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The essential Backpackers Guide to work and travel in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). You will find all the information and tips on 400 pages from former backpackers who travelled all around Australia. This eBook will definitely help you to save money and find a job in Australia.

  • Administrative procedures: prepare your departure and simplify your arrival in Australia
  • Jobs: the types of jobs available, the sectors of activity that recruit and the possibilities according to your skills… As a bonus, more than 500 contacts in Fruit Picking
  • Regions: the best activities, unmissable spots and great accommodation by state
  • Transport and ways of travelling: by campervan, car or bus? Choose the mode of transport that suits you best and avoid scams.
  • Discounts: take advantage of various discounts on your health insurance, money transfers, campervan rentals, etc.

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Your guide is great ! It is very useful and helped us a lot during our travels! Thank you for sharing !”

Sol, Backpacker

Backpackers Guide preview

A guide made by Backpackers for Backpackers

Why have we written this guide?

Like you, we had the amazing project to travel for one year in Australia with the Working Holiday Visa.
We realised that lots of practical information were essential to prepare this adventure.
During our trip, we found lots of tricks, and like most backpackers, we were disappointed with the guide we had bought. Not because it was bad, but simply because it was not really suited to our lifestyle. This is not just a trip, you are not here as a tourist… and that makes all the difference. Half the pages of tourist guides are devoted to hotels and restaurants that you are never going to visit and often there are no pictures! Finally, we realised that those guides did not give any practical information about the tax system, registration of vehicles and jobs in Australia (especially about fruit picking)!

We then thought about the questions that everyone asks:

  • What should I know before I go?
  • What are the steps to follow when I arrive?
  • What happens during a road trip around Australia?
  • The jobs, how’s it going? How to find one?
  • How does the tax system work?
  • By region, what are the best spots to discover and what they look like? what are the places that are not necessarily worth seeing?
  • How to Save Money?
  • Australia, what if I wanted to stay there … how?

… So we decided to answer all these questions by writing a guide!

Advantages of the Backpackers Guide

This guide has been produced throughout our stay, for almost 2 years. Because, yes, we asked for a second WHV! It is, therefore, the result of our own experience. It centralises all the practical information you need in a convenient format that is accessible at any time, with or without network access.

Once there, the States & Territories’ section of the Guide will help you to know all about the best places to discover in Australia, and we have also integrated into the margins, with icons showing you the fauna to be discovered, harvests in the regions and The best free camp spots around the country.

In each major city, we made a special page “One Day”, directing you to the places not to be missed in one day with a budget of less than $50.

And with a list of nearly 500 contacts on farms, it will help you find work more easily!

Moreover, you can save money with many tips on the best deals and discounts offered by our partners about your money transfers, renting a vehicle, recovering your taxes …

What backpackers say about “Australia Backpackers Guide

“I just wanted to tell you that your guide is so great! Everything in it! It’s perfect.” Elisa

 “We bought your guide in June. It’s so great. It will definitely help us a lot (We start our adventure in December)” Alexia

“After reading the guide I have to say it’s amazing…honestly. It includes all the content that you find on various sides and Facebook groups. Congrats to the team. You did a great job! It’s a fantastic guide with lots of useful information!”Quentin

“Thanks a lot! Your Guide is absolutely brilliant. So convenient to prepare your travels with it.” Charles

“I hadn’t thought it was that big so I started flipping through it and the info is great.” Edouard

“The guide is awesome! I read it in one go to keep the content in mind for the trip. Thank you very much for sharing! ” Sol

“I wanted to tell you first that your book is great !!! It’s all there, it’s perfect! ” Elisa

“The guide is great, I keep referring to it to prepare my trip! I’m leaving on January 2 and a lot has been made easier thanks to you! ” Marjorie

“Super happy! Your guide is really hot! ” Edouard

“I had already contacted several addresses of your guide and left my name on a list with some. I thought that they would never call me back and in fact if, one of them called me and we are downright happy because we are paid by the hour for the vines! For the cherries, we are paid double that on the other farm. Even if we do not manage to make the minimum wage yet, LOL! Thanks again for your guide! ” Lydie

“Good work in what you do, it’s really great to share it all in a single guide, beside it, it is very well done (it really focuses on the essentials, and finally a special book for backpackers)!!! ” Cécile

If you have tested the Backpackers Guide, do not hesitate to let us know your opinion in the comments or by e-mailing us.

Backpackers Guide FAQ

Is the guide in paper format available?

No, this is a digital guide in PDF format. It is a universal format compatible with all portable devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.). However, you can print part or all of it by yourself if you wish.

General conditions

By downloading Australia – The Backpackers Guide, you accept and acknowledge having read the general conditions. Australia – The Backpackers Guide is a work protected by applicable copyright conventions. It is forbidden, unless prior agreement of the author, to reproduce, copy, sell, resell the contents of the Guide.

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, we are committed to protecting all personal data transmitted and processed.

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  1. Hi, I’m DK from Singapore, I’m 48, I would like to apply travel and work visa, is it eligible? Is it difficult to find part time job in Australia?

  2. Hi,

    I waited 5 minutes and haven’t received the download link. Can you please try and sent it to my email? 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi, can you please have a book about Work AND holiday visa, too. Also add what jobs we will qualify for the 2nd year? I need that information ASAP. Will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. I have received an email from this website but not for the ebook. Could you perhaps re-send it or is there another way I can download it?

  5. Hi this is kareem from Egypt I have been worked 10 yrs in Egypt as a driver presently I am working as a hd driver at pizza restaurant in Oman… I am really interested to go and work in Australia . Even this I have a good experience in agriculture also …
    Thank you

    Your sincerely kareem ismail

  6. Hello, my name is Anmar, I have a diploma in accounting and I work as an accountant and I want to work in Australia, so who needs an accountant who can master his work to send me an email

  7. Hey i am Ahmed from Egypt, i am 23 years old
    I want to apply for work visa any type of work
    And i hope to have Easy requirements for it
    Can you help me please, i think i’m edequate for any work and i have experience in many works for example sales assist and brands manager and photography, swimming coach and many other simple and hard works, plus i’m good in computer and English language, additional to i had many certificates in human development and body language and human resources management, ICDL, ambulance and PR..

    Thank you for reading and understanding

  8. I am Timor Leste, i have 46 old years, i want apply for working holiday visa, i need work cleaning and restaurant in Sydney, i have sponsor my family stay in Sydney.


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