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Direct flights between London and Perth in 17 hours

Direct flights between London and Perth in 17 hours

The airline Qantas offers today and since 2018 the possibility of a direct flight between London and Perth. This is the longest non-stop international flight! And the flight time is only 17 hours! After a few adventures due to the pandemic, flights are once again effective between cities! We tell you more in our article.

First flight London – Perth

In March 2018, the Australian company Qantas launched one of the longest flights in the world, 14,498 kilometers and 17 hours to link Perth and London non-stop. A rather short flight when it usually takes about 24 hours to reach Australia from France.

This first inaugural flight carried more than 200 passengers on board and 16 crew members. Four pilots took turns in the cockpit of the Boeing during this direct flight.

The flight from Perth with more than 100,000 liters of fuel have indeed planned special menus for passengers to maintain their hydration and try to reduce the effects of jet lag.

Direct flights between Europe and Australia

Qantas has been using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners since the launch for this route. The boeings carry 42 passengers in Business class, 28 in Premium and 166 in Economy.

Currently the flight leaves London Heathrow a little before noon to arrive the next day at 12:45 on the Australian West coast.
This connection is one of the longest in the world, ahead of the Emirates flight connecting Dubai and Auckland in 16:35. The route is also the longest for Qantas, ahead of its Sydney Dallas operated in A380.

Qantas highlights here its desire to make the country of kangaroos more attractive from Europe. Especially the west coast of the country. With one flight per day with a capacity of 236 passengers, this project is part of a real desire to attract many tourists to this sparsely populated Australian state. The general manager, Alan Joyce indicated that these flights constituted today “the last frontier for the world aviation” also having as a project to connect the East coast of the Country to Europe in the near future already named “Project Sunrise”. .

Customer experience at the heart of concerns

With such distances covered, airlines want to ensure positive feedback from passengers and optimal comfort during flights.

Travelers find the advantage here of seeing their journey time reduced by several hours. This sometimes makes it possible to save on a hotel night for example or to avoid stopovers, which are often long.

This direct flight makes access to Australia much easier from Europe. This should help tourism development and help the more cautious to take the plunge. This type of route should also attract more business personalities, but still has its limits. Indeed, there are only a few flights at the moment.

What’s happening in 2022?

With the Covid pandemic, Australia had closed its borders. After reopening the country in December 2021 to some visas (students, WHV, skilled migrants) London – Perth flights are being reinstated. However, they remain limited and should increase in the weeks / months to come.

If you want to make a direct flight between the old continent and Australia, it will cost you around £1000. Try to plan ahead to get the best rates.

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