Sanae and Ben are the authors of the Barefoot Smiles blog where they share with travellers their lifestyle based on healthy travel, surfing and the practice of living with less. We invited them to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves and their life on the road. They also give you some tips for a healthy diet on a budget while traveling!

A mindful lifestyle

Days filled with gratitude as the sun rises over the ocean and our little home on wheels. Travelling to exotic locations, eating good food, taking photo’s and meeting likeminded people who embrace our vision of living with less. We call it the Barefoot Smiles Life – it’s mindful travel, lifestyle over luxury and inspired connections. This lifestyle has a lot of wholesome energy attached to it which in turn offers new opportunities everyday. We’re feeling good. I mean really good. When you are following your soul’s purpose the universe sends its gratitude.

Barefootsmileslife - sustainable and healthy travel

Everything we own is packed into our little home on wheels – luna the gypsy van and we’re currently en route travelling north on the east coast of Australia.            

Van life has offers us an incredible amount of freedom and means we have time to explore the experiences that really matter. Feeling the salt on our skin, practicing yoga, breathing in rainbows at sunrise and fuelling our bodies with healthy, delicious food. These experiences offer more value to our lives than any of the material possessions we left behind. 

Staying conscious of our health on the road has been essential for us to keep this lifestyle flowing. Enjoying optimal health while on a tight budget and with minimal space is possible. No need for 2 minute noodles or baked bean cans!

Barefootsmileslife-sustainable and healthy travel

Tips for a healthy diet on a budget                  

Buy local, seasonal fruit & vegetables

Buying local means fresher more affordable fruit and veggies. We are always on the lookout for local farms selling direct to the public and side of the road honesty boxes. Community run organic farms are popping up everywhere in Australia, these are road side gold mines!

Find the local whole food Co-op when you arrive in a town

Co-ops are community owned, local business run by volunteers meaning they are the cheapest way to stock up and an opportunity to meet some like-minded locals! They stock grains, rice, nuts and seeds but, don’t’ forget to take your own bags and containers.

Be mindful of your travellers footprint

Do your bit to minimise the impact – Don’t use plastic bags, avoid buying anything packaged and always recycle. On our travels we’re promoting efforts to clean up free camp areas, beaches and public spaces and encourage others to do the same. As a result we have discovered untouched locations and met some really interesting people.

Barefootsmileslife - sustainable and healthy travel

Plan snacks & meals in advance

Getting hungry while driving is a recipe for disaster. When I know we are going to spend the whole day traveling I take time in the morning to prepare some food we can eat on the go. This means no excuses, bad moods or service station snacks!                      

Use a water filter

Our drinking water is cleaned through an iodising alkaline filter. These can be found online, cheap and means we can stay hydrated without getting ill.

Stay hydrated the healthy way

Herbal teas offer so many healthy benefits are a great alternative to tea, coffee or soft drinks. They can be brewed in advance and cooled, perfect for staying hydrated whilst on the road. I have included some of my favorites in the herbal brews section of our free e-book book.

Abundance – giving & receiving.

We love to travel and live mindfully, taking only what we need and giving back wherever we can. When you connect to nature in this way the universe will always take care of you. Keep an open mind and trust that you will be provided for.

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Updated on 26/09/2019 – Initially published on 29/03/17

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