Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends, Ridesharing in Australia is always a good idea to get around. Remember, it is a huge country, so a vehicle is necessary to get from one point to another – no matter if you want to travel between cities, doing a road trip or looking for a farm job, car sharing will probably be the most practical and economical way. This is also why Ridesharing is so popular among backpackers.

Why Ridesharing in Australia?

Save money

If you have your own vehicle and you have some space left, car sharing will significantly reduce your fuel costs. Besides you can also share costs for food etc. 

If you don’t have your own vehicle it is usually cheaper to get a lift from someone than renting a vehicle or even buying a car – especially when you’re traveling alone. 

City to city

If you wanna get from one big city to another big city you won’t have any problems finding people to share a ride with. Compared to taking the bus or a plane you’re gonna meet other backpackers or Australians and you can enjoy the scenery.

Road Trip

For everyone who wants to do a road trip around Australia, car sharing is a great way to share this experience and reduce the costs. If you’re traveling with other backpackers just take your time and visit as many attractions along the route as you want.

Find a farm job

When you want to find a farm job, the best way is to go on the road and visit the farms in person. You can use public transportation to get to the more rural towns in Australia – but once you’re there you can’t just catch another bus to a farm. If you don’t have your own vehicle car sharing is a great way to get from one farm to another. However, you shouldn’t be more than 5-10 people, cause usually farms only hire a certain amount of people.

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Ridesharing in Australia – How to get a lift

Word of Mouth

It’s simple: Just ask other people if they have a spare seat to offer! Alternatively, you can also consult the billboard in your youth hostel (or just pin yours).

Facebook Groups

In Facebook you’ll find heaps of offers for lifts. Check out the following Facebook groups:


There are carpool websites on which you find many drivers or passengers to travel with. It’s the perfect tool for backpackers. If you are looking for a Rideshare in Australia, you are going to love it!

Car Sharing in Australia: pros and cons


  • Economical: It’s cheap for the owner of the car as well as for the one who gets a lift
  • Make friends on the way
  • Improve your English if you’re not a native speaker


  • No privacy
  • Risk of disagreement in the group
  • Less freedom

Do you have experience with Ridesharing in Australia? Let us know in the comment box below…

Updated on the 18th of September 2019. Initially published on the 16th of August 2016.

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