We were aware of  the deadly snakes, the man-eating crocodiles and poisonous jellyfish in Australia. But here comes the nice Hermie, a huntsman spider so large and strong that it had no problem carrying a mouse for a fest.

Huntsman spider tries to eat a sizeable mouse

Jason Wormal, a tradesman from Coppabella in Queensland, was on his way to work when he was stopped by his neighbour. His neighbour then showed him the impressive huntsman trying to eat a sizeable mouse. Jason managed to film the scene with his phone. We can clearly see the spider clutching the mouse by its head while it scurries up the fridge.

Named Hermie, the giant spider is now a star on the internet and its video has been seen more than 6.5 million times since posted on Monday afternoon.

The footage attracted a lot of attention and comments. Among the 41,000 comments, Graham Millage, manager of the Australian Museum’s Arachnology Collection said it was unusual  for spiders to target vertebrates.

One thing is sure here, Hermie is definitely a massive giant huntsman spider !!!

Source : The Guardian
Credit : Facebook/Jason Womal

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