By discovering this beautiful city, the Street Art lovers will not be disappointed! Melbourne is certainly the most artistic city in Australia, and street art is widely represented.

Melbourne – Capital of Street Art

From the 70s and 80s many Street Art artists were influenced by graffiti in New York, expressing their art in the streets and along the train lines.

But it was in early 2000 that this type of art has really developed in many forms, such as sticker art, poster art, woodblocking etc … Today many international artists come to mark their passage through the streets of Melbourne or in galleries. A local artist (Satta) has even developed the first Stencil Festival which was opened in Melbourne early 2004.

So for the curious, amateurs and enthusiasts, here’s a little taste of the Melbourne Street Art!
If you want to find beautiful frescoes in the heart of the city, visit Union Lane Hosier Lane.

Melbourne Street
Melbourne Street Art 2

The Fitzroy area also has a lot of graffiti, feel free to stop by whilst looking around some of the second-hand shops, or spend some time in the back streets!


Other neighborhoods, such as Brunswick, Collingwood and Footscray for example, also have a few pieces of graffiti. Check this out!


Hanging out in all these areas you’ll surely hear talk of a certain “Lush.”  He’s a Melbourne graffiti artist and is very popular amongst the locals – . And as shown in the following article, you’ll either love it, or hate it! Lush in Melbourne


He even asked some porn stars to participate in some of his creations… 🙂

Thank you to Lucile and Florian for their participation!

Updated 10th of September 2019. Initially published on the 16th of July 2015.

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