Studying in Australia can be great for work opportunities or simply to extend your stay Down Under after a Working Holiday Visa or a tourist visa. Here are all the information you need to learn how to study in Australia.

Important: As of the 10th of May 2021, Students can work for more than 40 hours a fortnight in tourism and hospitality sector,  in the agriculture sector. These are Temporary relaxation of working hours for student visa holders. All the information are available HERE.

Visas Options

If you want to study in Australia, you have different options:

  • Student Visa – you can study for a minimum of 3 months;
  • Tourist Visa – you are allowed to study for a maximum of 3 months;
  • Working Holiday Visa– allows you to study for a maximum of 4 months.

A Student Visa can be granted at any age. The advantage of a student visa is that it allows you to work during your studies for up to 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during school breaks.

Prior July 2016, several student visas existed (Vocational Subclass 572, Subclass 570, Subclass 573 etc) depending on your course. However, since 1st July 2016, the student visa process has been simplified and only one type of subclass exists for all courses, Student Visa – Subclass 500.  

For which Student Visa should I apply?

Student Visa – Subclass 500

Since 2016, you can apply for the Student Visa – subclass 500 for all courses:

  • University  to graduate with a Bachelor Degree, Associate DegreeGraduate Certificate, Higher Education Diploma and Master Degree (undergraduate ou postgraduate).
  • TAFE (Technical And Further Education) for Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I, II, III ou IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Vocational Graduate Certificate ou Diploma).
  • English language courses etc…

For specific situations, you can apply for the following Student Visas:

Student Guardian Visa – Subclass 590

This visa applies if you plan to come to Australia to provide care to a student under 18 years.

Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485

If you have finished your studies and wish to work in Australia temporarily, you may be eligible for the post-study work visa.

Training and Research Visa – Subclass 402

You may be eligible for this visa for training and research opportunities which allows you to take part of a structured workplace-based training.

How to apply for a student visa

Before you apply for a subclass 500, you must have:

  • been accepted to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia.
    As an international student on a student visa, you must be enrolled in a course of study that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for Overseas for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • organised appropriate welfare arrangements for the duration of your stay in Australia. The average cost of OSHC is $500 for 12 months.

Step 1 – Before applying for a subclass 500 you need to choose a course and an institution and apply for it. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an ‘Overseas Student Confirmation-of-Enrolment (CoE)’. The number in this letter is necessary to apply for your student visa. 

Step 2 – Visa Application must be done on the government immigration website:
Go on Student Visa – Subclass 500 and fill in the form. Once completed you will receive a Transaction Reference Number that will allow you to track and manage your application.

You can apply IN or OUT of Australia. Which means that you can go on a student visa after a WHV for example. The processing time varies depending on your situation. However, most applications will take about four weeks to be processed. Once your visa has been approved, you will receive a Notification of Grant Letter via email. This is actually your visa, so make sure you print a copy, just in case!

What is the cost of a Student Visa?

Student visa costs 630$ (July 2021).

This visa allows you to stay in Australia for the duration of your course and up to 2 months after it.  During your visa, you are free to enter and exit the territory as much as you want.

You are allowed to work up to 40 hours fortnight and unlimited hours during school holidays. You won’t be able to work before the beginning of your course.

Good to know:
A student visa usually allows you to bring your partner as dependent on your visa. You will need to prove you have been living with him / her for at least 12 months. The work rights granted for your partner will depend on the course of study you are enrolled in. Therefore, it can be up to 40 hours per fortnight or full and unlimited work rights depending on the course.

Updated on 26/07/2021
Source : Australian Immigration Website


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