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When should you buy your plane ticket to Australia

When should you buy your plane ticket to Australia

So you have decided to come to Australia. The next step is probably booking your plane ticket. Know that the rates very a lot depending on the period of your departure (it is more expensive during school holidays for example) and when you make your reservation. Knowing certain tips & tricks will enable you to save quite some money on your plane ticket to Australia!

Flight duration Europe – Australia

The duration of your flight from from a location in Europe to Australia varies according to the number of stopovers and the time spent at each stopover. The minimum journey will be around 24 hours with only one stop. Your travel time can go up to 35 or 40 hours if you make several long stops.

How much cost flights tickets to Australia

As mentioned the fares of a ticket to Australia vary greatly depending on when you book your plane ticket. You can pay as little as 600 Euros for a one way ticket if you book well in advance and the departure date is not during the school holidays. If you want to leave in the high season (December & January – remember Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so this is the summer period in Australia) or if you book short before departure your plane ticket might cost as much as 1.300 Euros. For a return ticket expect to pay at least 900 Euros. If you do not want to take two one-way tickets expect to pay up to 25% extra. Obviously the rates are only indicative because they very according to many criteria, including the choice of airline company (budget or not).

Cheap plane tickets to Australia

There are some techniques that can help you get cheaper tickets to Australia.

In general, the best fares are available right after the flight is opened to the public. This means approximately 300 days before the trip. If you go for this option you will be required to get a changeable return ticket (i.e. an ‘open ticket’) because your return trip will be not be available yet. Added benefit of this is that choosing for an open ticket gives you more flexibility on return.

For good prices it is important to be flexible on your dates and itinerary (a detour can save you a lot of money). Also, try plan your flight on weekdays rather than weekend or during school holidays as prices are generally lower.

The best time to buy your plane ticket


When should you book your plane ticket to Australia?

If you go through a flight comparator website (e.g. Skyscanner, Google Flights, etc.) you should know that prices vary according to several criteria. Keep these tips in mind: buy your plane ticket in off-peak times (i.e. Wednesday or Thursday), preferably at night, late night or during the early morning (between 2 and 4 am).

Where to buy your plane tickets

Via a Travel Agency

Your local travel agency can sometimes have good deals on flights. So feel free to compare any quote you found online with them. But most of the time, people will book through a travel agent to get extra service, such as flexible flights, hotel packages etc.

Via a flight comparator

The second option for comparing prices is through an (online) flight comparator. The comparators scan different flights available from all airlines in order to provide you the best offer corresponding with your criteria. Be careful though. Not all flight comparators offer you the best rates. Expedia and Govoyages belong to the ones that are generally more expensive.

It is advisable to use comparators such as Opodo, Skyscanner and Google Flights.

Tip: Flight comparators record your search results and incentivise you to book before prices go up again. Do your research in ‘private browsing’ or empty your history and remove your cookies before making your final reservation.


When should you buy your plane ticket to Australia
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