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Car rental Melbourne

Like most major cities in Australia, Melbourne has an efficient public transport network, making it easy to get around the city centre. There is even a free tram line in the CBD. However, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Melbourne, it’s best to hire a car. Renting a car in Melbourne will allow you to make the most of your stay, so here is some information to help you through the process.

Conditions for hiring and driving a car in Melbourne

There are several conditions that must be met in order to be able to rent and drive a car in Melbourne.

  • Be at least 21 years old (some companies accept younger drivers – make sure to check with them).
  • Have held a driving license for at least 1 year (Australian or international).
  • Car rental companies generally accept English language driving licenses. If your driver’s license is in a language other than English, you need an international driving permit or a translation of your licence.
  • Possess a valid credit card for payment and deposit.

Car rental price comparison website

If you want to find the best car rental deals in Melbourne (or any Australian city), the easiest thing to do is use an online price comparison tool. You will be able to compare different vehicles according to your criteria, and get the best price for what you’re looking for.

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Car hire agencies in Melbourne

As in all major cities, it is relatively easy to find car rental companies in Melbourne. Generally, they all offer the same type of service at the same price.

The main car rental agencies are: Europcar, Reviews, Sixt car, Hertz, Budget.

Where are the car rental agencies in Melbourne?

The car rental agencies in Melbourne are mainly concentrated in the CBD (city centre). Many agencies are also located near Melbourne Airport for convenience.

Car rental prices in Melbourne

In Melbourne, it costs around $30-35 a day to rent a car. If you rent a car for several days, the price per day will work out cheaper. For example, a basic model will cost you an average of $25 per day for a week’s rental.

To give you an idea of prices for a compact car, at 2 different period of the year

📅 Departing in July (low season)

🚘 Compact vehicle
⏱️ 1 week rental period
🏙️ Pick up from Melbourne airport
⌛ Reservation 2 months in advance
🛑 Prices excluding extras and insurance

📅 Departing in December (high season)

🚘 Compact vehicle
⏱️ 1 week rental period
🏙️ Pick up from Melbourne airport
⌛ Reservation 6 months in advance
🛑 Prices excluding extras and insurance

Tips for hiring a cheap car in Melbourne

  1. Book well in advance – you will have more choice and prices will be lower.
  2. Use an online price comparison tool to help you find the best deal.
  3. Rental agencies located at airports are often cheaper than those in town.
  4. Rent your vehicle for more than 3, 5 or 7 days to take advantage of lower daily rates.
  5. Travel with multiple passengers to split rental (and gas) costs
  6. Compare additional mileage charges. Vehicles that cost more to hire per day can sometimes work out cheaper overall if mileage costs are lower.

Visit Melbourne and its surroundings

Visiting Melbourne by car: good or bad idea?

Melbourne is a very pleasant city, which can be visited on foot, by bike or via the public transport network. There is a free tram and bus zone in the city centre. Like in most big cities, the roads are very congested and it is quite difficult to get around the CBD by car, especially during rush hour. It is not always easy to park, and car parks are expensive. We recommend you avoid driving in the CBD, or stick to off-peak hours at night or in the early morning.

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Visit the surroundings of Melbourne

About 30 minutes from Melbourne

St Kilda
St Kilda is a small neighbourhood of 3.2 km² located on the outskirts of Melbourne, very popular for its easy access to the beach. It is famous for its many attractions such as Luna Park, as well as its artistic and cultural spirit.

Organ Pipes National Park
This park is known for its basalt columns, which resemble the organ pipes present in the largest cathedrals in the world. This impressive formation is accessible by car from Melbourne, about 20km away.

1 to 2 hours from Melbourne

Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Danges
An hour outside Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is famous for its wine. Here, you will be able to enjoy the quiet surroundings of the vineyards, as well as gourmet cuisine.

Mornington Peninsula
Mornington Peninsula has a seaside feel and is also about an hour by car from Melbourne. It offers pretty beaches as well as plenty of activities: wildlife observation (dolphins, sea lions), hiking, diving, surfing, horse riding…the list goes on.

Philip Island
Located in Western Port Bay 140 km southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a pretty little island connected to the mainland by a bridge, which is free to cross. It’s nicknamed “Penguin Island” because as night falls, you can watch penguins waddling out of the water to spend the night on the mainland.

Lysterfield Park
Lysterfield Park is a beautiful place located one hour from Melbourne. It offers a large number of activities: hiking, cycling, barbecues…The lake is also a very attractive place where swimming and water sports are allowed (surfing, canoeing, pedal boating and sailing).

More than 2 hours from Melbourne

Wilsons Promontory National Park
Considered the southernmost tip of Australia, Wilsons Promontory National Park is a peninsula located about 200km southeast of Melbourne. It is possible to do many different hikes and admire lush nature here, as well as a variety of animal species (koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, etc.).

Great Otway National Park
Located about 3 hours from Melbourne, this park offers a rich and diverse landscape including beautiful beaches, cliffs, forests, lakes and waterfalls.

Grampians National Park
With tall sandstone peaks, gorgeous wildflowers and plenty of hiking, the Grampians is the perfect place for nature lovers. Also known as Gariwerd by its traditional owners, the region is also famous for the large number of Aboriginal rock art sites it contains.

Great Ocean Road
An icon of the state of Victoria, this road is one of the most beautiful in the world. Here you can admire breathtaking rock formations while skirting the ocean.

If you are trying to decide between hiring a car and a motorhome to visit Melbourne and its surroundings, see our article on renting a motorhome in Melbourne.

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