Broome is a small town located in Western Australia, between the land of the red rocks of the Kimberly and the blue scream of the Indian Ocean. The last haven of peace before the great north of Australia, it will seduce you regardless of the time that you will spend. Broome has a reputation as a wonder, and we think she deserves it. Nature lovers, venture through the mangroves and mudflats around the city centre. This beautiful city centre in which we advise you of strolling from one shop to the other. At the end of the night, go join the entire city on the beach of Cable beach. You’ll get to see the beautiful sunset that Broome has to offer. Check out our tips to visit Broome the best way.

What to do, what to see in Broome?

Staircase to the moon

If your trip coincides with a period of full moon, do not miss the famous ” staircase to the moon “. This optical illusion that occurs when the moon is rising lets see a staircase that invites us to join the moon. This natural curiosity is to see at Town beach. Take advantage of your coming to buy a snack on the street food market which takes place in the same place, and do not forget to bring your picnic tablecloth.

Jetty to jetty

Jetty to jetty trail is a 3 km walking through Broome’s Chinatown to Town beach. There you will discover the important places of the city and will be able to learn a little more about the culture and history of the city. There is a free app that serves as a guide (available on Android and iOS).

Gantheaume point

This is a sublime vantage point where you can wander over orange rocks and enjoy several amazing views of Broome and the Indian Ocean. The turquoise ocean hitting the orange rocks is a magnificent sight, especially at sunrise and sunset. At low tide, you can spot dinosaur footprints.

The pearling industry

Broome is an inseparable part of the pearling industry. You will find speciality shops throughout the city. This craze for the pearl dates back to 1880, Broome was the world capital of the pearling industry. For lovers of these little gems, we recommend a detour to visit the Broome museum, as well as to the many pearl shops.

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Our favourites

The bustling city centre

The city center stretches from the shopping centre where you can find supplies, to the small, shady streets of Chinatown. A multitude of attractive shops can be found there. We recommend you try them with a good coffee or a fresh smoothie, which you will find in one of Broome’s many cafés. This long walk will whet your appetite, and a lunch on the terrace in the centre will probably be welcome. There is something for all tastes and budgets.

Open-air cinema

Broome is home to one of the oldest open-air cinemas in the world. The Sun Pictures Cinema is an institution in the city and also one of our favourites. We encourage you to start your day by reserving your spot for a screening night. Bring a picnic and a small plaid in the bag, for an unforgettable experience under the stars. You will witness a wonderful spectacle of bats in the garden of the cinema, and with a little luck, you will also see beautiful shooting stars to top your wonderful evening. You’ll never want to go to another cinema after this experience.

Sunset on the beach

You will quickly understand, Broome lives for his sunset. At the end of the day, you will see an incessant broom of locals, tourists and backpackers heading towards the very famous Cable beach to attend this spectacle. For this activity again, we advise you to prepare a picnic in order to taste it in front of this peaceful spectacle.

Sunset in Broome

Ride a camel on the beach

If you want to make the experience even more unique, join one of the camel rides that patrol the beach every night. Once the sun goes down, the beach comes to life in a different way. The jugglers of fire invade the sand and the evening unfolds in the glow of the torches. This is worth a visit if you are in Broome.

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How to get there?

By plane: The city has an airport, located in the centre, which serves most major Australian cities.
By car: From the West coast or East, the route is long and very uncrowded. You will experience the real Australian outback.

When to go to Broome?

Choose the dry season for your trip to Broome. It runs from April to October

Article written by Pauline & Jean

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