That’s it, the long-awaited moment has arrived, girls, the main reason you all plan to go to Australia is to experience the joys of one epic road trip! Like any big trip there is always a million thoughts running through your mind and anxiety is felt. There is no denying that we all need a minimum of comfort and mental preparation before hitting the road. In this article, we reveal hot tips and tricks that will be very useful in preparation for your Australian road trip.

1. Curly will become the new straight

It will be a difficult step for some of you, but the reality is, it is best to leave your hair straightener at home. You will find very few places with an electrical outlet and having to pay to use electricity just for a hair iron it is ridiculous. We all know that as backpackers, saving money is very important. 

Hot tip: Maintain the curls with the use of spray bottle and Aloe Vera gel. Using the spray bottle wet your hair, apply a dab of gel in your palm and use your hands to shape your curls. For naturally straight hair, a brush and a braid before bedtime will do the trick. 

2.  DIY portable toilet 

When travelling along the vast Australian highways and roads, it might be hours upon hours before you will reach a toilet block. So, for those of you who struggle with doing your business in the bush and need the comfort of a toilet seat, we have a little DIY hack! With a bucket, a toilet lid, a drill and some screws, you will be able to make a portable toilet to use anytime anywhere. You will be able to find all this at Bunnings Warehouse. You will need to have garbage bags packed to use as a toilet liner and some sand. Refer to the photo below for some inspiration. 

3. Introduce Apple cider vinegar into your diet 

Apple cider vinegar is magical for all its benefits, it promotes the development and renewal of intestinal flora. Drink every night at bedtime. Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a little hot water and some honey and you’re done. Among its virtues, the most useful for you girls is that it can fight against bad breath because it is a powerful antibacterial, very useful on a road trip. Other benefits include; promotes digestion by absorbing too much acid in the stomach, fights against acne, relieves mosquito bites, relieves sunburn, tones the skin and gives shine to your hair. Always drink it diluted and in moderation as it can cause gastric ulcers due to its high natural acidity.  

4. Master your menstrual cycle

It is a sensitive subject, but one that should not be so taboo because us women all go through it! How do you stay clean under all circumstances and proceed aseptically? The most effective way is to use sanitary napkins or tampons. Pack intimate wipes, a hydro-alcohol gel and if there are no bins available, a small trash can with bin liners. It is the simplest and the most hygienic way. There are also menstrual cups, but these need to be rinsed after each use and water will not always be available, especially in Outback Australia. Finally, there are contraceptive pills that avoid the menstrual cycle. Talk to your gynecologist or doctor about this option.

5. Showering Daily

If you have not already, download the Wikicamps application to your phone. This app features all free camping spots, public BBQ’s, parks and FREE showers! Most of the showers that are free around Australia are outdoors and cold, but that can sometimes be the refreshment you are looking for!  If there are no showers if the area, then you must intervene. There are several ways you can opt for, but the 2 most common are baby wipes and pouring water from a water bottle all over yourself. You could invest in a solar shower bag too. Please remember to not use body wash on the banks of or in waterways. 

shower girls road trip

6. Wardrobe essentials 

There is no need to pack a suitcase full of your best clothing because between the salt, the red dirt and the poor-quality washing machines at laundromats, your clothes will take a beating. The essentials to pack for an Australian road trip include; a good/comfortable pair of sneakers, dark clothing as it will be hard to maintain white and light colours, a warm sweater, a pair of thongs for showering in public areas, clothes that are light and quick drying, a swimsuit, a decent pair of sunglasses and bottles of sun cream to protect your skin from the harsh Australian sun

7. Pack coconut oil

It will become an essential beauty product. Use it as a nourishing mask for dry hair and for soothing sunburn or dry cracking skin. The lauric acid in coconut oil has a high affinity for hair proteins. Choose a cold pressed organic coconut oil for the best results. It can be purchased from supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths. Many girls swear on it, and you can also use it to cook on your road trip.

coconut oil girls road trip

8. Remaining confident

It is not always easy to keep on top of your beauty when travelling however, that does not mean you have to lose your confidence. We have already given you a few hot tips thanks to coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to help you keep your shine. If makeup is your confidence, then only pack a small makeup bag with perhaps some powder foundation and mascara. Forget the lipsticks as they will melt in the heat. You will have plenty of down time to paint your nails, so do not forget the nail polish!

9. Your life on social media

Australia’s big problem for backpackers is the quality of the mobile phone network! It is a huge civilized country, but there are network problems and it is not very developed in terms of free Wi-Fi as in other countries. Expect to be cut off from the network for two or three days during your outback Australia road trips. Telstra is probably the best network with the most reliable coverage however it is also the most expensive. If you end up craving a social media binge then you can find free wifi at McDonalds, local libraries and in some cafes. It is good to disconnect from that world for some time though. 

girls road trip

10. Hair removal

Like the hair straightener, leave your electric epilator at home! The simplest option for hair removal while on the road is the good old razor; small, compact and always at hand. 

Do you have any great tips for girls on a road trip? Leave us a comment :).

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