This weekend a 7-metre shark was spotted off the coast in the South of Australia. It could be the biggest shark ever spotted in the world. Read on to get more information…

Biggest shark ever spotted

On Sunday the crew of a helicopter spotted a 7-metre shark only 100 metres off the coast of Marino Rocks south of Adelaide. As you can imagine the beach was immediately evacuated and swimming was prohibited.

One of the crew members of the Westpac chopper told the Facebook Page of Shark Alerts of South Australia that “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen” and that the photo “doesn’t do it justice”. Here’s a picture of the shark taken from the crew of the helicopter. It went viral on the internet…

Biggest shark_2

The shark claimed to be 7 metres. So far the biggest shark on record was around 6 metres (filmed in Mexico).

To measure the size of the shark the crew compared it to the size of their 6-meter boat. It turned out the shark is longer. So it might be the biggest shark ever seen.

Biggest Shark

Remember that the size of this species is usually around 4.6 meters…

Source: Shark Alerts of South Australia &
Pictures: Shark Alerts of South Australia

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