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Things to do in the Melbourne Area

Things to do in the Melbourne Area

Melbourne is the state of Victoria’s capital city and the most popular with tourists. Although the city itself offers a multitude of activities, its surroundings are equally as interesting so you should not limit yourself to just Melbourne. Instead, make time to escape the city centre, as outwith Melbourne you’ll have a choice of very different landscapes to explore – from green forests to vineyards to spectacular seashores and cliffs – there’s so much to see and do! Here’s our selection of places to visit in the Melbourne area so that you can make the most of your trip.

How to explore Melbourne’s area ?

By car

The car is a good way to explore the surroundings of Melbourne. The distances are relatively short and there are many accommodation options. A car rental in Melbourne costs between $30 to $60/day depending on the model.

By van / Motorhome

By van or motorhome, you will have more freedom and flexibility in your travels. It is very easy to find spots to spend the night in Victoria, thanks to WikiCamps and CamperMates apps. The price for renting a van in Melbourne varies greatly depending on the season. Pay attention to school holidays and long weekends. Also note that many companies impose a minimum rental period (especially in high season).

Join a Tour

If you do not have a vehicle and do not want to rent one, there are many tour operators offering 1 to 3 day trips to visit the region. Count at least $120 for a day trip. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about anything. A shuttle is usually provided from your accommodation and meals are included.

What to visit around Melbourne?

Yarra Valley

One hour from Melbourne, the area of Yarra Valley is one of Victoria’s main wine regions and is even considered one of the largest wine regions in the world with nearly 80 estates! Here you can taste the best Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and sparkling wines from Australia.

Guided tours of vineyards allow you to discover the region and enjoy tastings. Count $140/pers for a full-day Yarra Valley tour with tasting and lunch from Melbourne.

Things to do in Yarra Valley

  • Visit Healesville and Warburton, the main localities of the region
  • Go Hiking in Warrandyte State Park, Yarra Ranges National Park and Kinglake National Park
  • See the Moët et Chandon house, famous for its sparkling wine
  • Fly in hot air balloon (although expensive at $300 for a champagne breakfast it is perfect for a special occasion)
  • Take a tour of the numerous surrounding vineyards
  • Participate in the Grape Grazing in February which celebrates the beginning of the harvest

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a coastal road stretching more than 400 km. It begins around 90 minutes from the centre of Melbourne and promises many exciting views, stops and photo opportunities. In addition to the famous surf beach of Bells Beach and the striking cliffs at the 12 apostles, you can discover many other spots along the Great Ocean Road.

Things to do along Great Ocean Road

  • The 12 Apostles are rock formations more than 45 meters high and are one of the most famous sites in Australia. Although there are now only 8, it is postcard-perfect stop not to be missed. As a tip, for the best picture, try to visit them early in the morning.
  • Take a hike in Great Otway National Park. In addition to its magnificent waterfalls, it is home to Cape Otway Lighthouse, which was built in 1848 making it the oldest lighthouse in Australia still standing. This Southernmost point is also popular with koalas.
  • Stop to admire the views of Bay of Islands, The Grotto, London Bridge and The Arch
  • Enjoy the city of Apollo Bay with its numerous cafes and seafood restaurants
  • Observe the whales at Warrnambool between May and September
  • Visit the wild animals that live in the extinct volcano Tower Hill Game Preserve
  • Observe koalas in the trees!

Phillip Island

One of the most popular destinations in the area, located 140km from Melbourne, Phillip Island is famous among Australians and tourists alike. If you are looking for a calm sea for a refreshing swim, the Northern part is ideal for swimming as well as kayaking and paddling. For surf, lovers head to the south side! Count approx. $135/ pers. for a one day guided tour of the Phillip Island Koala Reserve and entry to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade.

Things to do on Phillip Island

  • Attend the famous parade of penguins at dusk to witness the cute pygmy penguins return to the shore after their day at sea.
  • Take a surf lesson
  • Hike to the summit of Cape Woolamai for a panoramic view of the island
  • Watch the sea ​​lions land on Seal Rocks
  • Go to the 100 Miles Road Race or Moto GP circuits for cars and motorbikes
  • Spot the koalas in the trees of the Koala Conservation Center

Mornington Peninsula

Just a 1-hour drive from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful area with Mediterranean vibes due to its picturesque beaches and seaside restaurants.

Things to do in Mornington Peninsula

  • Bathe on the beaches of Sorrento and Portsea
  • Play golf as Mornington Peninsula is considered Australia’s number one golf destination
  • Hike through Mornington Peninsula National Park  and enjoy views of the bay from Arthur Seat’s summit
  • Visit the Port Phillip Heads Marine Reserve to observe dolphins and swim with sea lions (from $110)
  • Go to Flinders, a former fishing village of the 19th century
  • Wine tasting at the Montalto estate

The Grampians

Located 3 hours north-west of Melbourne, this park and its mountain ranges offer incredible panoramic views, waterfalls and hikes. From Melbourne, a tour to the Grampians costs around $130/pers. Tours include a hike to the Grand Canyon, MacKenzie Falls and Silverband Falls, as well as kangaroo and bird watching.

Things to do at the Grampians

  • Stop along the way in the cities of Beaufort, Ararat and Moyston for an ice cream
  • Start at the tourist village of Halls Gap at the foot of the mountains
  • Take a postcard-perfect photo at the Balconies
  • Enjoy the lake view at the Boroka lookout and the sunset from the Reed Lookout
  • Enjoy Wine tasting in one of the cellars of the surrounding towns.
Mount William, Grampians National Park – © Tourism Victoria

French Island National Park

Located in Western Port Bay, the island is only 60km south of Melbourne. It is much smaller and less touristy than Phillip Island, so in less than 30 minutes by ferry, you will arrive at this haven of relaxation and tranquillity.

Things to do in French Island National Park

  • Surround yourself in nature by Camping under the stars
  • Explore the island by bike or on foot
  • Go koala spotting! The island is the largest natural reserve of koalas in the area.

Wilsons Promontory

Located 2 and a half hours drive from Melbourne,  Wilson Promontory National Park  – nicknamed “The Prom” – offers more than 80 km of hiking trails as well as beautiful scenery, picnic spots and wildlife to be discovered.

Things to do at Wilsons Prom

  • Take a one-hour hike following the trail of Loo-Errn Track
  • Observe the many birds on the Promontoire circuit (2 to 3 hours walk)
  • Stroll through the eucalyptus forests on the Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk in the middle of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and wombats.
  • Go Kayaking, surfing or snorkelling in the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park.
© Tourism Australia / Time Out Australia

Road Trip Itineraries from Melbourne

From Melbourne, 2 route options are available to you. Either head north towards Sydney or drive along the south coast towards Adelaide.

Route 1: Melbourne to Sydney

Road-trip length: At least 7 days to take your time and enjoy each spot
Spots not to be missed: Philips Island, Wilsons Promontory, Gippsland, Batemans Bay and Jervis Bay.

Discover our dedicated article: Itinerary Melbourne Sydney

Route 2: Melbourne to Adelaide

Road-trip length: Between 5 to 7 days to take your time and enjoy each spot.
Must-see spots: Torquey, Lorne, Cape Nelson, Lighthouse, Victor Harbor and McLaren Vale.

How to get to Melbourne?

Melbourne is located on the southwest coast of Australia. It is a stopover city that backpackers do not miss during their road trip. From other major cities, it is possible to reach it by car, bus, train or plane.

Getting to Melbourne by car

Perth – Melbourne: 3,400 km, 36 hour drive
Adelaide – Melbourne: 730 km, 8 hour drive
Sydney – Melbourne: 880 km, 9 hour drive
Brisbane – Melbourne: 1,780 km, 8 hour drive
Cairns – Melbourne: 2,820 km, 31 hour drive
Darwin – Melbourne: 3,740 km, 39 hours by road
Alice Spring – Melbourne: 2,250 km, 24 hour drive

Getting to Melbourne by train

Perth – Melbourne: 2 days and 7 hours of travel, ticket price between $700 and $4000
Adelaide – Melbourne: 10h35 trip, ticket price between $100 and $300
Sydney – Melbourne: 10h50 trip, ticket price between $75 and $250
Brisbane – Melbourne: 26h trip, ticket price between $170 and $380
Cairns – Melbourne: 2 days and 3 hours of travel, ticket price between $350 and $760
Darwin – Melbourne: 2 days and 13 hours of travel, ticket price between $1000 and $2250
Alice Spring – Melbourne: 34h50 trip, ticket price between $590 and $1300

Fly to Melbourne

Perth – Melbourne: 5h20 flight, ticket price between $250 and $700
Adelaide – Melbourne: 3h20 flight, ticket price between $80 and $400
Sydney – Melbourne: 3h30 flight, ticket price between $100 and $400
Brisbane – Melbourne: 4h30 flight, ticket price between $140 and $450
Cairns – Melbourne: 5h10 flight, ticket price between $150 and $700
Darwin – Melbourne: 7h40 flight, ticket price between $250 and $1120
Alice Spring – Melbourne: 3h30 flight, ticket price between $340 and $960

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