You want to rent a vehicle in Australia? But are not you satisfied with the insurance that the rental company offers you? Here’s a tip: Get a cost-effective private rental car insurance. In this article you will find everything you need to know about Tripcover, the hire insurance in Australia.

Why get rental vehicle insurance?

When renting a vehicle in Australia, there are several options when it comes to insurance:

  • Rent the vehicle without insurance. However, we don’t recommend this option as you will have to cover the costs in the event of an accident or damage
  • Get the insurance suggested by the rental car company
  • Get a private rental car insurance

We recommend the last option. Private rental car insurance companies are not only cheaper but also cover more.

The only disadvantage of a private rental car insurance is that you have to leave a deposit at the car rental, as they assume the vehicle is not insured. In case of an accident, the car rental keep the deposit. With a private insurance you will of course get the money back.

TripAdvisor Cover

Tripcover is an insurance expert for rental vehicles (cars and campers) in Australia and New Zealand. They cover both your own and any other vehicle involved in an accident.

How does it work?

If your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen, you will be billed by the car rental company. You request a refund from Tripcover. They process your application within 10 days after receiving all documents. The corresponding forms can be found on the website of Tripcover under Claims.

Before taking out an insurance, you have to decide what amount you want covered. If you rent a van in Australia, you usually pay a 2,500 AUD deposit. For a motorhome, it’s between AUD 5,000 and 7,500. With TripCover you choose an insurance that covers either AUD 4,000, AUD 6,000 or AUD 8,000. Just make sure that the amount of the cover exceeds the deposit.

Here’s an example:

  • Rent a RV with a deposit of $ 5,000.
  • Take on a Tripcover insurance that covers 6,000 AUD.
  • You have an accident. The loss is AUD 3,000.
  • The car rental company keeps 3,000 AUD. You will receive the remaining $ 2,000.
  • At the same time, you get a claim on Tripcover and receive 3,000 AUD.
  • If the repairs amount to AUD 8,000, the car rental company can only deduct AUD $ 5,000. TripCover will refund you the full amount.

What is covered?

Compared to other car rental policies, Tripcover covers a lot, for example:

  • Accidents with one or more damaged cars involved
  • Broken or damaged windshield
  • Wheels, tires
  • Roof damage
  • Underbody, bumper

In addition, Tripcover even covers personal items up to $ 1,500 (up to $ 500 / person)


The cost of the insurance depends on how long you rent the car for. From 3 weeks on, the daily rate stays the same. For drivers aged 21 to 24, prices are higher.

Example (coverage up to 4,000 AUD, age: 25-75 years)
– One week: $ 10.19 a day, a total of $ 71.33
– Two weeks: $ 9.71 a day, a total of $ 135.94
– Three weeks: $ 8.30 a day, a total of $ 174.3

When choosing an insurance package, there are options available with and without co-payment or excess. The cheaper option includes a 300 AUD co-payment. In case of an accident or damage, you have to pay up to 300 AUD yourself. We recommend you the option without co-payment.

Tripcover Review

According to the website Product Review, Tripcover has reached a 4.6 out of a 5 star rating (20/10/2018) from 82 reviews. 62 people had an excellent experience with Tripcover, whereas 2 people thought it was terrible. In the latter case, the Tripcover Customer Service tried to solve the issues. Mistakes can happen to all of us.

The general feedback is that the Tripcover online booking platform is easy to use and way cheaper than the insurance offered by rental companies.

Updated on the 02/01/2020. Initially published on the 20/10/2018.

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