After 6 days the missing hunter Reg Foggerdy was found alive in the Outback of Western Australia. He survived without water by eating black ants and resting under a tree.

The 62 year old hunter Reg Foggerdy was on a hunting trip with one of his family members when he decided to go hunting by himself last Wednesday night. He got lost in the remote bush in Nothern Goldfields after trying to shoot a wild camel.

Man survived outback australia eating ants 5
Bush near remote Shooters Shack, where Reg Foggerdy had started out from.

The place where he was camping is in the Outback of Western Australia in the middle of nowhere. It’s 170 km east of Laverton on Lake Ransom Road.

Man survived outback australia eating ants
Way out in woop woop (Australian term for any destination outside your local area, ie: far away)

Specialist Tactical Response Group police trackers followed his footprints and found him alive early Tuesday morning. He was delusional, dehydrated and in need of medical attention. “He had no water whatsoever for six days. He’s dehydrated and a bit delusional but he’s received first-aid treatment on the ground and he’s now sitting up and talking, so we’re looking very positive,” Supt. Gratewood said.

Man survived outback australia eating ants 6
Missing hunter Reg Foggerdy as he was found by rescue crews and WA police.

“Early indications suggest that Mr Foggerdy survived by sheltering under a tree and eating black ants,’’ a police spokesman said.

After been treated by TRG medical officers a helicopter flew him to the nearby Tropicana Mine Site for further treatment before they flew him to the next hospital.

Man survived outback australia eating ants
Reg Foggerdy was flown by a helicopter to hospital, suffering dehydration.

His wife Erlyn Foggerdy, 41, told PerthNow that her husband’s survival was a “big miracle”. Probably a jungle survivor show that he watched every day on Foxtel helped him to survive.

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