 days worked and the extra 4.5 hours are useless?
    Or can they be carried over?
    Or do they count as a day?

    Thanks again for your help, very much appreciate it.

  59. Hi, I’m working in a dairy farm (casual fortnightly), I have some questions, I’m working more than 35 hr per week, it’s counts as 7 days or 5? And last question on my firs paylist I worked 38 hours that time counts 7 days?
    Thanks a los

  60. It seems like my question is a bit tricky because my boss asked me how he can sign me up for the 88 days. His hotel is in a remote town, WA 6361, and he is willing to offer me more than 35 hours of work per week. However, he needs to know which department he should apply to, what preparations are needed, or where he should seek advice on how to prepare the relevant documents to apply for eligibility to sign people up for the 88 days.

  61. Hi!

    If I have worked in Cairns (or any remote area) for a company which its headquarters are in Melbourne, does it still count for the 88 days? How do they know the postcode as in my payslips it doesn’t say it?

    Thanks in advance!!

  62. Hi

    I have been working in construction in Cairns since week commencing 24th May and currently have 10 payslips showing a 7 day time period on each although the hours I have been paid vary in total each week.

    How do I calculate my 88 days please

  63. Hello,

    I work casual on contract. The contract is very abstract. It does not say exactly how many hours a week I will work at least (only that it will be maximum 38 h per week) and until when my contract goes (9-12 weeks).

    There are 3 different shifts a day. My employer sometimes gives me shifts 4 hours a day (one shift) and sometimes 3 shifts a day (11.5 hours).

    This week they only wanted to give me 4 work days in which I am employed for a total of 38 hours. Would this week still count as a full work week or do I absolutely have to work 5 days a week?

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

    P.S. I work in hospitality in Darwin.

  64. Hi bestie
    I read comments but there were too many so I am not sure if this question is asked yet,
    But I worked 3.5hours as a trial for one day last week.
    can I count it as one day out of 179 days?
    Or it’s just nothing cause it’s not 7 hours.
    Or do I need to do (179*24hours-3.5hours) calculation in this situation?
    I am asking this cause I have exactly 6.5 months left to start my 88 days so I am desperate

  65. Hi Guys,

    Any idea if working as a First Aid instructor in a regional area would be counted? It’s on the job shortage list but I don’t have the required amount of experience to be sponsored just yet

  66. Hi,

    My partner and I (both Brits) arrived in Australia at the end of February and we are currently doing our 88 days in rural WA, which will be completed by the end of November 2023. Under the new agreement will we still have to complete a 6 month stint next year to qualify for the 3rd year visa?

  67. Hi there,

    I wanted to ask if a labourer on a poultry farm would qualify towards my 88 days? Even with the info on the website it can be so confusing! Cheers in advance!

  68. Hi I’ve did 13 weeks regional work and in every week I’ve did more than 40 hours each week, I’m a plumber doing plumbing work in regional areas, would I have completed my 88 days by now? Does doing more than 38 hours a week count as 7 days? Thanks

  69. Hi!

    My partner and I are both British and are set to arrive in Aus in November, both on working holiday visas.

    To get our second year visa, will we need to complete the 88 days? Or will we simply qualify for the 2nd year without the 88 days because we will be reapplying after July 2024?

    Thanks so much!

  70. Hello everyone ! I’m currently on a WHV 417, and working hospitality in regional Australia in a restaurent. Unfortunatly they can only offer me 25 hours of work/week, so i found a 2nd job in a fast food in order to get over 35h of work per week. Does combining the hours of 2 jobs with over 35h/week will count as 7 days of eligible work in a week ? Thanks in advance !

  71. Hi, I’ve been working a 2&1 swing 12 hour shifts on a mine in regional WA, will my scheduled weeks off count towards my 88 days? Cheers

  72. Hello,

    I work casual in hospitality and the industry standard says 38h a week. My hours fluctuate depending on how busy it is. Sometimes I do 30 hours and sometimes I do 40 hours. But in average it’s about 35 hours a week.

    I work 6 days a week but the shifts are quite short (4-6 hours), but in my payslip, you can only see the total hours worked, not the days. Can I count those 30-hour weeks as 7 days instead of 5, given the fact that on average i work around 35h a week, even though the industry standard is 38?

  73. Hi I work casual in hospitality and some weeks I do 34/35h and some weeks 38h. Can I still count every week as a full 7 day work week or only the ones where I did strictly over 38h?

  74. Hi! I have a question about the way my employer pays me. Is it ok to sign off 88 days if they pay me through ABN but not TFN?

  75. Hello,

    I have a specific questions regarding the 88 days & leave days due to illness (WorkCover).

    I do know that quote from the government’s website “Australian public holidays and sick days (or equivalent worker’s compensation leave days) can be counted as a day of specified work if you are paid for that day.” but I’d like to get a confirmation from you since you seem to know very well about that subject.

    I am working on a farm in order to get my 88 days sorted. I injured my hand and I have been receiving compensations from my employer’s insurance: 1045$ gross per week which represents 36h of work since my hourly is 28.5$. I am receiving payslips where we can see I have a compensation but 0 hours worked obviously. Can I count 7 days for the 88 days per compensated week ?

    Thanks a lot,

    Cheers Matt

  76. Hello!

    Five years ago, I worked as a blackberry picker in Tasmania Costa inc. At that time I worded on contract rate. So the number of hours worked is not specified on my payslip. Instead of hour, Base hour of 38 is specified. I have a total of 13 payslips. But Two payslips worked for only one or two days. Because of weather issue. I would like to know if such payslip that include short-term work can be considered as valid payslip when applying for the Second Working Holiday Visa.

    Thank you!

  77. Hey there,

    thanks a lot for all the information!

    I’m right now applying for my 2nd year visa and I’m unsure what to fill in for the total days worked. In the explanation they say “Provide the total number of days actually worked, including leave days for which you were paid.”

    Which is quite confusing now.
    I got payed for 38 hours each week for 13 weeks in total plus extra 2 days before and 6 days afterwards.
    So do I calculate the days for the 38 hours/ counting as 7 days or for the actual 5 days per week that I worked?
    Because if I calculate for the 5 days it’ll be less than 88 days and if I calculate for 38h/7 days it’ll be around 100.

    If you have any idea, also where to look it up, I’d be super grateful:)

  78. Hi I am working as an accountant for tourism and hospitality in a regional code area. does this count as my 88 days.? thanks

  79. Hi ! My name is Amelie , I am now doing my 6 month work for my 3 rd year of visa .
    I am working as a traffic controller in Sunshine Coast!
    I have a question regarding on how to count . I get my payslip every week.
    It’s a casual contract and lot of weeks I do 57 hour but sometimes I have a week of 26 hours or less .
    Can I use some of those 57 hour on my 26 hour week ? So it can be counted as 7 days ?


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