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Download Australia – Backpackers Guide

Download Australia – Backpackers Guide

The essential Backpackers Guide to work and travel in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). You will find all the information and tips from former backpackers who traveled all around Australia. This eBook will definitely help you to save money and find a job in Australia.

New edition 2018: Update of information, rates and  prices. Contact details of more than 500 farms around the country. Tips to find a job in the mines. Discounts on your bank transfers, RSA, White Card, tax return and campervan rentals.  How to stay in Australia after your Working Holiday Visa. And more info and tips from backpackers to save money..!

AUSTRALIA – Backpackers Guide (Working Holiday)

Australia backpackers guide ebook 2018

.FREE eBook (400 pages) – Edition 2018 –

– Everything you need to know to prepare your trip in Australia
– All the steps to follow when you arrive in Australia (bank account, phone, TFN etc..)
– How & where to find a job (city & farm jobs), with the best backpacker tips
– A listing of 500 farm contacts (fruit picking)
– A lot of practical information (accommodation, admin questions, road trip, life in a van …)
– A complete travel guide (state by state) so you’ll know where to go and what to see, plus our recommended campgrounds and best spots to see the wildlife!
– Up to 50% discount on your RSA certificate
– A free transfer with CurrencyFair (international money transfers)
25% discount with TransferMate (international money transfers)
$ 10 discount with (Tax return)


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The Australian Backpackers Guide in pictures

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What backpackers say about “Australia Backpackers Guide”:

Elisa: “I just wanted to tell you that your guide is so great! Everything in it! It’s perfect.”

Alexia: “We bought your guide in June. It’s so great. It will definitely help us a lot (We start our adventure in December)

Quentin: “After reading the guide I have to say it’s amazing…honestly. It includes all the content that you find on various sides and Facebook groups. Congrats to the team. You did a great job! It’s a fantastic guide with lots of useful information!”

Charles: “Thanks a lot! Your Guide is absolutely brilliant. So convenient to prepare your travels with it.”

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  1. Avatar
    January 12, 2018

    I didn t receive the downloadlink for the guide.


    • Avatar
      January 15, 2018

      Hi Monika,
      It usually takes a minute or 2 to receive the email with the link? Have you finally received it? If not, please check your spam inbox or try again. Otherwise, send us an email and we will send you the link:


  2. Avatar
    March 01, 2018

    I haven’t received the link for the guide either. Yes, I’ve checked all my inboxes (including spam- unwanted mail box).


    • Avatar
      March 01, 2018

      Hi Chong,
      Ok no worries, we just sent you the link by email now.
      Have a great trip!


      • Avatar
        March 09, 2018

        Same here I’m afraid. Checked all inboxes but no guide.


        • Avatar
          March 10, 2018

          Hi Anthony,
          It appears as sent yesterday from our end.. But if you didn’t get it we’ve just sent you the link by email. Enjoy!


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