Work in Australia

If you are planning to work in Australia, you may need to get a little information on the following. Certificates & diploma requirements (RSA, White Card etc.). Australian resume, how to find a job, interviews, fruit picking jobs, hospitality jobs etc.

My mining job experience in Queensland

Landing a job in the mines in Australia means ensuring the possibility of putting a lot of money aside, while living an extraordinary experience. Aude...

5 tips to find a job as a backpacker in Australia

Finding a job in Australia is not always as easy as you think. When you arrive in Australia, you will probably have many questions...

How to become a Traffic Controller in Australia?

If you're currently willing to work in Australia, why not consider trying your hand at being a traffic controller? It's a construction trade that...

How to become a Hairdresser in Australia?

Many people aspire to continue their profession upon arriving in Australia. With Working Holiday Visa, you can work in any industry of your choosing,...

Working in the mines in Australia (Experience in NSW)

Many backpackers often wonder whether they are allowed to work in mines during their Working Holiday Visa (WHV) in Australia. It's important to know...

How to become a Pastry Chef in Australia

Are you a qualified pastry chef? Do you want to work in Australia? You can! In this profession, you can even be sponsored under...

Get your RSA Certificate in NSW

To be able to work in Hospitality in New South Wales you need to obtain the RSA Certificate, it is mandatory. This course is...

Get your RSA Certificate in Victoria

If you want to work in hospitality and any venues where alcohol is sold, you will need to obtain your RSA (Responsible Service of...
construction in australia

White Card Australia

If you intend to work in the construction industry in Australia, the White Card Certificate is a compulsory requirement. It is a certification that...

Get your RSG in Australia

If you intend to work in a pub or any gambling related establishment in Australia, the Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) or Responsible Conduct of Gambling...