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Working Holiday Visa age limit up to 35 years

Working Holiday Visa age limit up to 35 years

French, Canadian and Irish citizens up to and including, 35 years of age became eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417 & 462). Since 1 July 2022 the age limit for Italian and Danish citizens wanting to work and travel in Australia has increased by five years – from 30 to 35 years of age. Australian citizens up to the age of 35 will also benefit from reciprocal arrangements with Italy and Denmark.

The UK – Australia Free Trade Agreement as been virtually signed on 17/12/21.

The age of 30 years remains as the limit for all other Working Holiday countries that travel to Australia. Everything you need to know, you can read in this article.

Age limit changes for the Working Holiday visa

Age limit increased to 35

This is great news for travellers over 30 years old from a few countries! Indeed, the age eligibility for applying for an Australian Working Holiday Visa expanded to 35 years !
In November 2018, Working Holiday Visa Australia age limit increased to 35 years for Canadian and Irish citizens.
In July 2019, it was France that announced the same change !

Since 1 July 2022 the age limit for Italian and Danish citizens wanting to work and travel in Australia has also increased by five years – from 30 to 35 years of age. Australian citizens up to the age of 35 will also benefit from reciprocal arrangements with Italy and Denmark.

Before that, the age limit for those countries was set at 30 years.

Migration Act

Those changes can be seen in Schedule 1—Countries or regions, passport conditions and age requirements in the instrument Migration (Arrangements for subclass 417 visa applications) Instrument (LIN 22/051) 2022
It is also noted on the immigration website under the ‘age condition’ for a WHV.

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Australian legislation clearly defines the age limit for Working Holiday visa makers  :

(2) The applicant:
(a) holds a working holiday eligible passport of the kind, or of one of the kinds, specified in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subclause; and

(b) is aged at least 18 and no more than:
(i) 35; or
(ii) if a younger age is specified in the instrument mentioned in paragraph (a) for the kind of passport the applicant holds—that younger age.

Therefore if no age is specified, it means that the age limit is 35 years old.

Other partner countries (such as UK, Germany etc) are still in the process to amend the bilateral Working Holiday Maker agreement expanding the eligibility age to 35. 

For UK Passport Holders

The UK – Australia Free Trade Agreement as been virtually signed on 17 December 2021. The age limit for UK passport holders will be increased to 35 within the next few months (hopefully by the end of 2022).

When the FTA commences, UK passport holders will be able to:

  • apply for a Working Holiday visa between the ages of 18 and 35 years inclusive
  • be granted up to three Working Holiday visas without having to meet any specified work requirements. This does not include any ‘COVID-19 affected visa’.

More info : UK – Australia FTD.

Renewing your WHV

People currently on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia (subclass 417 or 462) and over 30 years old, are eligible to apply for a second or third year visa if they are from France, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Denmark.

They must complete 88 days of eligible work in regional areas to apply for a second year or 6 months for 3rd-year visa.

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  1. Hi, I’ve already completed 1 year travel within Australia and achieved my 88 days farm work. I am from the UK currently aged 30 and turn 31 in November. If I apply for my 2nd visa before I’m 31, this will give me up to 12 months until November 2021 to ‘enter’ Australia, right? Could I then enter use said visa for the 2nd year.. Even though I would be 32?

  2. Hello, I am an Irish citizen, I have completed my 1st year Australian WHV and I am eligible to apply for my second one. Does the age limit of 35 apply to me even though I did my 1st year WHV before this update in age came in? Thanks

  3. Hay !!
    I am from Indonesia, can I apply for WHV when I am 32 years old.? But I have 4 years experience in Agriculture. Because almost all the information I read must be 30 years old.
    What about 32 years old but with 4 years experience can still apply for WHV?

  4. Hi there, I’m a UK citizen who was interested in possibly getting one of those working visas to come and live / work in Australia for a year. Only trouble is I turn 31 on Monday! Have I left things too late?

  5. Hi, i applied for a visa and because of covid I’m not able to go, it expires this month. From what I understand i have until 2022 to ask for a WHC WAIVER or a refund.
    Is that correct? Any extra info is welcome. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi. I’m portuguese 31 years old. Never been in Australia. Do I have any chances to get a working holiday visa? No exceptions related with covid-19?

  7. Hi there,

    I am an Irish citizen turning 33 and hoping to use this visa in the next year or so. However I work in Banking and want to continue on this job path, can I do so or am I required to engage in ‘casual’ work?


  8. Hi there,

    I was just wondering, say if you do 88 days of work on your first WHV and you want to apply for a second one but in New Zealand, is that transferable or is it limited to Australia?

    Thank you

  9. Hi, I’m 32 years old living in Ireland, UK passport holder, is there any possibility of a WHV when things open

  10. Hi there,
    I have just started by second year working holiday visa Feb 2021, however I turned 31 in December 2020. If I complete 6 months of agriculture work this year will I be eligible for a third year visa, I have heard mixed stories of the visas been granted and not granted. Otherwise I’ll know if I should do my 6 months agriculture work or not

  11. Hi,

    I am a 26 year old French citizen. I have found a job in Sydney but need to work out the visa. Is it possible to enter Australia at the moment? Is the government releasing any work holiday visas at the moment?

  12. Hi I have exceeded the age limit for a U.K. citizen (33yrs),
    Are there any other way to work in aus and possibly live there eventually. I have family that immigrated over 10yrs ago and own a business. Can this help or is there any other way to get over there?

  13. Hey there!!

    I am a 33 year old Canadian passport holder (currently living in the UK). I would love to apply for an Australian WHV. However, do I need to wait until the borders open to do so? Any indication of when this may be and how long the visa application takes?

    Also, can you work the full year in one job or only 6 months?

    Thanks so much for all your help!!


  14. Hi,

    I just wondered whether you know if and potentially when the UK age limit May increase to 35. I’m 32 and procrastinated too much previously, and missed my chance!

    If not, then are my other options permanent residence applications?


      • Hi,
        I will turn 35 in July of this year. I know the age limit increase was agreed but when will this agreement likely be finalised?. I’m guessing providing it’s done prior to me turning 36 I can apply?

        • Hi Gemma,
          Unfortunately we don’t have nay more details at this stage. On the provisional Uk-Australia FTD under the ‘Mobility’ section it says the agreement will come into effect ‘within 5 years’. We hope it will be sooner! Cheers

  15. Hi, i am from the uk and applied for my first year visa a month before turning 31. It is saying the process will take 4 months to be granted. Do i have a year to enter once it is granted or from when i applied?

    Also, if the age limit is indeed upped to 35, i am assuming i will be able to do a second and third year?

    Any light would help! Thanks, James

    • Hi James
      The 12 months start once your visa is granted. Regarding the age limit, we do not know exactly when it will enter into effect. But in all cases, yes once the age limit is increased to 35 you will be able to stay up to 3 years in Australia. Cheers

  16. Do we know how long it took for the Canadian/Irish/french age limit to change to 35? Surely it can’t take too long to come into effect

  17. Hi, I am from the Uk and have completed both my first year and second year WHV. Can I apply for a third year WHV as i worked in the construction industry until I left Australia in November 2019?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Daniel, you must have carried out at least 6 months of specified work on or after 1 July 2019. If it’s the case, and you are still within the age limit, you can apply for a third year. For now, we do not know when the agreement will enter into force. Cheers

      • Thanks for getting back to me.

        I worked in the construction industry for most of my second WHV, so would have done 6months by July 2019, so can I still apply? I am 30 now so can I go ahead and apply for the third year now?

        Many thanks,


  18. Hi guys,

    I’m a UK resident and I’m currently working on my subclass 417 application. The online application says the “State / Province” section of the Place of Birth information is a required field. Any idea what to put in this section, as states and provinces don’t really exist in the UK? I was born in Tyne and Wear, and this seems the most logical.


  19. Just wondering if I applied for a working holiday visa at 23 and worked and got my second year working holiday visa and completed it. At 30 years of age can I apply for a working holiday visa again?!

  20. Hello,

    I have already completed my 1 year WHV. I didn’t do my farm work. When this comes into play does this mean I can apply for a second year?

    Thank you

  21. Hi
    I’m from U.K. I’m 30 my partner is 31 (32 next month)
    Are we able to apply for WHV or do we need to wait until the age limit has increase indefinitely ?
    Also my partner did his first year approx 8 years ago. Does he still apply for second ?



  22. Hi there. I am 31 yo turning 32 in June 2022. I am from UK and hold a British passport. I have never before being in Australia and was wondering if I could apply for visa?

  23. I applied for a working holiday visa in 2011 and went and stayed/worked in australia for a year but didn’t realise about the “specfic work” until too late, im now 33 and a half years old from London, and on the uk news it says that the new working holiday visa might not need to have the specific work to get second visa?

  24. Hey

    Do we have any more news on when this agreement for upto 35 could take place. I heard they met last week but nothing was signed. You think July 2022 is realistic

    If for example it does get signed then is there a waiting time to get it from then or you could apply more or less straight away

    Also, when you apply what’s the odds on getting one. As this isn’t based on a points system like the skilled one so is it just more or less anyone qualifies but you can only give so many out ?


    • Hi Conor,
      Hard to answer all your questions as we do not know much at this stage. However it is said that the agreement should enter into force in 2022 (to face the lack of manpower in Australia). So hopefully we should know more within the next few months. Cheers

  25. Hi i have previously been to Australia on a working holiday visa and completed more than 88 days. Ive now been home for nearly 2 years due to covid im 33 from the uk is there a chance of getting a second year whv when the age limit raises to 35? Or will i need to look at different visa options? Thanks

      • Hi, I just want to confirm your answer as I am reading some conflicting comments on this page.

        I am a 31 year old UK resident, who stayed in AU for less than a year under a 417 visa. This was roughly 5 years ago – and I completed my 88 days during that time.

        Now, understanding the new ’35 year old allowances’, I am very keen to return and do my 2nd and 3rd year…. is this possible?

        Thank you!

        • Hi Tom,
          It is a bit tricky to reply to this for sure. We do not know at this stage if the FTA will apply only to new WHV or previous ones. But in your case, as you did your 88 days, it seems you will be able to apply for a new WHV (TBC). We will update this article once we have more information in hand. Cheers

          • Hi,

            I had a thought….

            …the Irish/French/Canadian went through a similar change a few years back, right? AU bumped up their age ceiling from 30 to 35.

            How did AU deal with these? Did they allow previous WHV applicants to return to complete their 2nd year (say at 32 or 33 years old)? Or did these new rules only apply to to brand new WHV apps?


  26. Hi, I applied for a working holiday visa back in 2015. I stayed in Aus for 4 months working for a university, but then came home. I’m now 34 and hoping to apply for a new working holiday visa (hopefully next year) before I turn 36 in March 2023. Given I already had one of these visas in 2015, will I still be eligible for second, assuming the age limit increases to 35 before I turn 36 in 2023?

      • Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Given the age is increasing to 35 and the criteria (like farm work) are changing, doesn’t that mean the scheme is starting afresh?

        I guess what I’m asking is, how does my previous WHV make ineligible for a new one once the age limit increases? Can’t I just do the work required under the new scheme?


  27. Hey guys, iam 29 at the moment, turning 30 in 6 months… I alread got to the medical exam stage and was now wondering, if I now do the checkup and get positiv feedback and my application gets accepted, let’s say end of January, is my 12 month visa than valid from that day on or can I also enter for example in November 2022 (I would still be 30) and still have the full 12 month? Let me know guys, thank you very much; you should get payed from the home affairs agency

  28. Hello

    I previously had a WHV for 2 years back in 2011, when the visa age limit gets increased would I be able to apply as a UK citizen?

  29. I have already done a working holiday visa but was unable to do the farm work to make me eligible for a second year because of the covid restrictions. My intention was to enjoy the first 6 months and then do my farm work but couldn’t because of all the restrictions the country had in place due to covid. I knew I was too old to get my second year but was going to do the farm work anyway due to hearing the rumours of age increase which is actually happening, July 1st I have heard. I had to leave early because I lost my job as well. Where do I stand? Could I possibly be granted the new one due to the circumstances the country and I was in when I was living there because if none of this had happened I would’ve done my farm work like I had planned and be eligible for my second year when the age increase is in place.

  30. Hi there,

    I held my 2 WHV’s from March 2018-March 2020, as far as I can remember the 6 month farmwork for UK visa holders for a 3rd year wasn’t an option at the time.
    When the new trade deal comes into effect, can I get a third year visa seeing as there’s no farmwork requirement moving forward anyway?

  31. Hi,

    My partner (UK resident) was been granted a working holiday visa on 6th December 2021. We don’t intend to pick up the visa from the Aus Embassy in London and enter Aus until December 2022. Although it was granted before July 2022 (presumably when these changes come in), would my partner still be given a 3 year visa with no work restrictions because we wont be entering until after the date these changes come into play?? Thanks in advance!! Love the information on the website!!

    • Hi Barry,
      It is unclear at the moment how the regulation will apply. However your partner’s visa wont be activated until you enter the country. You can wait until there are more details about the agreement and worst case scenario cancel his visa and reapply for a new one after the FTA enters into force. Cheers

  32. can I renew my working holiday visa before it expires? I am applying for the first year now and will turn 30 in april.
    I imagine going to Australia in October and doing the 3 months of specific work to be eligible for visa renewal.
    However, my first visa year would expire in October 2023 and I would already be 31 years old.
    Could I apply in April, before I turn 31? even though it’s 6 months to my first visa expires? Or could I apply for a new extension visa even though I have already turned 31?
    or in that case would I only be eligible for a one year visa?

  33. I held a 417 WHV January 2019-2020, and I didn’t do the 88 days regional/farm work so wasn’t eligible for the 2nd year visa.
    When the new “no work necessary” rules come into place in July, will I be able to apply for my 2nd year?

  34. Hi there,

    I am from Holland. I’m currently 32 years of age and already did a working holiday in 2019-2020. Had to leave because of covid but luckily I finished my farm work just in time. So I applied for the second WH visa before I turned 31 in August 2020. For a long time I didn’t really hear anything until the 10th of December 2021(!!), when my second WH visa got approved. I was surprised to say the least. Now, because the age restriction for my country is 30, can I still make use of the visa because I’m 32 at the moment and will be 33 on August 29 this year? The visa got approved and it saids I must enter Australia before December 10th. Cheers!


  35. Hello! Im a British passport holder. I applied for a working holiday visa just before I turned 31, it got approved but I was unable to use it due to covid, and border closure. The visa expired and I wasn’t able to reapply because I turned 31.

    Will that be an issue if I reapply once the age limit changes to 35??

  36. I am 30 years old and turn 31 in December, I have already completed 1 year in Australia and did do my farm work, I am a British citizen, would I be able to return for a further year?

    • Hi Amy,
      We do not know at this stage if the FTA will apply only to new WHV or previous ones. As you did your 88 days, it seems you will be able to apply for a new WHV (TBC). We will update this article once we have more information in hand. Cheers

  37. Hi, I’m from the UK recently turned 31 years old , I haven’t been to Australia before , but looking to come out to work.

    Did they increase the 18-30 age to 35? Or will I be unable to do this

    Thanks, Dean

  38. Hi I am 34 and have a recent criminal record for failing to provide and breath test. Will this affect me getting my whv. Also when is it likely to change to 35yr limit. And can I complete what needs to be completed time/visa wise at this age or will I run out of time

  39. I have applied for my first holiday working visa, and planning to fly over next February from the UK. By this time I will be 31.

    Does that mean I would not be able to apply for the second year working visa even though I am still over there and completed the mandatory work needed?

    Or should I just cross my fingers and hope that the 35 year old extension goes through?

  40. Hi, I applied for a WHV back in 2015, I entered Australia on this visa but never worked, only travelled for 4 months. Would I be able to apply for another WHV because I did not work?

  41. Hi there,

    I just discovered the WHV program is extending to 35 years old for UK citizens (fingers crossed)
    I also see a third year has been added if you do 6 months of agricultural work in your second year (this wasn’t an option when I previously completed my second year WHV)
    In my second year on a WHV in Australia I did work for 6 months in agricultural work. Do you think it would be possible to use that work from 2017 to apply for a third WHV? I’m 33 now.

    Thank you

  42. Hi, I am a UK citizen with an upto date passport. I will turn 35 on May 2nd. Can I apply for a WHV now? If not, do you know when or even if I ever will be able to before I turn 36 in 2023? Thanks

  43. Hi there, just noticed on a few websites the mention that the FTA possibly won’t come into force until 2024. Just wondering if there is any official info on when the visa age increase is now likely to come into force. Currently 35 and turning 36 in Nov 2022, so a bit worried about the timeframe and possibility of missing out. Thanks

  44. Hi you guys. I’m 28 and from the UK; I have just applied for my first WHV. Complete newb.

    I have a tricky question – first, I’ll be 29 by the time I arrive in Australia. And as things stand with the 30 y/o limit, that means I can apply for the second years WHV when I’m 30 and stay a second year. However, when that year is up, I’d then be too old to apply for a third years WHV.

    Let’s assume this 35 y/o limit doesn’t come into force – is there any other way to stay longer? I.e if you’re over the age limit for a third WHV? Is the only way to stay permanently (without studying or getting married!) to find an employer who will sponsor you to stay?

    Second question, and I doubt you’ll know this – let’s say I’m in Australia doing my 88 days of hard graft for my first WHV and then the new 3-year visa option comes into play – think I’ll be able to start from scratch again? I.e get the 3 year visa (which may have more relaxed restrictions on what work one can do?).


    • Hi Ed,
      If the FTA doesn’t enter into force on type, you have to go on another visa (can be student, tourist or even a sponsor if you find one).
      For your second question we do not know at this stage if if will concern only new WHV or also people who already hold a WHV… we will need to wait a bit to get some clarification!

  45. Hi all, I’ve just seen an update to the new WHM visa for UK passport holders (when it gets implemented). It gives good clear examples for people that are new to applying for the first time and also for people who have already had a stint in Australia and where they stand on applying for the ‘new’ visa when it comes out.

    I think it will answer a lot of people’s questions in this forum and is generally very good news for all


  46. Hi, with the announcement that the age is to be increased to 35 for Danish and Italian on the 1st of July 22. There’s no mention of the U.K. does that now mean it’s unlikely the U.K. change is to come in on the 1st of July after all?

  47. Hi,

    I know it’s speculation at the moment, but how confident are you the new WHV for over 35 year old from the UK will go through this year? i’ve read reports saying it may be July and then others saying it could be within the next 2 years?

    I’ve just turned 31 so have to wait for the new visa and hopeful it’s this year but also dont want to put my life on hold for 2 years if it’s happening 2024!

  48. Hi,

    I’m within the age limit 29 but my husband is turning 40 this year. He always wanted to do the WHM. Could he join me on my visa, as spouse? Is that an option?

  49. Hi mate, any update on whether the UK will change the age limit to 35 soon? I really need this to happen and I’ve heard some news articles say this will happen by 1 July 2022. Cheers mate

  50. Hi,

    I’m 30 and turn 31 in November? Is the age limit getting increased to 35? And does the year start from the day you apply? Or say it’s accepted.


    • Hi Lewis,
      Yes the age limit is to increase soon (we do not have a date yet). Once the agreement enters into force, UK passport holders will then be able to lodge an application for any Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa up until the day before their 36th birthday.

  51. Hey have you any update on when the age from UK will change to 35 to get into Australia? 🙂 I keep coming mixed comments – thank you

  52. hi there,

    do you think the UK and AUS will increase the WHV ages to 35 by 1 July 2022? I really need to get there soon so hoping this happens

  53. Hey there!
    I am 34 years old from USAand currently residing in Bali, Indonesia.
    It’s unfortunate for me that USA wasn’t part of the age limit increase.
    Does anyone here know of any other way I can enter Australia for temporary work?
    I have some friends who are suggesting to apply for a study visa and take a short course which also allows for 40 hour work week whilst attending a course.
    What do you guys think?
    Thank you!

  54. Please, if I was granted the WHV before (when I was 30) but haven’t entered Australia, can I apply again and be granted it again?
    Thank you!

  55. Hi when you go for the working visa what information do you need to have. I have been told you need a police report also what vaccine do you need to have thanks.

  56. Hi

    Seeing as the age for UK citizens is going to 35, and i already have my first year approved (i plan to enter in November) if i arrive at age 32, then in theory i should be able to extend my stay for 3 years, taking me to just before i turn 36?


  57. Hi just wondering what information is needed for the visa as I have been living in Thailand for 11 months do you need a police report also what vaccines are needed I’ve had 2nd one do I need to have my 3rd to be safe for a job. Also what date do we think the age will increase for applying for the visa


    • Hi Jonathan,
      The documents you ll need to provide will be listed at the end of your application. You may need some medical ones. To enter Australia you ‘only’ need 2 doses.
      And finally for the age limit… maybe July but nothing is 100% atm. Cheers

      • That’s perfect do you need your medical information from your own doctor or just a to-do a medical at somewhere that does them as don’t want to travel back to the UK to get the information thanks.

  58. Hello!

    I am 30 and turn 31 on the 21st of June. I have my first WHV sorted but just want to check, do I have to be in the country before I turn 31 next month or can I come a few days after? My Visa expiry is May 2023 so I’m assuming I can enter after my 31st as the visa was completed prior to me turning 31, is this correct? I should say, I’m from the UK.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  59. Hello,

    I turn 31 in August. Is it best to apply now or wait until the new age limit comes into place? Would I still need to complete the mandatory farm work to get the second year, or would I still benefit from the rule change?


  60. Hello,

    Is it possible to make another YMV? I am a canadian who used hers in 2014. Now I am 32 wondering if I can get another YMV now that the age is to 35?


  61. Hi,

    I’m from the UK and currently 30 years old, I turn 31 in March of next year. I’m looking into getting a visa to australia and need to come up with the best plan possible

    Few questions- How long do i have to apply for my visa and how long will this process take? When receiving my one year visa do i have to enter the country before turning 31? I also see that the visa age limit will change to 35 for brits soon. Do you know when this is law is likely to come into play?

  62. Do we have a rough estimate of when the new UK Aus FTA will come into effect? Was first reported at July 1st but that doesn’t seem true now.

  63. I’m losing hope that both governments are going to enact the 35 age limit anytime soon. And I need it to be done soon as well

  64. Hello,

    Does anyone know for certain that the new working holiday visa (UK/Aus) will definitely commence this year? I’ve seen a lot of comments on various forums that say it will commence on the 1st July but as it gets closer and closer to the date there are barely any news articles or certified sources to state this is the case, which I so desperately have been hoping for.

    Recently there has been an update on the House of Commons page to say the trade deal was formally laid before parliament on 15th June, and now it provides for a minimum of a further 21 sitting days before the UK can ratify the agreement, which correct me if I’m wrong takes us to 5th of July? And won’t it be another 30 days to then come into affect?

    It would be really useful if anyone else has found further information or confirmed sources instead of the generic response: “the agreement will commence within 2 years” as most of us are already aware and are desperate for some good news with a more specific date (fully understand it’s a long shot).

    Thank you!

  65. Hi,

    Since it recently went through for Danish and Italian citizens has there been any update on when the age increase to the working holiday visa will come into effect for Brits?

    When the change is made for Brits will they be able to apply from inside Australia if they are already there on a tourist, or other, visa,?

    Thanks for all your work to help us understand what’s going on.

      • Thanks for your response. Do you have any information regarding my second question? If a Brit were in Australia on a tourist visa when when the changes come into effect would they be able to apply for a work and travel visa from within the country?

        From what I have read the UK is expected to ratify their side of the agreement around the 20th of July. However, Australia’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties doesn’t reconvene until the 26th of July and the trade agreement is currently listed under lapsed inquiries as it wasn’t completed before the election. So it could be another month or more until Australia officially signs off on their side. Fingers crossed the visa age changes will come in immediately when they do.

        My source:

  66. Hello,

    I too was due to apply when I turned 30 but missed the boat – UK citizen. I will turn 35 Jan 2023 and 36 in Jan 2024 and understand in 2024 the age will change to 35 for Brits? When would be the best time for me to apply? I don’t want to miss out again

  67. Hi, I’m looking to go to Australia in august, and I’m from the Uk. If I get a year working visa, before the new 18-35 visa is approved, will I be able to change visas to avoid doing the farm work please? Or will I have to do the farm work, then apply for the new visa once the 12 months run out?

    • I feel your frustration, I’m not yet 30 but my fiancé is 32… we have been waiting for months, with the hope it would be implemented on 1st July, the day came and went but we then got our hopes up the new agreement would be ratified today but nothing so far.
      What’s even more weird is there’s been absolutely no media attention around it.
      Our lives are on hold whilst we wait for this law, I’m currently working a job I hate but can’t hand my notice in until we can apply for visas. Losing hope too!

  68. So i’ve found this below news article:


    It states that the The Australia-Britain Free Trade Agreement is due to be passed through parliament when it resumes, and will likely come into effect by the end of the year or early 2023.

    The commissioner says the process will be concluded when the 47th parliament begins onm July 26.

    “The trade deal is done and dusted. It’s signed, so it’s going through parliamentary processes because free trade agreements are international treaties and have to be legislated,” Ms Treadell told AAP.

    “That’s gone very well so far. We very much look forward to the Free Trade Agreement coming into effect at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.”

    So i guess this is good news in that it’s def going ahead so hopefully will be end of this year latest.

  69. I’m in the same boat as you chloe. Life on hold and in a job I cannot wait to quit until this deal comes into effect. At this stage lost all hope as it keeps getting pushed further and further back, and I turn 36 in aug of next year so time is running out. Might look at other countries to go to now while they have actual policies in place.

  70. I am also in the waiting lane for the age limit to increase, very frustrating :). As you can’t apply for a first year working holiday visa whilst in Australia, do you know if you can apply whilst not in the UK? E.g. if I applied whilst in Asia, and flew from there?

    Any info you have would be much appreciated!
    Hang in there guys, we’ll get there!

  71. Hi,

    I was wondering if i could apply for the Working holiday visa outside the uk but also not within Australia? I am a uk citizen?

    Thanks all of your help!

  72. For anyone interested the Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has added the UK-Australia FTA to their list of current inquiries with the following info:

    “The inquiry was re-referred to the Committee on Monday, 1 August 2022. The Treaty and related documents can be found on the Treaty being considered page.

    The Committee will not be re-opening submissions and will use the evidence and records of the previous Committee received in the 46th Parliament.”

    The reporting date is 16 November 2022 which is the earliest reporting date of any of their current inquiries.


    • It means the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) is currently considering the submissions made back in Feb/March by the previous government regarding the UK-Aus FTA and will produce a report with recommendations that take into account those submissions. From what I’ve seen the government doesn’t necessarily have to use any of the recommendations and the treaty can be ratified and enter into force before the government responds to the report.

      One thing I’m not sure about yet is whether the reporting date is the earliest the report can be released or if it could come out sooner if the JSCOT finishes it early. It seems like the government can’t ratify the trade deal until that report comes out though.

      So if the reporting date is fixed the trade deal could be finished any time after Nov 16. If it’s not fixed and the report can come out sooner then maybe it can be finalised even sooner. It’s worth keeping in mind that per the terms of the trade deal it will enter into force one month after it’s ratified by both sides unless they agree on a different date. So even if everything was finalised by both sides on Nov 16 it could be another month before the FTA actually starts.

      The submissions from the previous government:

  73. Hello!

    Any idea when they might increase the age limit for Estonian citizens? Or where I could find info about that? I know that currently the age limit is 30 years.

  74. Hey guys!

    First of all thanks in advance for your time. Wondering if it is possible to apply for a WHV 417 with an Italian Passport if I had already lived in Australia for 2 years with my Argentinian Passport (under a WHV 462)? I really would like to go back, i have been working in regional areas all my stay there during the covid but I turned 33 this year. I didnt receive the approval of the covid Visa and i left the country without applied for a Bridging B..my bad. u know if there is any possibility to get an exemption?

    • Hi Alvaro,
      No sure it will be possible as there is a question when applying for a WHV where you must say whether or not you ve already done a WHV in Australia. It is worth giving it a go (but you might loose your application fees). Cheers

  75. Hi there!

    Is it possible to extend my arrival date on my accepted first year working holiday visa? It currently states ‘arrival before 10 december 2022’ – could i push this back to january 2023?

    Moreover if i cannot arrive before the date given can i re-apply for the whv?


  76. Here is a bit more info regarding the reporting date of the UK-Australia FTA:

    “Category 1 and Category 2 treaties (major treaty actions) automatically stand referred to the Committee for inquiry and report upon tabling in the Parliament. The Committee will generally report on these treaties within 20 and 15 joint sitting days respectively”.

    The committee can decide it requires more rigorous inquiry and extend the time frame, they can also decide that it’s urgent and exempt it from the standard 20 or 15 days.

    So if sitting days for the committee are Mon-Fri the report could be released much sooner than Nov 16.


    • It’s looking that way. I checked and the JSCOT has 15 sitting days between when it was re-referred to them and Nov 16th. So it could be ratified on November 17th and enter into force by mid December. That is looking like the best case scenario at the moment.

      I haven’t seen anything that explicitly states the working holiday visa age will increase on the day the FTA enters into force. So unless anyone has found anything to the contrary it’s worth keeping that in mind too.

      Maybe the site admins can tell us more about that as they are expecting the age increase to happen soon.

    • We are exploring other visa options because this is becoming painful with all the speculating and waiting – our lives have literally been on hold for 8 months and passing us by. So I definitely recommend biting the bullet, looking at alternatives and checking the skilled workers list because there doesn’t seem to be any urgency around this & it will most likely not come into affect until 2024. We were told July 1st and it never happened so if it’s November this year I’d be super surprised. Good luck!

  77. Hi Chloe. To my knowledge neither the Australian nor UK governments gave July 1st 2022 as the date the age changes would occur.

    I disagree regarding the trade deal not entering into force until 2024. The reporting date for the JSCOT is Nov 16. After the report is released the Australian government can ratify their side of the deal and it should enter into force one month after that. Whether the age increase to the WHV will occur on the same day remains to be seen.

    However, I agree that looking at alternative visa options is a good idea and am doing the same. Best of luck with it all.

  78. Hello,
    I come from Italy, I am 35 y.o. and will turn 36 in January 2023. I have just got my firt working holiday Visum, valid until 28.8.2023. Do I need to enter Australia before I turn 36 or can I enter the Country within the next 12 Months, even if I will be 36 y.o. ? Thank u

  79. I hold a Uk passport . I’m 31 is it now possible to work in Aus up to the age of 35 ?

    I completed my first year when I was 21 and earned my second year but never ended up using it . Have they extended the age to 35 now ?

    • “Trevelyan is the first British cabinet minister to visit Australia since the election of Anthony Albanese as prime minister in May. She said the enabling legislation for the trade deals would be introduced within the coming few weeks and expects the deal to be fully ratified by early 2023.”

      Not much on it to be honest mate! She’s doing a speech with the Oz counterpart in Adelaide tomorrow! See what comes of it

  80. Thanks for the info Bradley.

    Sorry as you may not know and it’s still unknown or if the article said more to it.

    But does this mean age range will be done by 2023 ?

    As I’m hoping it gets done by august next year as I’m 31, looking to go in September next year.

  81. Hi!

    Is it possible to push back on the latest arrival date of my first year visa? It says entry by 15 December 2022. Can i push back to January?


  82. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/international-trade-secretary-speech-to-australian-chambers-of-commerce

    Quote from her speech

    The UK is focused on ratifying the agreement as soon as possible.

    The reason I have to head home tomorrow is because I’ll be presenting the enabling legislation for the FTA to the House of Commons on Tuesday – the next stage towards implementing this legislation, so our firms and citizens can start to enjoy its benefits.

    I know your government is focused on moving ahead at pace too.

  83. For people who are desperate to get to Australia. Can you not just apply for the WFH visa now and go?
    If we now can strongly assume the new rules will come affect some point in 2023. Which means it will come into affect during your first year of the WHV, which should mean you will be able to extend it for the further two whilst your there.

  84. Thanks for the update! A couple of quotes worth keeping in mind:

    “I am confident that by the end of the year we’ll have done everything we need to do to legally set up the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement,”

    “The treaty has already been submitted to the British House of Commons and will be sent through the committee stage in the next two weeks”

    So it looks like both sides are keen to get it done soon. But:

    “Australians eligible for the UK’s Youth Mobility Program will expand from 30 to 35 years of age within two years of the agreement coming into effect”

    Hopefully the age changes happen on the day it enters into force or very shortly after.

  85. “Australians eligible for the UK’s Youth Mobility Program will expand from 30 to 35 years of age within two years of the agreement coming into effect”

    I don’t understand why there would be a further delay on that aspect when that is part of the deal?

  86. It’s part of the deal but I remember reading something about the removal of the necessary work requirement happening within two years after it’s potential impact has been assessed. Maybe it’s related to that.

    Just realised I didn’t link the article. Here it is:

  87. I have written to the UK Committee overseeing the report on the trade bill.

    They were due to sit on the 14th Sept, with their report due out on the 22nd. But of course this is now put back due to The Queen dying.

    I have made it clear that the Under 35 agreement should be implemented, as soon as the deal is ratified and into effect, as it would help labour markets, businesses and exporters.

    I suggest those who want it implemented straight away do the same. scrutiny@parliament.uk

  88. Ok great, i currently have a visa approved and the arrival date is 10th December this year which i may struggle to do. I am over 30 now and from the UK but in theory if the age gets bumped up to 35 at some stage next year say; i’ll be able to re-apply for the first year visa again when that happens?


  89. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/sep/20/fears-australian-farm-labour-woes-may-worsen-with-loss-of-uk-backpackers-under-trade-deal


    However, after the Coalition government signed the UK-Australia free trade agreement last year, British backpackers will no longer need 88 days of farm work to extend their working holiday visas. The relaxed requirements will not come into effect until at least 2024 as the deal has not yet come into force.


    Not sure where they are getting this ‘at least till 2024’ info from though? I can’t see it anywhere else online. Anyone else found anything?

  90. Official response from DIT.

    Thank you for your email of the 8 September enclosing a query about the Youth Mobility
    Scheme and the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

    Our ground-breaking free trade agreement with Australia is the first trade deal negotiated from scratch by the UK since we left the EU. It will deliver benefits to people, businesses and communities throughout the country, and I am heartened to read that you want to take advantage of one of the many opportunity it affords.

    As you set out in their email, the UK and Australia will make changes to the Youth Mobility schemes so that they are available to people aged 18 to 35 years inclusive for a total stay of up to 3 years. This also includes removing requirements in Australia for UK nationals using the Working Holiday Maker programme to undertake specific types of work, for example on a farm.

    We are currently working with the Australian Government on the next steps required to implement these commitments and once further changes have been made to these schemes they will be publicised.

    The operationalisation of the new commitments on the Working Holiday Maker programme is ultimately a matter for the Australian Government and we would recommend consulting the Australian Department of Home Affairs website for the latest visa information including eligibility requirements.

    The UK and Australia will continue to review mobility arrangements, in line with their respective immigration systems, with the aim of further enhancing the ability for citizens to live, work and travel in each other’s country on a mutually advantageous basis.

    And I can reassure you and your constituents that we are working to bring the UK-Australia FTA into force as early as possible so that UK citizens and businesses can reap the full range of benefits across the deal.

    So reading between the lines, it’s up to the Australian Government to decide when it comes int affect.

  91. Thanks for the update again Bradley, I’m just hoping this is done by September next year for me personally as I turn 31 in august. As I plan to leave after I’m 31!