If you plan to go on a Road Trip in Australia, renting a camper will probably be your main expense! Travelling in a campervan not only gives you the ultimate freedom but also saves you money because you don’t have to spend anything on hostels. It’s difficult to know what price to expect though when planning a trip. There are many companies that offer campervans in Australia and prices vary greatly. This guide will help you to understand campervan rental prices in Australia.

How are campervan rental prices set?

First, you should know that prices for a campervan rental are not fixed in Australia. We often read on social media that person XY paid X amount for their campervan. Even though their comments can give you a broad idea, prices generally vary a lot. Prices depend on the several factors such as the model and the age of the campervan, the equipment and extras, the type of insurance, the season, the period of renting, and the availability.

Campervan hire prices are based on the YIELD Management system, a pricing strategy with which prices vary according to demand. You are probably familiar with it, as hotel and flight prices are based on the same system.

Ideally, you will try to book your campervan in advance. The sooner you do it, the better the price. You will be familiar with the term “early bird”. Try to book at least 2 months in advance to take advantage of these offers. Three months will be even better.

There are some last-minute deals available, but they are very rare and you usually do not have a choice. We recommend to rather book in advance than trying to get a good last-minute deal.


Budget Campervan Rental – How to get a good deal

There are a few things you can do to get a better deal:

  • First, book your campervan well in advance as already mentioned above.
  • Second, get your campervan from a rental company in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.
  • Third, go for an older model, they’re always cheaper but usually still decent.
  • Fourth, rent a campervan for a longer period of time instead of twice for just a few days. The longer you’re renting, the lower the daily rates.
  • Last but not least, look for specials. You don’t want to search the entire Internet to compare individual prices of various campervan providers? There are a few price comparison sites that make your research easier. Our partner is Motorhome Republic. It’s free and you can even book online. 

Compare Campervan rental prices

The best way to compare different campervan rental prices in Australia according to your needs and budget, is to visit a price comparison website. They are quick and easy to use and will save a lot of decision-making. 

Campervan hire prices for Australia

To give you an idea, we tried to average prices for different models and by season. As every rental company fixes prices individually, it is almost impossible to give you an exact pricing table. Please also consider that renting in a bigger city will be cheaper.

Prices are in AUD.

Low season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater campervan: $ 30 / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater campervan: $ 38 / day

Average season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater campervan: $ 45 / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater campervan: $ 70 / day

High season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater campervan: 80 $ / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater campervan: 120 $ / day

Campervan rental companies in Australia

There are many rental companies in Australia, but most of them are agglomerated on the east coast of Australia. The lager Agents usually have several sub-brands offering different models. The 2 main players in Australia are the Britz and Apollo groups.

These are the main brands grouped by range:

Luxury and Medium Budget: Apollo, Kea, Maui, Britz, Cruisin’ Tasmania Motorhomes

Campervan Rentals Australia high budget

Low Budget: Wicked Campers, Travellers Autobarn, Spaceships, Mighty, Jucy, Camperman, Awesome Campers, Hippie Camper Vans Brands Australia

Campervan Rentals in Australia low budget

Best places to hire cheap campervans in Australia

If you want to hire a campervan in Australia, the best place to get a good price is in one of the big cities Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, or Brisbane. You will get a better price there as they face higher competition. The most affordable option is going to rental companies close to the airport. As they don’t have to pay high rents for offices in the CBD or inside the airport. This will also lower the prices.

Get a Campervan insurance

If you want to rent a van, it is crucial to get the insurance that covers all damages. The insurances offered by rental companies are quite expensive. It is better to get insurance from a specialised company like Rentalcover. An insurance for campervan costs between 9.30 AUD and 29.70 AUD per day – almost half of the price that rental companies charge.

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