Travel insurance

When travelling around the world, you want to be sure you are covered in case something goes wrong. Costs for medical treatment or medical evacuation in case of injury or sudden illness can go up and up very quickly. That is why it is important to be covered while travelling. Find all the information you need to know on travel insurance for travellers all around the world. 

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When travelling the world you want to make sure your possessions and medical costs are covered in case of an unexpected event. Nobody plans on...
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International Student Insurance in Australia

If you plan to study or do an internship in a company abroad, be aware that you will not be covered by your insurance...

Emergency Phone Numbers and Doctors in Australia

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Medicare: Australian Healthcare System

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Health risks in Australia

In terms of infectious disease, the health risks in Australia are similar to Western Europe. However, Australia is unique in that it poses extra...
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Credit Card Travel Insurance

Before you leave for Australia, where medical costs can be expensive, make sure you are covered even for everyday risks. Some people will advise...

How to get medical treatment in Australia

Once you arrive in Australia, you will see that not everything works exactly like back home. Among the many differences is the Australian healthcare...

Pregnancy in Australia

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