Melbourne was established in 1835 and is the capital of the state of Victoria. It spans 9,990 square kilometres and has around 5 million inhabitants. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It has many gardens, parks and historic buildings. The city has an active artistic scene and the city offers a wide variety of cultural events. Hereby a two-day itinerary to make most of your visit in this city.

What to do in Melbourne – Day 1

  1. Use the city circle tram for a guided tour of the center;
  2. Join Federation Square to discover the Australian Center for Moving Images;
  3. Stroll along the Yarra River
  4. Enjoy the most amazing view from the Skydeck 88
  5. Finish of the day with a swim and a drink in St Kilda.

City Circle Tram

Free, convenient and educational the City Circle Tram is a must for every visit to Melbourne. This authentic tram enables you to visit the city while enjoying a guided audio tour on the main attractions. In addition, information brochures are available on board.

Taking this tram is really easy. Just go to one of the scheduled stops on the free tram zone. The tram, which is very recognisable do to its retro look, operates in both directions approximately every 30 minutes. It runs between 10am and 6pm from Sunday to Wednesday and between 10am and 9pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can get out at any stop you like and hop back on later.

Federation Square

Federation Square is one of Melbourne’s main public squares. It is a cultural place that hosts among others the Australian Center for Moving Images. Throughout the year many events are organised here. There are also bars, restaurants and shops.

Yarra River

Water is always a great plus in a big city. In Melbourne you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Yarra River. You can take great walks along this river on roads suitable for cyclists, pedestrians and joggers. BBQ, picnic and fishing facilities are also available.

Book a cruise to explore beautiful buildings, skyscrapers, bars and parks. Enjoy a round-trip journey that allows you to really enhance your knowledge of what is known as one of the “most livable cities in the world.” Many travellers choose to explore the city via the Yarra River.

Eureka Skydeck 88

One of the best attractions in Melbourne with the best view over Melbourne is the Eureka Tower. The sky deck is on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, which at 297 meters is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the Southern Hemisphere. It is located in central Melbourne on the Southbank precinct along the Yarra River. Part of the observation deck is a glass floor. This is definitely worth a visit!

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are located in the heart of Melbourne, south of the Yarra River. Rich in 10.000 plant species the gardens cover over 38 hectares. They harbour native and non-native vegetation as well as some small lakes. The diversity of the garden makes visiting them a very pleasant pastime.
You visit this park for free all year (from 7:30 to 18:00).

St. Kilda

Close to the center of town you find St. Kilda, a very popular spot in Melbourne. Access to the beach combined with the many activities here (bars, restaurants, Luna Park, etc…) ensures there is something to do for everybody. What is better than a swim in the Ocean and a drink to end a busy day!

What to do in Melbourne: Day 2

  1. Get your brekkie at Queen Victoria Market;
  2. Go for a walk on the Victoria Harbor Promenade;
  3. Enjoy all the centre of town has to offer: Chinatown, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne’s Arcades…;
  4. Discover the graffiti spread throughout the city;
  5. End your day in the Fitzroy neighbourhood.

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market will definitely awaken your senses! It has turned into a one of the most popular tourist destinations of the city. Let yourself get carried away by the friendly atmosphere of this market and its more than pleasant smalls. Composed in two part, you will find a wide choice of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish and speciality foods. The second part is devoted to non-food products, such as clothing, jewellery and handcrafted items.

Enjoy a two-hour guided tour that also includes some generous tastings, a market shopping bag, and a $5 voucher to spend at market stalls. You will try delicious chargrilled kangaroo, cheese, antipasto, artisan chocolate, seasonal fruit, hot jam doughnuts, and lots more.

The market is open every morning of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays. On Wednesday evenings the atmosphere is transformed with festive shows, bars and restaurants.
Open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 6 am – 3 pm. On Wednesday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm and Sunday from 9 am till 4 pm.

Queen Victoria Market

Victoria Harbour Promenade

East of the city centre you will find the port built along the Yarra River. At the edge of the river, the Victoria Harbour Promenade offers a pleasant moment of relaxation. Take a moment to stroll along this small road and take in the sights. You can get to the Promenade with the free tram.


Melbourne’s city centre has many places that cater to a great variety of interests. Atypical neighbourhoods, historical monuments, dynamic squares… So many reasons to get lost in these streets!

Two possibilities are available for you to discover the city centre. You can walk from place to place, having your curiosity control your direction. A nice and flexible approach to exploring this part of Melbourne. An alternative is to have a guide, such as those provided by Free Walking Tours, which are organised daily in the City.

Anyway, we recommend you to visit: Chinatown, Center Place, the Carlton Gardens and the Melbourne Arcades


Street art and graffiti are integral parts of Melbourne’s identity. Melbourne is arguably the most artistic city in Australia and its street art is recognised around the world. Many walls are currently covered with tags from professionals and amateurs the like. Some great artists have come to leave a mark in these streets, including Banksi and Space Invader. Union Lane and Hosier Lane are great sports to admire these works!


Fitzroy is a specific district of Melbourne where you can find an artistic and bohemian atmosphere. The neighbourhood is marked by street art and hosts a variety of musical performances. Considered the live music center of Melbourne, The Old Bar and Evelyn Hotel are some of the main venues for great performances.

Practical information

Travel Tips

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Airport Transfer

Melbourne has two airports. There are several ways to get into the city center: From Melbourne International Airport and Domestic to Tullamarine:
Option 1: Skybus Shuttle, departs every 15 minutes (19 AUD/person);
Option 2: Taxi (approximately 50AUD)
From Melbourne Domestic Airport to Avalon: Skybus shuttle, approximately an one hour ride (19 AUD/Person)

Public Transport

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Car rentals

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Campervan rentals

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Accommodation/ Hostels

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