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A Weekend in Jervis Bay

A Weekend in Jervis Bay

If you are visiting Australia and especially the east coast, be sure to put some days aside to discover Jervis Bay. Located 3 hours south of Sydney, this national park is definitely a must do! Christoph came to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. When living in a shared flat in Bondi, Sydney, he went on a weekend getaway to Jervis Bay. On the agenda: white sandy beaches, kangaroos, snorkelling and of course BBQ and drinks.

Planning a weekend in Jervis Bay

When my housemates Alex and Laura suggested spending a weekend in Jervis Bay, I immediately opened my laptop and did a bit of research. When the images of Hyams Beach, the whitest sand beach in the world, popped up on the screen, the decision was made quickly: We have to go there!

On a Friday evening, we were headed to Jervis Bay, a 3 hour drive from Sydney. Since there are only a few public transport options in the area, we decided to rent a car to be more flexible.

2 days in Jervis Bay in a wooden lake house

We rented a beautiful cabin at the St. George basin, which cost about 60 AUD per person for 2 days.

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1st day in Jervis Bay

On the first day, we made our way to Hyams Beach. On the way there, you can easily encounter kangaroos and a few wallabies – in the middle of the road.

The day was just perfect. The sun was shining, it was hot, the water was cool and refreshing and the beach just breathtaking.

Then we went to the Green Patch, a famous snorkelling spot in Booderee National Park. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy, so the view was a bit limited.

By the way, as a surfer, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect wave. The nearby Cave Beach seemed ideal. And there is a campsite on the beach!

Back at the house, we watched the stunning sunset in all its splendour. As if that was not perfect enough, a small kangaroo came over and bounced across the garden.

We ended the evening with a delicious BBQ and some fun drinking games. All of a sudden, an opossum surprised us, which snatched the chips from under our noses.

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2nd day in Jervis Bay

The following day we headed for Murray’s Beach. The weather was beautiful and warm, but compared to Hyams Beach, the water was pretty cold. Nevertheless, we had a great time there. There is a lot to discover – especially fish. The last time my friend had been here, she even saw dolphins and whales – but that was in September and October.

The weekend ended with a coffee in Huskisson, a small village close by, which gave us enough energy to drive back to Sydney. We made a short detour to watch pelicans pouncing on the fish left by fishermen.

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Weekend in Jervis Bay – Conclusion

Overall, the weekend in Jervis Bay cost nearly 200 AUD per person (including accommodation, food, drinks, and travel). I had an incredible time with many fantastic moments. I am already looking forward to the next trip!

Practical information


185 km south of Sydney. By car it is about 3 hours

Best time to travel

September to February

National park fees

Jervis Bay National Park: free, Boodaree National Park: 13 AUD / vehicle (valid for 48 hours)


There are several campsites in the area. In peak season (Dec. to Jan.) it’s best to make a booking beforehand. There are 3 paid campsites (Bristol Point, Cave Beach (cheapest) and Green Patch). A free rest area is located at the intersection of Princess Highway and Sussex Inlet.


Dolphin tours (about 40 AUD), whalewatching (about 80 AUD), kayak rentals, walks in the bay etc.You find more info in Huskisson. By the way, there are many kangaroos in the Caravan Park Bush Tail in Erdwall.

where to see crocodiles in Australia
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