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borders opening in Australia

Australia International borders: Current Situation (June 2023)

In December 2021 a first step towards the reopening of the Australian borders had been taken. Indeed foreigners holding one of the 28 visas...

Backpacker Tax Rates in Australia

The backpacker tax has been discussed for several years in Australia. The debate started a couple of years ago and was finally settled by...
changes work & Travel

WHV Australia: specified work in disaster affected areas

Following the bushfires that ravaged Australia in 2019–2020, the Australian government implemented temporary changes to the current laws in order to allow backpackers to...

Visa fees refund for students and backpackers

Australia reopened its borders on December 15, 2021 to a number of visas, including Working Holiday and student visas, which make up for the...

Working Holiday Australia: Visa waiver or refund announced by the government

The Australian government has implement some measures concerning the Working Holiday Visa Makers. The most important ones concern the implementation of visa refunds or...
Qantas plans direct flight from London to Perth in 17 hours

Direct flights between London and Perth in 17 hours

The airline Qantas offers today and since 2018 the possibility of a direct flight between London and Perth. This is the longest non-stop international...

COVID-19 Visa (subclass 408) and measures for WHV makers in Australia

The current COVID-19 situation in Australia also affects most backpackers. Some have decided to return to their country and others have chosen to stay...
tax backpacker australia

Backpacker tax overturned by Federal Court – Australia

Attention Backpackers, some amazing news for you all! On Wednesday, October 30th, 2019, the Federal Court has ruled that the 15% Tax applied to...
farm work COVID-19

Farm work during the COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus has changed our lives and brought a lot of uncertainty. If you are a backpacker, you may have had to change your...
Jobs Australia COVID-19

Where to find Jobs in Australia during the COVID-19 crisis?

Just like the rest of the world, Australia is hit by the COVID-19 virus. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in Australia due...