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Whether you are going to travel all over the world, embark on a Working Holiday adventure or take a short trip, you will have to consider travel insurance. Just do a quick google search and you will notice there are thousands of companies offering all kinds of travel insurance. So many options can make choosing one that fits your needs a real hassle. We compiled a list to help you out!

Go Walkabout (UK)

Go Walkabout offers travel insurance policies tailored to long term travellers, Working holiday makers and globetrotters from the UK. They offer specialised insurance for gadgets such as laptops and cameras as well as for adventurous activities such as skydiving and scuba-diving. Their insurance packages are specifically tailored to accommodate the budgets of long term travellers, working holiday makers and global nomads. The policy you choose will depend on the activities you plan to undertake while travelling.

Go Walkabout provides a variety of packages tailored for the individual traveller which include:

  • Longstay & Backpacker Insurance;
  • Unlimited return trips back to the UK, within your policy.
  • Over 60 Travel insurance;
  • One Way Travel Insurance;
  • Working Holiday Travel Insurance;
  • Pre-existing medical conditions insurance;
  • Gadget Cover;
  • Sports and Adventurous activities;
  • Annual Multi Trip Cover.

The Walkabout and Walkabout Plus policies are perfect for longterm travellers who do not intend to work abroad. The Working Holiday Policy covers the same as the Walkabout Plus policy, but includes over 130 holiday occupations within the standard option. You can upgrade the policy to include over 450 different occupations.

The Annual Multi Trip insurance policy covers multiple trips up to 31 or 45 days each. You can also buy add-ons such as cruise, gadget and winter sports.

For more details with regard to these policies check out their website.

Go Walkabout Insurance policies are only available to UK residents. They only offer cover for trips starting in the UK which have yet to commence. If you have already left the UK we advise you to check out World Nomads

Chapka Assurances

Chapka Insurance

A Paris based travel insurance company since 2002 has over 2 million people insured worldwide. They provide special insurance policies for Working Holiday Visa holders.

The CAP Working Holiday policy offers broad coverage with regard to adventurous activities generally associated with backpacking such as Scuba diving, surfing, etc. Cap Working Holiday insurance provides cover for accidents that occur while working and Woofing.

You will also be covered if you go back to your country of residence for up to 30 days as well as any other countries you might visit during your Working Holiday Visa as a tourist. Amongst others, Cap Working Holiday provides:

  • Complete medical insurance;
  • Repatriation assistance;
  • Luggage is covered;
  • Sports; This includes adventurous sports such as Scuba diving, (Kite) surfing and Hiking;
  • Civil Liability;
  • Legal Assistance;
  • Easy to use online claim system for expenses under 500 EUR;
  • Luggage insurance in case of theft during transport as well as for the duration of your trip.

You can sight up online in only five minutes! Check out the link below.

World Nomads (Worldwide)

The name kind of gives it away. Created by independent traveller Steve Monk World Nomads provides travel insurance specifically catered towards the needs of travellers. The services offered reflect the creator’s core vision of freedom on the road. For instance, you are able to extend your insurance on the go and even get insurance even after leaving your home country. As a backpacker this is truly valuable.

World Nomads provides:

  • 24hr worldwide assistance;
  • An easy to use online claim process;
  • Worldwide Emergency Assistance;
  • Cover for digital gadgets such as Ipads, laptops and cameras;
  • You can purchase insurance after leaving your home country;
  • It covers most adventure activities;
  • Available to residents of over 150 countries.

They really understand what budget conscious travellers are looking for.

Need more information? Check out our review.

World First Travel Insurance

World First

A UK based company, World First is part of the insurance group Rothwell & Towler. Run by travellers, it has provided worldwide travel insurance for 40 years. World First offer insurances to UK citizens that have spent 6 months prior to departure in the UK. However, they work together with Voyager Insurance and IMG Europe to be able to include insurances for non-UK citizens and UK citizens that have already left the country in their product range. They don’t only cover individuals but also families and groups.

This insurance company is especially interesting for travellers with existing medical conditions, as they cover over 1,000 different health problems. To find out more, do the medical screening online.

  • Fully accredited
  • Up to £10 million worth of emergency medical expenses
  • UK customer services and claims team
  • Cover for personal possessions, cancellation and delay
  • Option to add on a gadget extension
  • Covers water activities like banana boating, canoeing and scuba diving down to 30m

Columbus Direct


Columbus Direct has provided travel insurances since 1988. They promise a quick, efficient, and hassle-free customer service and value for money.

  • Worldwide cover
  • Policies for individuals, couples and families
  • Travel insurance cover for up to 1 year
  • 24h Medical Assistance Services Included
  • Medical Expenses: £1 million
  • Personal Property cover: £750
  • Cover for over 150 Sports and activities at no extra cost.
  • Australia and New Zealand only cover for lower premiums.
  • Scuba diving to 50m is an option
  • Backpack cover

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