Melissa – a French backpacker – was working on a dairy farm to get her second year visa in Australia. She was able to save enough money to fund her adventures and even if the process was quite tough at the beginning, she learned to enjoy working with cows! Here’s what you need to know to find a dairy farm job in Australia!.

Where to look for a dairy farm job in Australia?

  • Victoria: Very popular in terms of cows! There are dairy farms across the state and you will increase your chances of finding a job around the Shepparton area
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland: Mainly in the Far North Tableland region
  • Western Australia: Mainly in the South West
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How to apply for a dairy farm job in Australia?

We found our first job on a dairy farm via TAW. I’d recommend you to start on a farm that requires no experience and work regularly with backpackers.

It is also possible to find a job via Gumtree.

If you already have experience on a farm, with animals or even with a tractor, it might improve your chances of getting a job.

In the dairy industry, farmers know each other. You may also find jobs through word of mouth or even via other backpackers in the many groups on Facebook.

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Will you need a car?

It will be recommended to have a car to work on a dairy farm as you will need transportation to get to the city for shopping. In addition, your accommodation, although on the farm might also be too far to go to work by foot.

What will you need to start working?

  • Gum boots
  • Old clothes (you can also get second hand clothes)
  • Cap or hat to avoid cow poo

Most farms provide gloves and aprons to their employees. Also, some places that regularly hire backpackers could have clothing or gumboots from previous workers.

You must remember that everything you’ll use for this job will end up in a bin later on!

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What can you expect from a dairy farm job in Australia

The cows have to be milked twice a day; either early morning or late afternoon. So don’t be surprised if you do have two shifts per day. The work is repetitive and rather depends on the size of the farm. A farm with 700 cows will have much more work than a farm with 300 cows. You can expect a wage around $ 21 per hour and you will also get Superannuation.

You will need a good understanding of English to succeed in the essence of the job. Unless you are an expert in the dairy sector, it can be difficult to understand the new vocabulary. At the beginning, my level of English wasn’t good enough to understand all the concepts required for the job. Most employers will therefore check that your bilingualism is sufficient.

Are you ready to start your career as a Dairy Farmer?

Updated on the 18th of September 2019. Initially published on the 9th of June 2016.

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