No matter if you’re just planning your trip or if you’re already on the road! There are lots of questions that backpackers come across: How can I prevent my clothes from getting crumpled in my backpack? How do I save money on flights? Why is my phone always flat when I need it? In this article, you will find 25 amazing backpacking advice that will simplify your trip – whether you are in Australia or somewhere else in the world!

1 – Use an incognito window if you book flights online.

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With this backpacking advice you will save some cash. Websites track you online. So they now if you were already searching for flights and raise the price the next time in order to put pressure on you. To prevent this use an incognito window. Go to the right-top of your browser.

2 – Keep your cables in a box for glasses so they don’t get tangled.

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3 – Use straws to carry your cream in the plane

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4 – Use the spring of an old pen so your charger won’t get damaged

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5 – If you forgot a smartphone charger just plug your phone in a TV or your laptop. You just need a USB cable.

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6 – Roll your clothes instead of folding them. You gain lots of place.

7 – Use a pillbox to store your jewellery.

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8 – Scan all your important documents before you leave

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You can also print them and keep them in your bag. Otherwise, keep all your scans on a digital device to access them at any time! You can also use dropbox.

9 – You can use a shower cap for your shoes

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10 – Put your phone on flight mode when you don’t need it to save battery.

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11 – Use a paper clip for your headphones

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12 – Put a belt on your shirt collar to prevent it from creasing.

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13 – Sit next to the wings for less turbulences.

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14 – Use your maps offline

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This one is good backpacking advice if you know that you won’t have any reception. Download some maps on Google Maps so you can use them offline. You can also use Maps.Me

15 – Book the window and the aisle seat.

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If you booked a flight for 2 people. Book a window seat and the aisle seat on the same row. If the flight is not fully booked it is likely that you have the row for yourself.

16 – Buy your flight tickets at night to pay less.


According to various studies you can save up to 20 € per person if you book your flight during the night (between 3 am and 6 am).

17 – To get the wifi password without paying you can just check the comments on FourSquare.

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18 – Backpacking Advice 18 – If you lost your charger ask a hotel


Lots of backpackers forget their chargers at hotels. Just ask at the reception if they have a spare one. Usually, they have a box full of abandoned chargers..

19 – Reduce the waiting time for your luggage

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It’s the perfect backpacking advice if you don’t have that much time. Although, it’s not the case put a fragile sticker on your luggage. Usually, the luggage is placed on top, so chances are high that you’ll get your luggage first.

20 – Save some time to pack your belongings.

21 – Use some cloth softening for your suitcase or backpack to avoid bad smell.

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22 – Use a storage bag vacuum to get more space in your backpack

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Don’t use it for fine shirts because they might get damaged.

23 – Erase the tourist from your photos.

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24 – Carry a multiple plug with you

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25 – Before you leave the country give all your coins to a homeless person

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Do you have more backpacking advice? Then write a comment below.

Updated on 25/11/2019. Initially published on the 20/09/2018.

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