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Funny articles about random things happening in Australia: Unusual events, illustrations, competitions and much more. Just for fun is entertaining and funny!

australia life changing

6 Reasons how life in Australia will change you forever

Being on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia can be an amazing thing. But there can also be challenges and problems that...
backpacking quiz

Australia Quiz for Backpackers – Ready for the big adventure?

Do you dream about leaving everything behind and live the simple Backpacker life in Australia? Well, do this little funny Australia...

You know you’re a backpacker in Australia…

Amazing beaches, beautiful landscapes, hordes of kangaroos and even more backpacker. If you are a backpacker in Australia then we're sure you...

20 crazy facts about Australia

Australia is an amazing country full of contrasts and incredible stories. Discover more about this unique continent and read our article about...
koala stories

Four amazing Koala stories

Australia is a land of extremes - sometimes with temperatures over 40 degrees! These extreme conditions affect humans, nature and sometimes...

10 reasons why having a beard in Australia is absolutely necessary

It’s Movember time! The hairiest month of the year! But especially in Australia men should have a beard all the year round…not...

20 good reasons for not coming to Australia

You wanna go to Australia? The land of adventures, freedom and beautiful landscapes? Are you sure? Cause the media is hiding some...

Which backpacker are you?

Every year more than 600 000 backpackers make their way to Australia, but we definitely not not living the same experiences. Some...
10 good reasons to go to australia during your world tour

10 good reasons to go to Australia during your world tour

What would a world tour be without Australia? Indeed most of the globe trotters visit Australia during their trip... 'cause while on...

Surfing in Australia – The best spots

The blogger Christelle lived a year road tripping around Australia by camper-van, where she spent most of the time chasing waves through...