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20 good reasons for not coming to Australia

20 good reasons for not coming to Australia

You wanna go to Australia? The land of adventures, freedom and beautiful landscapes? Are you sure? Cause the media is hiding some well kept secrets about dangers in Australia. We found 20 good reasons that will probably change your mind (or not)…

1. In Australia, it’s too dangerous to swim in the ocean. That’s why they have swimming pools right next to it

Sometimes they have safety nets…but it’s not always enough.

2_Reasons not going to Australia

2. There is too many Beaches…

With over 10,000 beaches, choosing one to relax on can be overwhelmingly stressful.

3. For everyone with Arachnophobia: Spiders are … everywhere!

3_Reasons not going to Australia

4. Bats can ruin your car.

4_Reasons not going to Australia
Via carsguide.com.au
5_Reasons not going to Australia
Flickr ben_tesh

5. Trees don’t want to be climbed…

9_Reasons not going to Australia
Instragram: @simoncrerar

6. There are GIANT SNAKES (and mosquitos)!

7_Reasons not going to Australia

Even mosquitos are GIANT!

8_Reasons not going to Australia

7. People have strange pets…

8. But you can also eat crocodiles and kangaroos

11_Reasons not going to Australia
Instagram: @simoncrerar

9. You ‘ll celebrate Christmas in Summer

Santa in shorts? That’s just confusing.

10. The Australian cops fail completely

10_Reasons not going to Australia
Marc McCormack:The Cairns Post

11. One good thing about Australia: You can go surfing all year if you want…

12_Reasons not going to Australia
Sharon Scoble / Via abc.net.au

12. But when it rains… it can be extreme …

14_Reasons not going to Australia
Via Facebook MeanwhileInAustralia and By Kathleen Farmilo

13. The centipedes there can kill snakes…

15_Reasons not going to Australia
Via Reddit.com

14. And birds are as tall as your car and can attack you…

6_Reasons not going to Australia
instagram: @simoncrerar
Source www.guinnessworldrecords.com

15. Even Batman is a loser in Australia

17_Reasons not going to Australia
Via imgur.com

16. You can’t even play golf in peace

18_Reasons not going to Australia
Via reddit.com
19_Reasons not going to Australia
Sky News

17. The roads never end

18. And you shouldn’t have a break down in the Outback

21_Reasons not going to Australia
Simon Stock / Castlemaine XXXX

19. The flies can ruin your life

22_Reasons not going to Australia
Via imgur.com

20. And even if you want to leave Australia, you can’t really escape…

23_Reasons not going to Australia
Robert Weber : Reuters

Of course, we are joking!

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