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Hospitality jobs in Australia

Hospitality jobs in Australia

If you want to work in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, working in hospitality is a common way for backpackers to get money while making new friends and without being in the middle of nowhere.

Bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants employ a large number of backpackers, especially in the summer season. However, there is also a lot of demand from backpackers for this type of work, so try and arrive early in the season to be able to find a job easily.


What kind of jobs in hospitality

If you want to work in hospitality there are lots of different opportunities. You can work as:

– a waiter/waitress
– a chef/cook
– a kitchen hand
– a sandwich hand
– a barista
– a bartender
– a concierge

Other jobs (e.g. delivery driver, receptionist, housekeeper)

These jobs are often quite well-paid, from $15 to $25 per hour (sometimes more during the weekend).


Requirements to get a job in hospitality 

Get the RSA Certificate

Remember that in Australia, you need a certificate for all jobs where you serve alcohol. The RSA certificate can be obtained by completing a day of training about Australian legislation either in a classroom or online. Budget is about $100 to get your certificate – The price depends on the state. 

Note: Each state has its own legislation regarding the RSA certificate, so it may only be valid in the state where you obtained your RSA certificate!

Everything you need to know about the RSA certificate in Australia.

Training courses

In Australia, it is quite common to follow training courses to get a job in a cafe or pub. Barista courses for example are pretty popular, and will give you more opportunities and confidence! Some employers may require this type of qualification before interviewing an applicant or suggesting a trial.


How to get hospitality jobs in Australia

The most common and convenient way to get a job in hospitality is Gumtree.
Remember: First come, first-served. So make sure that you check the ads on Gumtree regularly.
Another famous website for hospitality jobs is Seek

You can also just have a walk around with some copies of your resume.  A lot of restaurants and bars have signs on their windows or doors looking for staff. Make sure that you’re asking for the manager or owner. Talking face to face with the person responsible for hiring increases your chances of getting a job in hospitality. Also ask prospective employers if they know someone who is looking for a new employee.

Very common in large towns are employment agencies. You may need to go there every day to consult the new job offers as soon as they are put up. It will usually be mandatory to register in their database and provide a CV.

Here is a list of the most popular agencies for backpackers:

Keep in mind: Sometimes you need to be patient because the job search may take several weeks.

Stay motivated, keep making an effort, and in particular, meet people, let them know you are looking for a job. Word of mouth is always effective in Australia!

More info: How to get a Hospitality job in Australia


Trials in hospitality

In hospitality it is quite common that you have to do a trial before you get hired. Trials are usually unpaid. It involves a demonstration of your skills, that are relevant to the position you are applying for. They usually range from an hour to one shift. During your trial you will be under direct supervision of the employer for the entire trial.
But don’t be nervous and be yourself. They only want to see if you are not completely untalented.


Once you got a job in hospitality

Have fun! Jobs in hospitality are a great way to work while being social!

Find out more information and tips about jobs in hospitality in our Australia Backpackers Guide!

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Hospitality jobs in Australia
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