Chris Barnes Brolga created an online buzz following a report broadcast on the BBC. Touched by the devotion and unique life of this man, we want to share with you a piece of his story, the story of Kangaroo Dundee.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Since childhood, Chris has been passionate about Australia’s most iconic animal, the kangaroo. Today he dedicates his life to saving and breeding hundreds of orphaned kangaroos and then releasing them to the wild.

In the Kangaroo Sanctuary, Chris adopts little orphaned joeys and takes care of them as if they were his own children. This includes feeding them six regular meals of milk a day and many bush walks, where they follow him as if he was their mother. He trains little kangaroos to use a toilet and how to jump. Chris uses a pillowcase as a pouch of a natural kangaroo mother. To achieve his goal, he observes the kangaroo mothers of his sanctuary and then imitates them when he is with the orphaned joeys.

Barnes runs the sanctuary by himself. He built it 20 years ago and has been financing it through odd jobs such as bus washing and maintenance. This man lives in a shed without running water, electricity or toilet in the middle of the bush, near Alice Springs.

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Kangaroo Dundee 2
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Report on BBC Natural World

It was in a moving report on BBC Natural World that we discovered Chris’ unique bond with his babies and the wild kangaroos living with him in his sanctuary. The report, broadcast on March 21, 2013 attracted more than 1.8 million viewers in Britain. Since then, Chris has received dozens of marriage proposals… After creating quite a buzz in the UK, Chris quickly became a star in his own country. 

Kangaroo Dundee 4

He told the British newspaper The Times that he was taking care of his kangaroos as if he was their real mother. When he finds a wounded joey on the side of the road, he adopts it, feeds it, and takes care of it before releasing it into the bush. Since his broadcast in the UK, he has received thousands of emails and messages of support via his website.

So don’t hesitate and check out some excerpts from this wonderful report:

BBC Natural World: Kangaroo Dundee – Excerpt 1

BBC Natural World: Kangaroo Dundee – Excerpt 2

To make a donation or book a tour, visit his website:

Updated on the 5/11/19. Initially published on the 29/8/2018.

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