The Yarra Valley, best known for its vineyards, is located just 1 hour east of Melbourne. This region has a lot more to offer though. Here are some of the best sights and activities you should not miss during your stay in the Yarra Valley.

Wine tasting and other tastings

Cellar Doors” (tasting counters at the vineyard) are very advanced in Australia. We recommend Maddens Rise for their quiet and original Cellar Door, which offers very good organic wines with European roots. Also visit the Riverstone Estate for breathtaking views and warm hospitality. Plan a trip to Tarrawarra for delicious wines and the indescribable beauty of the place. Finally, you should also visit Medhurst Wine and experience the quality of their wines and the selection of tasty dishes.

If you like gin, the new distillery Alchemy Distillers offers an unforgettable experience and unique creations. The same applies to the famous Four-Pillar Distillery (200 meters), which is growing and improving day after day.

The region offers many tours through the vineyards and distilleries. Expect between 80 and 130 AUD for a full day.

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Eating out without breaking the bank is no easy task in the Yarra Valley. Most wineries have the best restaurants and chefs of the whole of Victoria.

Here are three reasonably priced, simple and memorable restaurants for your stay in the area:

The vineyard of Helen & Joey offers generous slabs of meats and cheese, which you can enjoy with a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the valley.

If you buy a bottle of wine, you can enjoy the beautiful property Hanrahan Vineyard. Visit Libby and his friends at Cellar Door to taste their wines. Pick a bottle and go for a walk along the lake or up the hill … Unlike other vineyards, picnics are welcome here!

On the less known Nillumbik Vineyard, which is a little further away from the others, you can enjoy absolute serenity as well as delicious homemade pizzas and desserts.

What to do in the Yarra Valley?

Every Sunday, Eltham Market offers a selection of fresh, local and seasonal produce. There are also various activities that turn a simple walk into a real exploration of products.

At the Healesville Sanctuary Zoo you’ll learn about the fauna and flora of Australia in a calm, educational and entertaining way. They regularly organise talks, meetings and festivals. The zoo is open every day of the year.

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The Big Peninsula Tunnel on the Yarra River is a little paradise. Don’t hesitate for a minute to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Children especially love the tunnel dug in the rocks on the riverbank.

A must-do on a hot day is the Warburton River! Arm yourself with a buoy or air mattress, start the ride up in the parking lot and float down to the bridge. Reward yourself after with a barbecue on site!

A visit to the Yarra Valley would not be perfect without you meeting kangaroos in their natural habitat! Drive to Yering Gorge Cottage (across the golf course) in the late afternoon, just before sunset. Hundreds of kangaroos will be waiting for you!

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Updated on 19/11/19. Initially published 30/05/18

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