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Working Holiday Visa age limit up to 35 years

Working Holiday Visa age limit up to 35 years

French, Canadian and Irish citizens up to and including, 35 years of age became eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417 & 462). The age of 30 years remains as the limit for all other Working Holiday countries that travel to Australia. Everything you need to know, you can read in this article.

Age limit changes for the Working Holiday visa

This is great news for travellers over 30 years old from a few countries! Indeed, the age eligibility for applying for an Australian Working Holiday Visa expanded to 35 years !
In November 2018, Working Holiday Visa Australia age limit increased to 35 years for Canadian and Irish citizens.
More recently, in July 2019, it was France that announced the same change !
Before that, the age limit was set at 30 years. The visa requirement for the 30-35 year-old has been debated for a long time.

Those changes can be seen in Schedule 1—Countries or regions, passport conditions and age requirements

Australian legislation clearly defines the age limit for Working Holiday visa makers  :

(2) The applicant:
(a) holds a working holiday eligible passport of the kind, or of one of the kinds, specified in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subclause; and

(b) is aged at least 18 and no more than:
(i) 35; or
(ii) if a younger age is specified in the instrument mentioned in paragraph (a) for the kind of passport the applicant holds—that younger age.

Therefore if no age is specified, it means that the age limit is 35 years old.

Other partner countries (such as UK, Germany etc) are still in the process to amend the bilateral Working Holiday Maker agreement expanding the eligibility age to 35. 

Important note

People currently on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia (subclass 417 or 462) and over 30 years old, are eligible to apply for a second year visa if they are from France, Ireland or Canada (by completing 88 days of eligible work in regional areas or 6 months for 3rd-year visa).

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  1. Hi, I’ve already completed 1 year travel within Australia and achieved my 88 days farm work. I am from the UK currently aged 30 and turn 31 in November. If I apply for my 2nd visa before I’m 31, this will give me up to 12 months until November 2021 to ‘enter’ Australia, right? Could I then enter use said visa for the 2nd year.. Even though I would be 32?

    • Hi Mel,
      To apply for a WHV you must be 18 to 35 years old (inclusive) for Canadian, French and Irish citizens. Which means you have until the day before you turn 36 to apply. However, you won’t be able to renew it as you ll be over the age limit. Maybe you could apply now and enter Australia as soon as the borders open and do your 88 days straight so you ll be able to renew (if of course you want to renew!). Cheers


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