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Compare Campervan Hire Prices

Compare Campervan Hire Prices

If you want to rent a cheap campervan in Australia, you get the best deals with Motorhome Republic. Motorhome Republic is the largest price comparison website for campervans and motorhomes in Australia. You can compare and book your camper directly online and receive the best deals available! With a network of over 300 suppliers in 28 countries, they offer all types of vehicles in Australia: Campervan, Motorhome, 4WD or Station Wagon.

Compare campervan & motorhome rentals in Australia

Please note that when booking with their website, there is no commission added to the price. You can be sure to get the best deal available! They also have a discount section on their website, check it out. 

Campervan rental in Australia – How to get a good deal?

The best way to reduce the cost of your van, car or campervan rental in Australia is to use the services of an agent. Indeed, they can offer reduced prices to their customers and know of all the good deals on the market. MotorHome Republic is the largest comparison website for campervans and motorhomes rentals in Australia and they work with more than 50 companies in New Zealand.

How does it work?

As an agent, MotorHome Republic negotiates deals with different rentals companies. Therefore, you pay less than if you go directly on the company website to book your vehicle. On average, a company only manages to rent 30% of their vehicles. For the 70% remaining, they need an agent to get bookings.

How to get low prices on a campervan rental?

To save money on your rental, it is important to understand how prices are calculated by suppliers. Here are the different criteria that  determine the price of a rental:

  • Type of vehicle: the newer and more equipped the vehicle is, the more expensive it will be
  • Season: High season is between November and February. Rates are also higher during school holidays and long weekends.
  • Trip duration: Rentals for longer periods of time cost you less than short ones. If you are thinking of renting 2 vehicles for 2 short trips, it may be worth renting only one for a longer period of time.
  • Availability: As for plane tickets, prices rise when there are only a few available.
  • Early booking: Most of the time, when you book well in advance you get a better deal. So don’t wait for the last minute…
  • Insurance and equipment: Equipment such as table, chairs, GPS, baby seats also determine the price of the rental.

Therefore, prices are not fixed and can be reduced when considering the above points.

campervan rental in Australia

What to look at when comparing campervans?

When comparing different vehicles and prices, here is what you need to look at:

  • Age of the vehicle: If the vehicle is over 10-15 years old, it won’t be as fresh as a 3 year old camper. The risk of a breakdown is higher. Thankfully, all suppliers offer free assistance.
  • Size of vehicle/ beds: Make sure you’ll get enough room! Even though some vehicles can accommodate 4/5 people, beds can be very small. So make sure the vehicle is suitable for 4 adults. Sometimes it’s worth adding a couple of $$ to get a slightly bigger vehicle (from a lowtop to a hightop), so you can cook and eat inside the vehicle.
  • Name of the company: Have you ever heard of this company? Any good/ bad reviews? A good service is also important to some customers. To others, only price matters!
  • Equipment: All vehicles have kitchen equipment etc. However the most important thing is the fridge and maybe a toilet/shower (some vehicles only have a cooler/ esky). For bedding equipment, camping chairs & table, you should check if it’s included in the price or not (most of the time it’s extra – unless you get the full cover insurance)

Just a reminder! To get a cheap campervan rental, it is best to travel during the low season, book well in advance and for a period of more than 21 days! Also, make sure to choose the right insurance option! You can also check out our article about “How to rent a cheap campervan in Australia

Have a safe trip!

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