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Find all information you need to prepare your road trip around Australia! Which vehicle to choose, which way to go and how much is it? Lots of tips and advice from other backpackers! Find the perfect itinerary for your road trip.

Adelaide to Melbourne: Road Trip Itinerary

Do you want to get away from it all and discover gorgeous landscapes? The road from Adelaide to Melbourne will take you through stunning...
magic bus

The Magic Bus – A unique road trip

Do you want to go on a special adventure around Australia that's not like your average road trip? Want to avoid Greyhound buses and...

Australia’s Red Centre: Itinerary and tips

If you want to experience the Red Centre of Australia, you have two main options. The first option is to join a tour group....
coolum beach

Best Spots to see on the East Coast Australia

Planning a road trip in Australia? Discover our selection of the best spots to visit on the beautiful East Coast. Among large cities, national parks,...
road trip east coast

East Coast Australia Road Trip: Sydney to Cairns drive

The East Coast in Australia is surely the most popular road trip route in the country. Many travellers cross it from Sydney to Cairns....

Budget a Road Trip in Australia – The East Coast in...

Going on a road trip in Australia is a dream come true, but it's something that you definitely have to plan for. Even if...
Travel to Australia and enjoy a road trip

Travelling in a campervan in australia : Road Trip Tips

Going on a road trip in Australia is an incredible experience. Drive through the outback, explore secluded beaches and tropical rainforests, and sleep surrounded...

Motorcycle ride around Australia (Harley Davidson)

Exploring a new country, regardless of the mode of transportation, is always an incredible experience. However, crossing Australia, a country as vast as England...

10 Safety Tips for Driving in Australia

Whether you’re taking a long road trip, driving a tractor as part of your farm work or going to pick up friends from the...

Driving tips for a Road trip in Australia

Are you ready for your road trip to Australia? Visiting the country by driving its endless roads and crossing its incredible landscapes will undoubtedly...