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Get your RSG in Australia

Get your RSG in Australia

If you intend to work in a pub or any gambling establishment in Australia, the Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) is a training you will have to do. Here is everything you need to know when choosing a course to get your RSG / RCG certificate in Australia.

What is the RSG and RCG?

The RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) for NSW or RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) for the other states is a certificate that allows you to work in gambling establishments. It is mandatory in most states in order to work in pubs or any other gambling establishments (race courses etc). The RSG course aims at training staff to detect, and if necessary assist, a gambling problem. It also trains you on the use of Pokies. The RSG / RCG is usually required in addition to the RSA (Read Get your RSA Certificate for more information).

Do I need to get the RSG certificate?

With all the information you can find online, it can be hard to know which course you need for each state or territory.  All states of Australia have different regulations surrounding the Responsible Service of Gambling. States such as Queensland and NSW have very strict gambling-related laws. Therefore, it is important to know whether or not you need it to work in a state or territory before completing it.

– New South Wales:  RCG is compulsory
– Queensland: RSG is compulsory
– Victoria: You have 6 months from the start date of employment to get your RSG
– South Australia: You have 6 months from the start date of employment
– Western Australia: RSG is not required
– Northern Territory: You have 3 months from the start date of employment
– Tasmania: RSG is compulsory


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Where to get the RSG / RCG Course

Some states allow you to complete the course online, but others require you to attend an approved class.
Online courses generally take 3 to 4 hours.
Classroom training takes approximately 6 hours including the exam.

Here is the information per state / territory to get your RSG / RCG certificate:

– New South Wales: Training must be completed in classroom. Online training is not available.
– Queensland: Training can be done online or in a classroom.
– Victoria: Training must be completed in classroom. Online training is not available.
– South Australia: Training can be done online or in a classroom.
– Western Australia: RSG is not necessary.
– Northern Territory: Training can be done online or in a classroom.
– Tasmania: Training can be done online or in a classroom.

In NSW, make sure the RCG course provider is accredited. Here is a list of approved course providers on the NSW OLGR website.
In NSW, only the RCG certificate obtained in NSW is accepted. NSW does not accept training certificates from other states.
QLD does not accept training certificates from other states either.

How much does it cost?

Accredited courses usually cost $60. The RSG Certificate does not expire and you will never have to do this course again.
It might be worth getting your RSA Certificate at the same time as some employers require you to have both your RSA and RSG to work in their establishment.

For an online course valid in all states (except NSW and VIC), we recommend you to use Express Online Training.


GET YOUR RSG ONLINE – $24 only! 

RTO registration code: 40592
SITHGAM201 – Provide Responsible Gambling Services
Currently: SITHGAM001 & Formerly: SITHGAM006A


Once you have completed your course and made the payment, you will receive your Statement of Attainment as a PDF file. The certificate will be recognised by employers and government agencies.

This qualification is nationally accredited. This means that the statement of attainment is recognised to some extent in each Australian state.

In Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and South Australia, this qualification is fully recognised. For the other states, you can use the statement of attainment to apply for recognition of prior learning. In most cases you will only have to do a short bridging course to get fully qualified in that state. 

Is it worth completing a RSG/RCG course?

Having an RSG/RCG certificate will help you to secure work faster in the hospitality industry in Australia. Due to the strict regulations on gambling, getting the certificate before you apply for jobs will give you an advantage. It shows that you are serious about working in hotels, pubs and other establishments. The course is cheap and will definitely get you more jobs opportunities. Finally, you can claim it back as a work expense in your Australian tax return at the end of the financial year. So do not hesitate and get your RSG Course today!


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Updated on the 17th of Mai 2019. First published on the 20th of September 2018

Get your RSG in Australia
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