Housekeeping is a very busy sector in Australia. Opportunities are numerous for backpackers in this field as there is an high staff turnover. Working in housekeeping is a good idea when you decide to settle in a town and look for a stable job. You will find here all you need to know to find a job as well as some tips to make your search easier.

What is housekeeping?

Housekeeping refers to duties and chores management. In Australia, there is:

Housekeeping for “Touristy” kind of cleaning, meaning cleaning in hotels, resorts, motels, backpackers, etc.)
Commercial cleaning for cleaning in offices and companies (rental agency, lawyer office, supermarket, etc.)
Cleaning when it is about house cleans, bond cleans, etc.

Where to work?

You can find a job in housekeeping/cleaning in a resort, in a backpackers hostel, in a hotel, in camp grounds, in the mines, in offices or even at someone’s place. You will be cleaning an office, a hotel room or a house and doing a certain amount of chores such as making a bed, vacuuming, cleaning a kitchen, etc.

How to find a job in housekeeping?

Each resort, camping, cleaning company is a potential employer. The easiest way to find a job is to ring or directly go in and introduce yourself. To do so, don’t hesitate to dress up formally. Try to respect the dress code of the job. Most of the time, you will be asked to dress up in black or to wear a white shirt for a job in a resort. Anticipate before dropping by with you resume and dress up a bit. Think also about smiling a lot and being extremely polite. Australia is a country where customer service is very important and your competences in this area will be looked at as soon as you meet your future employer.
The best website to find a job in housekeeping is Gumtree. There are constantly new ads and you can call the employer directly. Don’t hesitate to have a look every-day for new offers because things go really fast on this website. Employers are often looking for workers from one day to another and you can find a job really quickly on there.
To finish it is always good to show that you know the vocabulary employed in the field.
In Australia, the most difficult is to find the first job. As soon as you will have more experience, it will be really easy to find a job among the numerous offers on the employment market.

The different contracts

Casual: Many businesses offer a hourly paid contract. Most of the time the pay varies from $20 to $25/h and in theory you will be paid more on weekends and public holidays.

ABN: Most hotels offer employment via an ABN (you are your own employer and pay for your taxes at the end of the financial year instead of them being taken away on your weekly pay). Working under an ABN isn’t a disadvantage per se. However some employers use the ABN to offer extremely low rates. Some will for example ask you to clean a 3 bedrooms/2 bathroom apartment for $45. Once there, you realise the unit is filthy and you spend 4 hours cleaning it. You hourly rate is $11/hour, before tax! So just be careful…

For more information about ABN: How to get an ABN

Housekeeping Tips

– Quickly learn how to make a bed with hospital corners before starting a new job
– Take initiatives
– Try to develop the most efficient method when cleaning a room to save time
– Dress up correctly
– Be fit, cleaning can be exhausting! 

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Updated on 26/09/2019 – Initially published on 10/03/2017

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