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Insider Tips – 10 Unusual Bars to Discover in Melbourne

Insider Tips – 10 Unusual Bars to Discover in Melbourne

The city where life is good, Melbourne (alongside Sydney) is one of the favourite choices for backpackers to settle. Even though when it comes to the weather, you will soon discover why we often speak of “four seasons in one day”, the city itself is full of creativity and charm. Discover one of the largest cities in Australia in a different light and check out our insider tips for Melbourne, go for a unique stroll through our 10 unusual places to discover.


This bar offers a cosy atmosphere hidden in a graffiti-covered building that overlooks Section 8. Head up to the second floor to take advantage of their pitchers of cocktails. Then head out to the small balconies to enjoy the sounds of their resident DJ. A Relaxed and intimate atmosphere is waiting for you.

Address:  31 Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne / ferdydurke.com.au

Cherry Bar

n the heart of the CBD, discover this alternative rock bar. With regular weekend concerts, offering a variety of genres from Rock to Blues to Ska. The atmosphere is unbeatable and a visit worthwhile if you want an authentic insight into the original Melbourne gig venue and the world famous music Melbourne has to offer.

Address: 68 Little Collins St, Melbourne / cherrybar.com.au/

Curtin Rooftop Bar

The Curtin is a movie theatre located on Swanston Street at the intersection of Collins Street. In the summer, the rooftop transforms into an outdoor cinema once a week. One of Melbourne’s best for those seeking a relaxing ambience and lounge music topped off with fake turf! Although it is a very popular place, so go early to ensure a spot.

Address: Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne / curtinhouse.com

Prahran Hotel

Within its unique architecture, this old iconic Pub is home to a choice of three bars for dinner or drinks. Since opening its doors in the mid-1800s, the Prahran makes a point of remaining faithful to its historical roots, while maintaining the soul of a local Pub, despite the addition of 17 enormous concrete pipes stacked to the sky that has drawn attention from around the world. They are designed to imitate a stack of beer kegs and this striking external facade doubles as an internal dining space. One of the oldest insider tips for Melbourne.

Address: Hotel Prahan, 82 High St,Prahran 3181 / prahranhotel.com

Bar Oussou

On Sydney Road, you can find a bit of everything, as cultures from all over the world reside there. The African community in Melbourne are often poorly represented which keeps this little bar very secretive but atmosphere most definitely thriving. Almost every night you can enjoy a local concert ranging from jazz, blues, Maghreb music to djembes from West Africa. You can rest your tired feet in an intimate atmosphere and after explore of this little labyrinth, you will then end up in a small and cosy garden.  We invite you to sip a beer while swaying to the exciting sounds of Africa.

Address: Oussou Bar, 653 Sydney Rd, Victoria / baroussou.com.au/

Section 8, to dance barefoot in the CBD

The ultimate dancing bar, your Summer evenings are not complete without a visit to Section 8. Hidden in a lane and simply decorated with wooden pallets and a caravan, the ultra-funky Section 8 plunges you into a relaxed atmosphere, ready to socialize as soon as you arrive in Australia. With reggae, funk and hip hop on offer, you will immediately want to leave your table and head to the dancefloor after dark! 

Address: SECTION 8, 27-29 Tattersalls LN, Melbourne / section8.com.au

East Elevation

A secret room hidden behind a red door, East Elevation is more than just another trendy brunch! It shares the premises with the artisan chocolatier, Monsieur Truffe whose process is entirely visible from the inside thanks to the windows separating them. East Elevation favours seasonal produce and even has its own vegetable garden in the backyard! For the past two years, it has also been voted to make the best hot chocolate in Melbourne – not to be consumed in moderation!

Address: East Elevation, 351 Lygon st, Brunswick East / eastelevation.com.au

A hidden bar on Chapel Street

After perusing the top rooftop bars and savouring many cocktails while watching the busy streets from above, it’s time to try one of the hidden gems of Melbourne. It’s no surprise this bar is difficult to find, the owners play tips and tricks to remain hidden from mere ordinary mortals. At Windsor Station, on Chapel Street try to find the sandwich place with the blue lights, then you just have to find the elusive entrance to Jungle Boy! It is a beautifully designed bar that serves marvellous cocktails. One of our top insider tips for Melbourne.

Address: 96 Chapel St, Windsor

Blue Bar

Blue Bar is located on Chapel Street which is home to some of the best bars in all of Melbourne. The place has an amazing rooftop bar (available for private functions). In terms of music, hip-hop and R&B fans will be delighted!

Address: 330 Chapel St, Prahran / https://bluebar.com.au

Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant

The ‘Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant’ is a unique experience in Melbourne, combining dinner, interactive theater, and fantastic entertainment. Located in the West Melbourne area, the restaurant’s atmosphere is imbued with mystical charm, with waiters and waitresses dressed as witches and wizards, creating a magical ambiance from the moment you arrive. The decor and layout of the place transport you to a fairy-tale and theatrical world.

Dinner is an integral part of this experience. The menus are often designed playfully to fit into the fantastical theme, with original dish names and creative presentations. And the food is very good. Throughout the meal, you can expect cabaret acts, magical performances, and interactions with theatrical characters, ensuring continuous entertainment throughout the evening.

Address: 84 Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003 / https://www.witchesinbritches.com.au/

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