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Places to visit around Perth

Places to visit around Perth

Perth is one of the 4 largest cities on the Australian continent. Unlike other populated parts of the country, the city is located on the west coast and with over 2 million inhabitants, is still quite isolated. After exploring the city, visit the places around Perth, where you will discover extraordinary landscapes and places to explore. The city is also the starting point for travelling the wildest coast of Australia …

Map of main spots to visit


Fremantle is one of the most popular places to visit around Perth. Eighteen kilometres south of Perth, this colonial-style town is renowned for its trendy shops, cafes and restaurants. The Fremantle Arts Centre is housed in a former insane asylum and tells the story of the town. You can also visit the Western Australian Maritime Museum which is dedicated to maritime exploration.

The old prison, built in 1850 by convicts, was used as a place of incarceration for almost 140 years. Today, it allows you to travel back in time to relive the conditions of the former prisoners.

The Fremantle Market, in a huge Victorian hall, is a must-see (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). You’ll find clothes, fresh produce, jewellery, local art, performing artists and more.

For beer lovers, take a diversion to Fremantle’s fishing harbour, and stop by Little Creatures Brewery. This was a popular micro-brewery at its inception and has now become an international brand. Housed in a former boathouse, it’s the perfect place to enjoy lunch and a delicious beer overlooking the sea.

If you’re visiting Fremantle, be sure to check out a festival that’s going on. The city is known for its many festivals that keep the streets alive throughout the year.

For more details: www.visitfremantle.com or www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/festivals

Rottnest Island

The paradise island of Rottnest Island, located just 19km from the coast, is a favourite destination for Perth residents and tourists alike!

Discovered in 1696 by a Dutch navigator, he named it Rats Nest! It is the only place where you can see the small and adorable Quokkas.

To get there, you have to take a ferry (about 30 minutes). The Rottnest Express offers departures from Fremantle, Barrack Street Jetty (in town). Fares vary depending on the departure point, but expect to pay around $80 for a day trip. On weekdays, fares are lower, especially on Tuesdays when you can find tickets for $40 return.

The island is entirely pedestrianised and is full of beautiful white sandy beaches! Once there, you can take the bus or visit the island by bike. We advise you to rent a bike at the same time as you buy your ferry ticket. There are also packages that include the ferry, bike and snorkelling equipment, which are often more cost-effective.

The road trip around the island is 22 kilometres long, with quite hilly roads, so it will be a fairly athletic day. But the scenery and the beautiful beaches will motivate you, especially The Bassin, Little Armstrong Bay or Little Salmon Bay.

Don’t forget to bring food and drink! Apart from in Thomson Bay, you won’t find anywhere to purchase food or drink, and where you do it can be pricey. Don’t forget to bring your masks and snorkels, as well as closed shoes. Definitely bring your camera, you won’t want to miss out on taking a selfie with a quokka.

More information: Rottnest Island, a one-day experience

South of Perth


Located 45 minutes south of Perth, Rockingham is renowned for its marine attractions. In particular, swimming with dolphins. You can see the dolphins from the special boats with transparent hulls (about $55/person).

All along the coast, you can observe the marine life with the migration of humpback or southern whales from June.

Penguin Island is a 5 minute ferry from Rockingham and is a small island of 12.5 hectares with beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. As its name suggests, it is famous for being home to the largest colony of penguins in Western Australia (approx $35/person).


Located about 2.5 hours south of Perth, Dunsborough has been voted the number one tourist town on the West Coast. You’ll soon see why. Once you arrive, you’ll discover a quiet and peaceful town. Quiet coves, sandy beaches, surrounding national parks, nature reserves and numerous walking trails appeal to locals and tourists alike. Don’t forget to visit the nearby town of Busselton and its wooden pier – the longest of its kind in the world. At the end of the jetty you’ll find an underwater observatory and even a gourmet restaurant beneath the surface of the ocean. Keep your eyes peeled, as dolphins regularly come to play in the bay!

Margaret River

Heading further south, about 3 hours drive, you can discover the Margaret River region. With world-famous surf spots and renowned vineyards, you can discover the beauty of this wild and picturesque region. Special mention goes to the unforgettable sunsets at Prevelly. While in the area, you can also visit the Mammoth, Lake and Jewel limestone caves.

If you have time, drive a little further south to Hamelin Bay. Here you can see the beautiful and huge stingrays on the beach. The water is so clear that you can see them perfectly! Be careful, however, not to touch them. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

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Perth Hills (East)

Following the Swan River, the picturesque Perth Hills region is only 45 minutes away from the city centre. It’s the perfect place to find lush green landscapes and walking trails. Less than an hour east of Perth, the Swan Valley and Avon Valley regions are the perfect destination for a gastronomic getaway. Western Australia’s oldest wine region, you can sample delicious local wines at one of the many wineries. It’s also a good place to look for seasonal work in the grape harvest in July and August.

Avon Valley

Located about 100km east of Perth, the Avon Valley is crossed by the Avon River. This river is the Swan River which flows through Perth. At the time of its discovery, the settlers thought it was two different rivers. The name Avon River has remained unchanged since then and is now the Swan River in Walyunga National Park. Over the years the river has seen the development of small towns along its banks: Toodyay, Northam and York (the largest).

Northam is just over an hour from Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the Avon Valley. The road from Perth to Toodyay passes through dense forests and sheep plains. A viewpoint on the Toodyay road allows you to see the city’s skyline in the distance.

On a map, the Avon Valley looks like a green artery in the middle of the Australian bush. It is said that the landscape is even more beautiful from the air. This leads to dozens of ballooning enthusiasts gathering in the area every weekend. If you are interested in the experience, don’t hesitate to go to one of the many hot air ballooning centres to find out more! For the more adventurous, the programme of available activities in the area also includes parachute jumping and skydiving…

Wave Rock

Located 4 hours inland, nature has left an incredible gift to Australians: Wave Rock. This natural rock formation looks like an ocean wave and is 14m high and 110m long. More than 140,000 tourists visit each year to see this huge granite wave and leave with a “surf on rock” photo.

Namburg National Park (North)

If you’re heading north, don’t miss Cervantes and its famous Pinnacles. Only a 2 hour drive from Perth, Nambung National Park is an incredible sight. This vast desert has a multitude of rock formations sculpted by nature. These limestone rocks are up to 5 metres high and 2 metres wide and are thought to have appeared around 30,000 years ago! There is an entrance fee of $13 for the national park. We recommend visiting the Pinnacles Desert at sunset for great photos.

In Nambung National Park you can also visit the beautiful beaches of Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay. In the north of the national park, just outside Cervantes, you can enjoy a leisurely walk to Lake Thetis to see the rock formations.

A little further north, don’t miss Jurien Bay Marine Park. A vast limestone reef system has created a huge shallow lagoon where you can see sea lions, dolphins and a multitude of fish. The marine park surrounds dozens of beautiful islands with many rare and endangered animal species found nowhere else.

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