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Fruit Picking in Australia

Fruit Picking in Australia

Fruit Picking is an umbrella term which includes all work related to agriculture (picking, but also the packing, pruning, thinning, planting …). Fruit Picking in Australia is very popular among backpackers with a Working Holiday Visa because it allows you to work for a few weeks and finance your road trip along the way.


These jobs are most suitable for those who wish to work for short and mid-term, to finance their trip to Australia and especially those travelling by van. They are very popular amongst travellers with the working holiday visa because they do not require special skills. It’s also the best way to apply for a second year visa in Australia.

Each state of Australia offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to harvest throughout the year.

Know that this type of work generally involves difficult working positions. The work is often required to be performed at either ground level, or with the use of a ladder. As a result the work will often be repetitive and tiring.

How to find a fruit picking job 

Every year thousands of travellers travel the country in search of jobs in the agricultural sector. To find a job in fruit picking, various methods can be used (methods are listed in recommended order of importance):

– Travelling to various farms and speaking with employers directly

– Contacting farms over the phone

– Searching and applying for farm jobs online

First, it is essential to learn about the seasons of crops by their region. This will allow you to plan your trip and arrive at the right time to give you the greatest chance to find a job! Indeed it is not uncommon to see the arrival of backpackers after the start of the season, and find themselves at best on a waiting list and struggling to find work.

Click here to consult the Fruit Picking calendar:

Fruit picking seasons

Australia Backpackers Guide

With the AUSTRALIA – Backpackers Guide, you will have access to numerous farm contacts (nearly 500 in all) enabling you to maximize your chances of finding a job! By contacting them directly, they will give you valuable information about the condition of the season for a particular fruit (start date, potential crop losses related to natural disasters …), or refer you to another farmer that might need labour. We also integrated in the guide some techniques to improve performance. Because even if it’s not complicated work, there are many techniques to be more effective. Especially since many farms pay their employees for performance, not on time!


Fruit Picking Map

You can also consult the Fruit Picking Map with hundreds of farms all around Australia!

Fruit Picking Map Australia

fruit picking crop seasons australia roadtrip

Income and working conditions

Salaries vary according farms and jobs held. They can be paid on a weekly basis, on time, or upon return (to the basket, in the tree, the tray …). Salaries are generally higher for bigger fruits.

Average Salary: 12 to 20 $ per hour (usually around $ 15).

Employers usually pay the pickers once a week or once every two weeks.

It is important to know that these jobs require a good general physical condition because they will often use muscles in your body that you didn’t even know existed! Most fruit picking jobs are in difficult climatic conditions. Nevertheless this type of work remains accessible to all, it is not necessary to be a great athlete. Sometimes women will be more agile than men in certain tasks.

Everyone can therefore find their place in this type of job, provided you have the will and a little courage.

Find in the guide:

– All the different jobs around the Picking Fruit,

– Many tips on finding a job in harvesting,

– The tips and tricks to improve its picking,

– The timing of harvests,

– Nearly 500 contacts of farms throughout the country!

Just remember that to apply for a second year visa, you must work  for three months, or 88 days, in a specified work role in a regional area of Australia during your first Working Holiday Visa.

Fruit Picking in Australia
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