10 reasons why having a beard in Australia is absolutely necessary


It’s Movember time! The hairiest month of the year! But especially in Australia men should have a beard all the year round…not only in November. We found 10 good reasons why it’s good to have a beard in Australia while you’re on your Working Holiday…

1. In Australia the sun is really strong. But with a beard, you don’t need sun protection for your chin and cheek. So you save a lot of money that you can spend on extra shampoo.

1_Beard in Australia

2. Your chances of getting a bartender job in a hip bar in Sydney or Melbourne increase significantly.

2_Beard in Australia

3. Even when you do farm work you look like you never did something else before.

3_Beard in Australia

4. And when you’re hired as a beekeeper your beard looks even more incredible.

4_Beard in Australia

5. If you want to avoid real spiders you definitely need a beard in Australia! They’re too scared to come close to you.

5_Beard in Australia

6. And when you’re doing a road trip you don’t need any plates…so convenient.

7_Beard in Australia
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7. In the nighttime when you’re having a bonfire with all your friends your guitar skills seems more authentic…even if you can’t play any chords. It’s all about the look.

Beard in Australia_sailespiritu.blogspot.com

8. Besides you can hide weird travel tattoos that you already regret…

6_Beard in Australia

9. And while travelling around Australia and letting your beard grow you can make amazing time-lapse videos like this:

10. And the best thing: You’re doing something good and important because for 30 days in November your beard turns into a walking billboard for men’s health. Find more information on the official Movember website

Updated on the 18/11/2019. Initially published on the 20/09/2018.