Qantas recently announced the first direct flight between London and Perth. The trip is going to be the longest international flight in the world with 17 hours in the air! 

In March 2018, the Australian company Qantas will start one of the longest flights in the world, 14498 km and 17 hours direct flight from London to Perth. The flight seems quite short when you consider a trip from England to Australia usually takes around 24 hours.

Qantas will use Boeings 787-9 Dreamliner and carry up to 42 passengers in Business Class, 28 in Premium and 166 in Economy.

Qantas’ CEO would apparently be negotiating for passengers to land at the domestic airport, making transit to Sydney and Melbourne easier. Flights departing from Perth could be scheduled at the end of the afternoon to allow passengers to arrive around mid-day the following day at Heathrow Airport. Also, flights from London could be scheduled around 3pm to arrive in Perth at the end of the afternoon the following day.

The trip would be one of the longest in the world, before Emirates’ flight from Dubai to Auckland in 16.35 hours. This would also be the longest for Qantas before its Sydney Dallas operated in A380. In 2018, Singapore Airlines also plans to start a 19 hour flight between Singapore and New York.

The new flights could damage the partnership between Qantas and Emirates, until now in charge of Qantas flights from Dubai to Europe.

Seats should start being sold from April 2017.



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