Have you ever thought about how to live completely for free in Australia? Then you should definitely give house-sitting a go! With House sitting you can save a lot of money, spend time with animals and meet people.

What is house sitting?

As a house sitter, you are guarding a house or apartment whose owners are away for a while. For most homeowners, the most important reason to get a house sitter is to know their pets are in good hands. But they also want their house protected against burglary and damage. Your main task as house sitter is usually looking after pets, which includes feeding, going for a walk, cleaning the cat toilet, and spending time with them. But you also water plants and empty the mailbox. In return, you live in their house without paying rent.

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How do you get the job?

There are several ways to get a house sitting job:


On Gumtree, you can get a house and pet sitter job by posting your own ad. Or you browse through the house sitting ads and contact homeowners. Especially during Christmas, Easter or school holidays, house sitter are in demand.


On Facebook there are very different ways to get house sitter jobs:
– You can advertise in local groups called “Community Board“, “Community Notice” or “Swap and Sell“. These are typical groups.
– You could also post in pet groups of your city, such as “Sydney Dogs” or “Dog Parks Melbourne“, which is the ideal target group, namely pet owners.

There are also House sitting pages on Facebook, on which you can share your ad.

Tip: Always follow the rules of Facebook groups and clarify with the administrators if you are allowed to post your ad in case of doubt.

Paid house sitting websites

On the Internet, you find an incredible number of house-sitting portals. Trusted House Sitters is an international portal and the most expensive website but also the most promising. An annual membership currently costs 99 Euros. Trusted House sitters support is outstanding and they publish requests hourly. Other platforms include Aussie House Sitters, Mind a Home Australia and Happy House Sitters.

You need a meaningful profile that directly appeals to the homeowner. Your profile should show that you’re trustworthy, reliable, and animal-loving.

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House sitting: What is the process?

After you successfully landed a house-sitting job and you already had contact with the homeowner, you should meet the owner in person. This can either be a few days prior or immediately before the owner’s departure. In this get-together, the owner will give you the house keys and give you all the necessary information about the house and the animals.

Be sure to complete the tasks assigned to you to the fullest satisfaction of the owners. Your goal is to get excellent ratings after completing the house-sit, so you will get more jobs in the future.

What advantages and disadvantages do you have as a house sitter?

The advantages of house sitting are obvious: you live rent-free in a great place and save a lot of money. With a bit of luck you may even get a nice villa with a swimming pool. You also spend a lot of time with animals and get to know some of the locals (for example, when taking the dog for a stroll).

However, you are also responsible for the house and pets. Furthermore, you are a bit limited. Going on a day trip to explore the city or the region is okay, but you can’t go away for a few days and neglect the house and animals.

Have you gained experience as house sitter? Then share your experiences and advice with us!

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