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Living in Sydney – 45 good reasons

Living in Sydney – 45 good reasons

Quit your job, buy a plane ticket, leave everything behind and come to Sydney! Notify your employer, prepare your belongings, and take your loved ones with you as long as you need to… We are waiting for you here, in Sydney, Australia. Check out this article with 45 good reasons why living in Sydney is an amazing idea!

1. That’s your view on your way to work…

2. …after you did some sports in the morning

3. …in a lovely setting like this

4. …or you can just go surfing…

5. …cause Sydney is surrounded by water…

…looots of water…

6. …you can even go to work like that.

7. You can share your brekkie with these little creatures

8. …and your lunch with this one

9. During winter, it looks like this

10. No matter what season it is, there’s always some blue sky

sydney north

11. …and some colourful trees

12. You can go for a walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens – It’s free and open for everyone

13. Discover historical traces…

Emmett Anderson / Flickr / Creative Commons

14. You can always enjoy some art and free events

…for example the Vivid Sydney Festival

15. There’s no better place to be gay…

William West / Getty Images

16. …for example at the famous Mardi Gras party

17. You can spend Christmas here…

18. …where Christmas trees look like this…


19. …and New Year’s like this…

20. …You can spend your day here to recover from your hangover…


21. The food isn’t too bad in Sydney…

22. …if you’re on a low budget go to Paddy’s Market where you find good and cheap products

Peter Hindmarsh / Flickr: hindmarsh

23. …or to Sydney’s famous fish market where you can buy lots of fresh fish and seafood

Kyota Tanaka / Flickr: tanack

24. Get some best fish & chips

Travis / Flickr: variationblogr.

25. And enjoy it with a nice Hipster beer…

26. Fancy some coffee? In Sydney you will also find excellent coffee. Choose between cappuccino, latte, mocha, flat white and more.


27. And if you wanna have a delicious burger. Go to CHUR Burger


28. And don’t forget to taste the ice cream here !

29. If you had enough food you can rest at one of Sydney’s beaches. For example here at Palm Beach in Northern Sydney…

head a bit South to get to Avalon or Tamarama Beach

lickr: threthny

…or to Cronulla Beach in Southern Sydney

30. Choose one of the dozen hidden beaches in Sydney’s bay such as Milk Beach

Flickr: jayphen / Creative Commons

31. Sydney’s outdoor pools are also really nice…

32. …especially when the waves are too high to swim in the ocean

33. You can visit libraries that look like that…

baddogwhiskas / Flickr: 22179952@N00 / Creative Commons

34. And shopping malls that look like this…

Luke Zeme / Flickr: lukezemephotography / Creative Commons

35. Discover some tiny little streets (No, it’s not Melbourne…)

Nicki Mannix / Flickr: nickimm / Creative Commons.

36. Or just go to one of Sydney’s beautiful art galleries

Pedro Szekely / Flickr: pedrosz / Creative Commons

37. And for some action, you can visit Sydney’s famous Luna Park

Roger Price / Flickr: rwp-roger / Creative Commons

38. Sydney is the only place where you can meet someone at the coca cola sign, and everyone would know where it is

39. You will also find some magnificent cliffs just next to the beaches

Flickr: karlnorling

40. Or go to one of the beautiful Nationals Parks only 1 hour North, South or West of Sydney

Richard Gifford / Flickr: rgifford / Creative Commons.

41. In Sydney’s zoo you can have this amazing view…

Getty Images / Mark Nolan

42. You can admire some of the world’s most beautiful monuments like the Opera House…

Pedro Szekely / Flickr: pedrosz / Creative Commons.

43. …or the famous Harbour Bridge

Michael Rawle / Flickr: michaelrawle / Creative Commons
Susan / Flickr: 53368913@N05 / Creative Commons

44. Sometimes you can see surprising phenomena…

Flickr: nswmaritime / Creative Commons

…and no-one really cares about it

Ryan Lahiff / ryanlahiff.com

45. One of the best things in Sydney are those amazing sunsets:

…that you can watch everyday

Jenka Eich / Flickr: jenka-eich / Creative Commons
Ame A. Photography / Flickr: 100034860@N07 / Creative Commons
Clint Sharp / Flickr: clintsharp / Creative Commons

With its vibrant lifestyle, its beautiful beaches and its relaxed atmosphere Sydney is one of the best places to live in the world. Come and visit Sydney! You will love it!

We adapted the original buzzfeed article.

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