You want to travel to Australia but are wondering if travelling alone is a good idea? Here is an article where you will find 7 good reasons to Solo travel. You will see whether you are a girl or a guy, travelling solo has heaps of advantages!

#1 Being independent

Travelling solo allows you to be totally independent. No need to chat and negotiate before making a decision! You are hungry? You eat! Someone is offering you a job 1000km away? You go for it! You just met people and they offer you to join them for a Road Trip? You are IN! You will avoid any kind of conflict with your travelling mates and won’t have to make any concessions on your wishes. After all, you are in Australia for freedom right?

Solo travel Australia


#2 Meeting new friends

When travelling solo to Australia, you generally don’t stay alone for a long time. It is true, being a solo traveller makes meetings easier (compare to travelling as a couple anyway). On arrival in Australia you will more likely stay at a Hostel, where meeting people is so easy. Then you might look for a share house and again, you will make new friends.

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#3 Find a job easily

Looking for a job in Australia with your mates can be hard. Indeed it isn’t likely an employer is going to be looking for two new staff at a time. Also, one of your friends may not find a job as quickly as you. Savings are going to be difficult and you will probably have to spend more time at the same spot until everybody has been saving enough to finance the trip. Tip: Many Backpackers find a job on Gumtree or on local Facebook Groups.

Solo travel 3


#4 Manage on your own

Going to Australia for a year can be quite adventurous. It is it an excellent opportunity to learn how to manage on your own. Find a job, a place to live, open a bank account, lodge a tax declaration… So many essential things you will need to become fully independent. You will see that if you are able to do all those things on the other side of the world, it is going to seem extremely easy when going back to your country. Finally, if you are a girl, don’t be scared of travelling alone in Australia, you will feel really safe here.

travelling australia alone



#5 Falling in love and come back as two

Sometimes, Travelling solo can end up coming home as a pair. Many couple meet while going around Australia. Some of them move back home together, some move to another country and some stay in Australia. In all cases, it is full of surprises.

« Book a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return »

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#6 Assimilate

Travelling solo makes it easier to meet locals and eventually assimilate better. The “Au Pair” are a good example. They live with a local family, share house chores, learn about the culture and the way of life, and in fact become real Australians!

travelling Australia alone


#7 Learn about yourself

We often hear about spiritual journey while we travel solo. Facing yourself, sometimes in uncomfortable or unusual situations, allows you to understand yourself better; understand your strengths, weaknesses. Travelling to Australia for a year is an opportunity to have a break in your life. Away from your everyday, to learn what you really want, professionally, personally and in life in general.


travelling australia alone


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Updated on the 30th of Mai 2019. First published on the 5th of December 2016